Pakatan/BN..Whats Hot….!!

Check out the following sites:- 1.  for tonights ceramahs and functions from both sides of the political divide. 2. on matters relating to SNAP,DAP and PAS in particular. 3. breaking news and Dato “S”. SUPP and BN cybertroopers find out more and get it right Car No. QRS….4. on to a SAFER YOU..

2 thoughts on “Pakatan/BN..Whats Hot….!!

  1. ngap sayot says:

    Undi lah Pakatan Rakyat! Vote Pakatan Rakyat and Baru Bian as new CM! Kick out Taib Mahmud and PBB. Return power to the Dayaks which had been usurped by UMNO lanuns from Semenanjung through their proxies PBB/Melanaus/ Malays. Sarawakians don’t want UMNO kolonial Melayu racist politics from Semenanjung. KEMBALIKAN KUASA POLITIK PADA DAYAK,!!!

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