BN Psychological Warfare…..

It’s all out assault from both sides of the political divide. UMB BN Sarawak is leading the charge and Optimus Prime and the team are taking the lead  in “Secure your future with BN” Eight days to polling day ….16th April please make sure you know who to vote.We need not tell you…!!!

The official facebook UMB S’wak…….. 


15 thoughts on “BN Psychological Warfare…..

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: :idea: Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto for all :idea: Respected Sarawakians GE in SARAWAK :idea: will be :idea: ” KETUANAN RAKYAT” n Pakatan Rakyat respect all Sarawakians :idea: from all races n all their Respected Senior Citizens too :lol:


    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  2. Lee Hui says:

    Sakmongkol AK47

    There are 6000 long houses without electricity and piped water. That’s since 1963 when Sarawak became part of Malaysia. It has been 30 years of rule by Taib Mahmud, things have not changed for the 6000 long houses.

    What do you call this? You call a spade a spade. Its gross negligence. Its balding incompetence. They are broken promises.

    The people of Sarawak should not look at the identity of the people who made the promises to better the lives of these long house dwellers. If they do, their judgment can become blurry. Look at the issue objectively. They should just throw out the incompetent fools who manage the state. So, it happens to be Taib Mahmud and his gang who ruled Sarawak for umpteen years. Zero in on incompetence and negligence. You can’t have this kind of people running the state for us.

    Democracy means exercising a choice. You can choose to throw out incompetent, negligent and corrupt leadership.

    The issue is always this:- Leadership and its management of the entrusted entity. Its leadership and management of the state.

    Just think at the micro level. Don’t bother about the dams. Ignore the eye pleasing river side esplanades and so forth. Look at yourselves. Have your lives become improved and better? If not blame it squarely on the leaders who hold the powers and the purse strings. Don’t let RM 500 and RM 1000 sudden windfall erase the bitter memory of having to put up with incompetent and negligent leaders.

    We have not yet begun analyzing the rape and plunder of NCR lands and the issue of Al Kitab yet.

    Let’s single out your own kind first. That deputy CM representing the Dayak communities- Alfred Jabu. You have qualified dayaks among you and still you are suffering fools by continuing to support people like Jabu.

    Let’s judge Jabu in his capacity of Chairman of Salcra. Would you entrust him to manage your company? Elsewhere people sack incompetent managers. Here you are willing to put with masochistic pains. The pains are inflicted by Jabu and his gang of cabals.

    Just look at his lifestyle. Jabu has a palatial house and is noted for the conspicuous wealth of his family. Look at the decor inside the house. Look at the additional wing to his already large mansion. But he can’t give out dividends to the NCR landowners whose land he manages.

    So, could it be that this most incompetent manager is nevertheless a highly competent thief? You can all a person other than by this term. Compare his lifestyle with that of those poor Native Customary Rights Landowners, who participated in SALCRA scheme more than 30 years ago.

    Salcra is something our own Felda or Felcra Schemes. Owners of small parcels of land pool their land resource under one centralized, economies of scale justified management. The management company is called SALCRA. The original aim was to rescue the NCR land owners from poverty. After 30 years, they are still scraping a living from the most miserable dividends that could possibly be imagined from the so-called business partnership run on their behalf by Jabu. You can judge him solely on this. Forget the kinship. Forget being from the same ancestral bloodline.

    You have two leaders at the helm doing the same thing. What Taib Mahmud does with his rapacious ‘Joint Venture Companies’, Jabu is doing the same screw job through his chairmanship of SALCRA.

    How does the SALCRA scheme work? Under the programme the state government offers NCR landowners formal title to their customary lands, if they agree to join in the SALCRA state-run palm oil plantations. So SALCRA is the state-run palm oil plantation. In return the landowners will get formal title which is claimable against the whole world and also promised a share of the proceeds.

    What can participants expect? They can and should expect a well-run management company, whose management is transparent and accountable and which gives out dividends. No one who owns palm oil plantations does not make money. More so in recent years when the price for palm oil has been good.

    If Jabu does not make money, or make as much money at the average industry players and is not forthcoming about the management of the company and does not give out dividends or gives out below industry dividends, what do these things show? These show that Jabu and his cabals are incompetent fools who are hiding so many things. If they don’t give out dividends or give below industry average dividends and returns, they are lining up their own pockets. These are valid and justifiable conclusions to make.

    Jabu has to answer to the 20,000 thousand families who have been coopted into the SALCRA scheme. Yet SALCRA has not given any public financial information on how it runs the management company. What dividends there are, are announced on a whim and at his own political convenience.

    Jaby has under his direct control, 48,000 hectares of Native Customary Rights Lands through SALCRA (most of it planted with mature palms). He has not provided a single audit or report on SALCRA’s management within the past 35 years. The landowners themselves have no representation on the Board or within Management or have any way of gaining any information whatsoever about the finances of the business in which they are supposed to be partners.

    This is the classic ‘give me your trust’ and ask not what the government can do for you kind of thinking. The government and the high official is the dispenser of largesse, of sustenance. The people- in this case, the NCR landowners are his minders, the ward.

    The NCR landowners just wait and hope that their dividends will turn up at some stage in their bank accounts as a gift from the powerful chief. They wait for chief Jabu with bowls in hand. Numerous accounts exist of landowners who have received no dividends for years or otherwise pathetic pay outs that would not feed their families for a week.

    How does the high chief Jabu handle his ward- the inhabitants who have given him their trust? Jabu habitually uses the dividend as a form of political blackmail, as if it was some kind of generous gesture or bribe to induce the SALCRA participants do his bidding.

    • EX-SUPP says:

      No worry lah, BN now want to make Sarawak the RICHEST STATE in Malaysia, that is a very pleasing message, we should cry and say thank you very much. We think thay have been very tired bringing development to the state, and we sincerely ask them to RETIRE from their long service(very politely)

      Also they say oppositions are not qualified to become the state government, so we have to vote them and let them rule us for some more years. But despite the many crooked and dirty depression from BN, the oppositions are running some states in S. Malaysia very well, then who is telling lies? I think it is BN.

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: Evidence Of Taib@pek mo Cronies Land Grab In Sarawak !!! :oops: RESPECTED SARAWAKIANS MUST KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS KIND OF :evil: THIEF@PIRATE MISSNISTER!!!! :oops:

  4. beritamu says:

    The more UMNOputras poured in Swak,the more hatred people have in swak.

    Who is BN going to cheat by saying PM and DPM are here in swak for 2 days visit. ?. Why not just say joining the heated campaigning

    It’s not surprise to see whole cabinet here and there in swak soon.

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    FIGHT CORRUPTIONS : FIGHT the corrupted, abusive,oppressive and repressive UMNO controlled BN government and the thief minister Taib Mahmud to save 1Miskin Sarawak.

  6. beritamu says:

    The Dap TOP GUNs are all around in Swak giving fiery and electrifying speeches to win the hearts of the electorates.

    Each public ceremah attracted thousands of people mostly the ill-informed and unconcern -minded Sarawakians

  7. beritamu says:

    Most BN blog are not creative and innovative and lack of issues except few childish cartons to discredit the opposition leaders.

  8. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    BN blog not effective. Sorry to say. My vote still PR. BN is indeed corrupted to the core – reached a point of no return(cannot transform). Why transform – JUST WIPE them out and CHANGE(UBAH).

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