A few phone calls and a quick check shows that the candidates for the Sarawak State elections for Barisan Nasional (BN) and Democratic Action Party (DAP) has been announced. Please click to and  Yet to be announce are candidates from SNAP and PKR.

This shows the reflection of the scenario in Sarawak.  A local mentioned that for all the hoo-haa in the opposition who has been calling for change, this elections shows they are not ready yet especially SNAP and PKR.  Using the Olympic 100metres as an example, you do not run in the finals immediately when the Olympic start. You has to train for 4 years to run in a 10 seconds 100 metres!

SNAP although a force in the good old days are somehow “now you see it, now you don’t” and PKR are more Peninsular influenced in this state proud locals. While DAP although a similar Peninsular based party has been quick to listen to the local leaders.

Administratively a DAP led state government are quick to response and focused what’s right for the rakyat compared to PAS led and PKR led states.  A good example is how Penang under Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng shelved their own Penang Industrial Masterplan 2010-2015 and are willing to work with the Federal government on the Greater Penang Transformation Plan reflecting the maturity to accept good plans for development.  Unlike DAP, the other PR states continue to act as they are the opposition.

How will all these adds up in the Sarawak state elections?  Coffee shops talks says better to work with the devil we know than the devil we don’t.


11 thoughts on “BN to Pakatan “WIND OF CHANGE ? FAT CHANCE!‏

  1. Hokkien association chairman said that they want the only ‘ Hokkien Durain ‘ in Sibu to be retained and preserved meaning Dr Soon Chong Teck to defend his seat.
    However to their disappointments rich and influential Tiong Thai King,MP Sibu of Rimbunan Hijau replaced the incumbent.
    With that, all Adun in Sibu town areas are Foochows ,dominate dialect in the town.
    It seems that there are dialectic problems among Chinese too.

  2. Wah! All of the sudden, Audie61 team changes stance…….Now accepting that DAP is right….Of course, due to that idoit Tian Chua’s folly as well as Azmin too, PR have missed the boat……DAP should lead instead…..Aiyaa

  3. There are only 5 youths in the 71 line up for BN in this coming polls.
    Still the old cocks dominating, how to get the supports of 35 % of total youth voters.

  4. Too right SNAP is a nuisance and it seems that they are bought by BN. Aiya Bugi, eventhough you are not from Sarawak you also smell a dirty rat inside. PKR is trying to get it right but SNAP thinks they can fool the people all the time. Get losts lah SNAP..

    • I have watched the Lawrence of Arabia movie…..I admired TE Lawrence. How I wish Anwar has that kinda of charisma. Or to be even more precise, how I wish that idoit Azmin & Loudmouth Tian Chua has certain qualities of TE Lawrence

      Anyway, the die has been cast……..Lets work together to deny BN 2/3…….Take over the government, fat hope……Plus, I don’t PKR to be the taiko in the new state government. Furthermore, I would prefer PR to be in the federal government……Only that matters

      Just like TE Lawrence, it takes all his might to win Damascus. It’s TE Lawrence who gave Damacus to Arab

      Perhaps, we should ask Audie61 team, TE Lawrence, Arab or English……According to Audie61, TE Lawrence should not be in the limelight because he’s no Arab

      Do sleep over it

  5. The opposition coalition of convenience (which some like to call Pakatan Rakyat) will probably fight over seats until nomination day…and when they lose, they will all probably blame each other’s greed for seats as the reason for their loss.
    I like the idiom Audie61 pointed out – “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” – because it’s amusing. The devil you don’t know may bring us all to hell; politically and economically-speaking, of course.
    Unless we vote for PAS, that is…then, we are assured of going to heaven.
    “Undi PAS, Masuk Syurga!”
    PAS, of course, is the other partner in the opposition coalition of convenience, which is made up of PKR and DAP.

  6. Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Those McDeath macc goons watch PORN n DOWNLOAD PORN movie!!!!!! Hello there!!!!! how do we the ‘RAKYAT’ trust this kind of BANANAS goons ????? n that BUAYA@PIRATE besar they don’t dare to catch???? Hello hello ‘sau tou mo’ …..lei lou mo ‘pek mo’ !!!!!! :roll: :roll: …SHY la macc najis goon n B-eNd….. :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  7. Blatant Prosperity for Taib and BN, Poverty and misery for Sarawakians is enough reason for all sound minded Sarawakians to vote against and vote out UMNO controlled BN. There shall be no ifs or buts and another chance as requested by George Chan. Taib Mahmud has a very talented , enterprising and capable daughter to take care of Taib and perhaps BN for life.

    In Sarawak, we only need leaders who are as sincere and honest as Lim Guan Eng to lead us out of poverty and misery.

  8. Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: ‘WITH GREAT POWER,COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY’ Ai yo yoyoyo this flip flop goon will say the opposite way when they (b-end) win the election later n start to INCREASE this n that :arrow: WHAT HE WILL SAY IS …..HEY<I DID NOT SAY THAT …..FRIVOLOUS…… THIS WILL BE (BOTH COUSINS BRO.dreeeeerrrr) SANDIWARA@DRAMA TO PLAY OTHERS ON THEIR DENIAL SICK POLITIC…..

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

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