BN Sarawak Elections Candidates Lists

Our blogger confuseall has the final lists minus N70 and it can be viewed through .Please check the following facebooks 1.UMB SPDP 2. Puteri SPDP 3. Jiwa Merah 4. Semangat merah 5. Cross Criss 6. Cab Palang 7. Muka Besi 8.Otak Kau

Video is up on UMB SPDP facebook. thank you

7 thoughts on “BN Sarawak Elections Candidates Lists

  1. beritamu says:

    Many are having sleepless night, 2 Hokkien Soon are gone ,Hokkien Durians in Sibu eaten by Foochows and Hokkien Durians Kapit eaten by Lakia.
    James Masing won the 1st battle against Datuk Sng.
    Will the old cock fight again in Pelagus ?????.Helicopter seen parking at his mansion’s compound in Kapit.
    Stanley Unja must be ready to face the Larry loyal supporters sabotaging.Their month’s long publicity supports manipulated by those mastermind seems to have no effects and cannot win the hearts of Taib-his adopted father.
    Perhaps that ‘s the end of his political career just at the age 33.It’s true the higher you climb,more pains will incur if you fall.

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