SUPP N10 Candidate On the Move…

We received this article from a blogger and he has all the pictures of what Dr.Sim Kui Hian the aspiring candidate has been doing today. It just goes to show that the candidate has touched the hearts of many of his followers and they cant stop to clamour for more.


16 thoughts on “SUPP N10 Candidate On the Move…

    • What YB ? says:

      BN cyber trooper (N10 Voter), take note that Dr Sim is not a YB yet. Don’t get carried away. Your “YB” may not make it.

      My friend’s daughter who is working in Penang is flying back to Kuching to vote DAP. She told her parents that Penang is so well governed.

      By the way, Dr. Sim is always laughing and so happy. Just wonder how much he was paid ?

    • Jolia says:

      Ya Botol N10 voter. RM5.00 for you today for been so smart. Dont let Pakatan rakyat slaughter me in my first attempt as a politician .

  1. beritamu says:

    Chinese say voting for any BN chinese candidate would be able to change the pro affirmative bumiputeras polices.
    Vote for BN means vote for swamp of leeches who suck your blood

  2. beritamu says:

    New Strategy : PR pays RM 100 per day to markets , pasar malam, coffee shops,buses,expresses,NGOs premises for screening their videos during election campaigns.
    Big lorry carrying big signboards and big TV screening moving around non-stop through out Sarawak.
    PR berharap BN jangan tiru and ikut cara baru itu.

  3. looes74 says:

    Come on! Audie61….You mean the current N10 adun does not perform her job

    Don’t be a Margaret Thatcher…..You would definitely sink

  4. N10 Voter says:

    My son is working in Selangor as a MO in a government departmen,t is flying back to Kuching to cast his vote. He tell me that the Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor is doing so badly with corruption by the DAP and PKR councillors running wild.
    He informs me he will vote for Dr Sim, because he is a good person and has helped him when he was in the SGH a few years ago.
    if opposition wins in Sarawak, PKR will head the government, GOD help us if that happens. Only hope is for Dr Sim to win and make the changes as he has done in SGH and the PJHUS

    • looes74 says:

      Like that also can…..Really no eye see

      Okie lah, just like Audie61…..continue to be screwed by Taib Mahmud lah

      • NewHope says:

        This BN-SUPP’s paid cyber troopper got a short-circuit in the brain. Dr. Sim operated on him but still cannot cure. Figure it out …hehehe.

    • Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

      Thank you N10 voters

      Great news and information. Wish to give you a cup of morning yellow tea. Vote BN please

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    The more down to earth and sincere MP, Wan Junaidi had on several occasions reminded his fellow colleagues in BN that BN cannot win the heart and minds of the rakyat by just taking more photos of themselves officiating private functions or giving out grants. But an aspiring and ignorant politician like Dr Sim has been seen walking about a burned wooden house or showing a frown face at some cloaked drains and tickling some babies who didnt know how to scold him yet.. I feel so sorry for this nerd who didnt know what he has gotten himself into by allowing himself to be a candidate for Sarawak Useless People’s Party and the corrupted regime of Taib Mahmud.

  6. KK Lau says:

    George Chan has reminded Audie that to be his successful and SUPP con -sulkan Audie must blog more positively in SUPP favour to neutralise the people’s perception that SUPP in Miri would fall to Pakatan Rakyat. Good luck. !

  7. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    I have retired in town, have all my children working and registered, also have them reminded not to vote BN. I need not to explain to them, they even know better what happened to our home state, and home kampong. I am very pleased and impressed. This round we have to vote DAP though a Chinese candidate because of what they have shown and performed though they cannot give money and projects

    My grand and father were SUPP members and even STC little share holders, they have left the world. They would be in great anger and disappointment if seeing what SUPP is like today

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