“Pakatan4 Vs BN 4 Breaking Up..!!”

Burung Kenyalang 2011 called audie61 and said,” Forget what is written in the mainstream media today this is fresh and hotly baked….”

“SNAP will not be in the coalition even though they very much want to be. They are some very stubborn and unreasonable people within the Pakatan coalition for their own selfish neeeds.The deadline is near and still SNAP insists on the dayak majority seats. A very much bigger hidden hand is involved in the tussling of the seats allocation.”

Its turn out to be all DOOM and GLOOM for Pakatan 4.

 Its all good news to BN4 as Barisan Sarawak will be taking on local SNAP and the Peninsular Parties in PKR,DAP and PAS. Advantage to BN and you will see many ‘happy faces” amongst the BN leaders and supporters. It will make their campaigning so much meaningful and of course the tag line would be similar to the Lubok Antu Parliamentary Election.

IT has become a wild wild west for the Pakatan 4 and BN 4 will just avoid getting involved but quietly getting on with their own work by putting ” WINNABLE CANDIDATES ” 

BN believes in RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN and their supporters are now whistling to the tune of the Barisan Song as Pakatan 4 is breaking up and cracking everywhere at its seams and bottom.

Even rumours of PKR See Chee How Information chief is circling around that he is joining ‘SNAP” to put credence to this breakup in the coalition Pakatan 4. Well,we are indeed living in interesting times …..

The Fires are Raging and tempers have reached Boiling points in the Pakatan camp….


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4 thoughts on ““Pakatan4 Vs BN 4 Breaking Up..!!”

  1. “Simple solution, vote Taib out. We are living in a democratic country, as the people, we have the rights to choose who leads us and in which direction do we allow them to guide us.

    “If we despise their wrongdoings, we should take action and not just sit there idly, praying. God help those who help themselves! Don’t just pray for a miracle, take action and create one!” quote the group behind the 1Malaysia protest against the 100 storeys building in Klang Valley.

  2. In the run up to Sarawak 10th state election, DPM Muhyiddin who is also the Minister of Education announced in typical UMNO’s ” You Help Us We Help You” style, the government allocation of RM73.68 million for 1,266 government primary schools (RM28 million ),130 Mission schools (RM25.68 million), 167 Chinese aided schools (RM20 million ).

    RM50,000. to each school will be made available immediately as inducement to vote BN and the rest of the amount will be disbursed very soon (probably before GE13). Based on the allocation, each government primary school will receive RM22,160.90, each Mission school will receive RM197,538.46 and each Chinese aided school will receive RM119,760.77. Is that a big deal and much to shout about considering that the last such allocations was years ago !

    Sarawakians are not impressed at all and UMNO controlled BN government cannot buy our votes .

  3. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Nazi sick goon tells Transparency International Malaysia to SHUT UP :!: Oo lala this nazi must be a powerful DICTATOR now !!!!!!!!!! http://bit.ly/hM8nfI :lol:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  4. This Audie Chua is PRO “Opposition” lah. His blog always hantam government / BN. You should support him. Let him be our trojan in BN. He will be back i am very sure about this.

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