PKR Stampin Chief See Chee How gives way…”

Party lines and discipline remains very much in PKR See Chee Hows vocalbury and he believes in the politics of agreement instead of the confrontational stance. In a telephone interview he told audie61 that he is giving way to DAP to keep the spirit of the opposition alive and if DAP feels that they can topple and win the seat he will abide by the Central and State leadership election committee.

If everyone squabbles and are unreasonable it will be “free for all” against the BN coalition. Of course he says keeping his next move very much guarded meaning that he will be offered another seat but just saying,” When one door closes the other will open.”

We will still see Chee How the PKR Sarawak Information Chief contesting in this 10th state elections. See Chee how said,” its another lady taking on the might of SUPP in Batu Kawah” She might also do what Violet Yong did in 2006 that is being a giant killer when she beat Sim Kheng Hui, who was the state assemblyman for Pending since the state election in 1991 and was the Assistant Minister of Culture and Urbanisation, with a majority of 4,372 votes.

This time its Christina Chiew a 26 year old and an engineer who works for an industrial company at Muara Tabuan and is also a Special Assistant to State Assemblywoman for Pending, Violet Yong.

She will be taking on an Assistant Minister in the Chief Ministers office Tan Joo Pooi 59 year old who holds a diploma in management from the university of technology Australia. In 2006 Tan a newcomer then locked horns with PKR Wong Huan Yu and comfortably defeated his opponent in this semi urban constituency of nearly 16327 voters. 

Christina will be eyeing to follow the footsteps of her master in Violet and she will certainly be given some lessons on how “to win over the voters” Will she be allowed to do that? Its up to Tan Joo Pooi to stop her from making any headway. The BN team in Batu Kawah will have their hands full and it will be up to the coalition to assist Tan.

If there are any cracks within the BN coalition Christina will set her sights on capitalising on the weaknesses.Its up to Tan and his team to safeguard this safe BN bastion. We will know by 16th of april whether Christina will be victorious or crushed.

 Tan must work hard as Chee How has already been shown the door by DAP Christina…


12 thoughts on “PKR Stampin Chief See Chee How gives way…”

  1. PKR is focusing wide-angle (far & wide) to topple BN Sarawak. I take my hat off to See Chee How.

    For PKR, another battle begins ….. with SNAP.

  2. Well, although my anger still simmers at PKR especially Tian Chua, I admire Chee How. Well, I believe he can contest in Senadin. Though I am saying…..Lets see how many seats PKR is winning…..I will support Chee How in Senadin

    As for Dominique, I hope that he lose

    • Every seat matters to Pakatan Rakyat and every seat won by Pakatan Rakyat matters to all Sarawakians. Put our emotions and personal dislikes aside. We shall make sure we vote for all Pakatan Rakyat candidates.

      • Even if I put this FACTs aside, it does not dismiss the fact that PKR is a big bully. One just got to read malaysia chronicle

  3. Christina Chiew needs not resort to personal attack at all as Batu Kawah is already buzzed with scandalous news of Tan Joo Pooi having an affair with a married woman and she has since given birth. The husband of the woman is considering suing Tan Joo Pooi for committing adultery with his wife.

  4. Hot Election Bet: Will Larry Sng stand as BN candidate in N.54, Pelagus .
    Those interested can contact great cock fighter Datuk Sng,Larry’s father.
    Perhaps James Masing and group should try their lucks with him if they are s so confident that Pelagus will be a candidate from PRS.

  5. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: SAY NO :arrow: to NUKES PLANT,C4,COW HEAD SICK RACIST DEMO, McDeath 14th floor! ,Policia brutality + shooting n BIG NO to this THIEF MISSnister ‘pek mo’ from DESTROYING this rich land n STOP this old wolf from ROBBING all the rich resources!!!!!!!!!! THIS GREEDY TYPE OF THIEF JUST NEVER LEARN HOW TO SYMPATHY N UNDERSTAND THE SUFFERING OF ALL POOR ‘RAKYAT’………. :mrgreen:

  6. Especially dedicated to BN blind followers: Interlok ‘s depiction of Chinese characters as Greedy,Opium- smoking lechers keen to exploit the Malays for profits.
    Some would sell their daughters happily…..

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