“Anwar in Sarawak on the 30th”

Apa dia buat disini..? Sumber berkata Anwar cari Jam Omega di Serikin…hahaha

It seems that Anwar will be in Kuching on the 30th of March to announce some of the candidates and the number is Taibs Favourite No which is 9. Besides that he will be giving to the candidates “$900,000.. each”  to wrestle this 9 winnable seats.

 Is this the carrot to tempt the PKR candidate for shopping..?? Will BN candidates be tempted..? Surely, someone must be just pushing up the numbers of ringgit available as Baru Bian on the other hand seems to be asking for donation. 

 Baru Bian must have been too tired to wait for the $$$$$$ from PKR Headquaters or the financiers and thats why he is quietly looking at alternatives for funding the Sarawak elections.

Goes to show that in desperate times people might use other measures to find solutions and answers. Wow..!! Any takers for Anwars $900 K..??   

Surely the BN will not be fooled by the offer on the table if there is any. What else will they come up with next.?  By the way for those who dont know where Serikin is please “google’ it up.

The press will have a field day on the 30th and the political boys from BN will be watching and having their ears on the ground. 

Anwar should have just come on the 1st of April shouldn’t he..??


12 thoughts on ““Anwar in Sarawak on the 30th”

  1. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: Yes, DSAI will be in Sarawak 2moro n HE IS NOT A KILLER n MAJORITY RAKYAT will RESPECT him over here I’m really sick + PUKE to those maccacing McDeath pondan goons that :arrow: ‘ Statements made to reinforce theory of suicide’ in :cry: Teoh Beng Hock :cry: case :!: :oops: HELL GODS :oops: already waiting to BURN those KILLERS soon http://bit.ly/gHGbag :oops:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  2. When can we have our own truly professional Malaysian Police & not this Bn umno police ????????..
    They BN watch & do porn movie is legal..but Opposition ceramah & candlelight peaceful gathering illegal !!!!!!!!!..

  3. Anwar was sent over to Sarawak by BN because it was BN who barred him from attending Parliament. So Anwar spend his holiday here.

    Najis & Taib must be having a hard time to select their BN’s winable candidates. Najis wants two names for each seat.

    For his own seat, Taib will also submit two names to Najis :-
    1st choice – Taib Mahmud
    2nd best – Pek Moh

    Najis: Where got choice ? Ya !

  4. What 900K you are talking….Proof please……Why no news about SNAP?

    Audie61 team,
    How long are you going to maintain status quo?

    • Urban Chinese voters confirmed status quo and vote for equal rights not special rights.
      Vote against pro-bumi affirmative policies.

  5. I was there. PDRM was practically provoking resulting in even young tudung girls and macik screaming at the top of their voice calling PDRM anjing.

    IT could turn ugly and basically was boiling point leading to riot till PDRM left of their own accord.

  6. Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Methink n very PREDICTABLE that this ‘barang naik’ gomen is going to INCREASE this n that after Sarawak + Semenanjung 13th GE election n that’s why this CORRUPTED to the ANUS CORE ‘pek mo’ need to go into hiding mode!!!! hehehehehehehe :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  7. ‘DONTOKSHEET’..cool down man and take care of your Heart! haha..
    Now his senior mr.arman SHEET dog tender resignation with immediate effect..might be SHEETX3 by his boss!..haha

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