SUPP ‘An Advantage Certainly on the Menu”

The calls were loud and clear amongst the Chinese community that they were very unhappy with the SUPP leadership and it was shown at the last parliamentary elections in Sibu. However,the government of the day and the SUPP top leadership and the grassroots have been working extremely hard to win back the support. A lot of good work has been put in by their leaders to put it right and their ears and eyes are very much on the ground now. DAP supporters have even boasted that this election might signal an end to the party of ‘towkays” 

The Chinese community are watching the sandiwara played out by PKR/DAP.Azmin Ali Deputy president of PKR knows that when there is infighting amongst themselves they will stand not a ghosts of a chance  against BN. Does he need to be reminded that he mentioned it at Grand Continental Hotel in Kuching. BN will not be over excited but will love that advantage on the menu.

 It will not be known just yet as nomination day is on the 6th and BN especially SUPP will not want to have their pants caught undone and on fire. Are their strategists and scouts looking at the movements of DAP representatives being moved from one constituency to another? The DAP top boys are looking at safer seats than usual to pull through knowing very well SUPP have indeed done their homework. Two can play the same game but who will come on top depends on the parties involved. BN will quietly go on with their work and preparing their candidates for the nomination day.

As much as we want to write more this image sent to me by an upcoming Youth member incharge  of publicity for the elections does show that the time is about right for SUPP. Many will still say..No way but always expect the unexpected in politics.

30 thoughts on “SUPP ‘An Advantage Certainly on the Menu”

  1. adoi says:

    Adoi!!! Day dream lah you. This is a joke or you also want to be a clown just like your Bos Aziz Adenan? Why dont you join him play KITE near his house. Good place maaaa, beach maa ha ha ha ha. What Azmin said is 100% true. no joke no play kite maaa

  2. Kidurong Man says:

    The cancer in SUPP has been left unattended too long and too much. Despite what is going on in the opposition camp and as to who DAP?or PKR to stand in these SUPP areas, majority Chinese have long decided to confirm their stance on their choice

    As long as PKR & DAP are not sending both candidates in one area, SUPP still have the nightmare haunting. Believe it or not, ask the general people and not those political dogs

  3. beritamu says:

    With or without Chinese representatives in the govt is not great concern to the Chinese.
    To them what is the use of having bunch of Blind and Deaf Puppet YBs who are gutless to their Masters.
    It’s better to have stronger opposition for check and balance in the the present corrupted govt .

    For 48 years,they had been suppressed and discriminated by biased Pro-Bumi polices of BN.

    They know that Vote For SUPP= Vote For Taib=Vote For UMNO.

    • looes74 says:

      You need to understand Audie61 team psyche……One just got to listen to the song to understand these people……By the way, we need to repeat this clip about Nixon….I am no crook…..It suits Taib well as well as Gerogy bou

      What say ye?

    • NewHope says:

      This morning Dr. Sim (Pending) came round to shake hand. One of his helper asked me to support SUPP. I said, “Sorry but SUPP is going to be eliminated this election. No Chinese represention? Wrong, there will be a chance of government.”

      New Government. New Hope.

      • Dr Sim Supporter says:

        I was the one you were talking to. I voted for DAP for the last 20 years, I listened to their promises of what they will do after they win for the last 20 years. Violet Yong won, my vote was one of those which she rode on to her victory. In the last 5 years, my DAP YB, was hardly ever seen on the ground, There were hardly any development in her constituency of Pending. Even an Iban man came out in the press to curse her for not keeping her promise to help him repair his home after 3 months of her promise while Dr Sim delivered his promise in 2 weeks. In the 30days that I decided to support Dr Sim, I have seen at least 12 p[rojects including approval of low cost housing, road construction at South Peace rd, Foochow Rd flood control, and numerous infrastructure projects for the Pending area. More than in the 5 years YB Violet was taking care of the area. Being a die hard DAP supporter for 20 years, I know and can read the political undercurrents, I tell you now YB Yong Wei Wei did a very bad job for the past 5 years, many DAP supporters have deserted her. Pending will be a BN seat on 17th April 2011. I will not predict the other seats, but Pending will definitely revert to BN. YB Yong and Ah Jen knows this, that is why Christina Chieng is replacing her in N10 Pending.

      • beritamu says:

        Sim supporter,your knowledge in politics is pathetic and naive which needs to be enriched.

        If it happens that your Dr sim won the election,i think both BN heads,Najib and Taib will listen to him.
        The pro-bumiputeras affirmative policies will straight away reverted to pro non-bumi poliices.

        Your thoughts is too shallow in this modern world,few gula-gula batu can throw you into the drain.
        Could be your children receive special treatments like bumi in education. If not ask them,then you will know if there any difference in the selection for scholarships and entry to university.You have betrayed your children.

        Rational and educated Chinese does not demand for Special Rights but Equal Rights.

        They want a clean,fair,transparent and caring govt.

      • NewHope says:

        Dr Sim Supporter, with 20 years of voting experience, you should be at least 21+20=41 years old. But the person I spoke to look very young, at most, 30 years old.

        Please understand that Selangor’s MCA is also the opposition and they cannot control usuage of state’s fund for development. If PAKATAN forms the state government, Dr Sim could be the lone SUPP opposition DUN member in Sarawak.

        As for the usual BN election’s goodies, BN will hand out more this coming few days. If Pending voters do not eat the bait, more goodies will be handed out again this coming 13th GE.

    • beritamu says:

      Can you accept the facts that if your children score 10As in SPM but fail to get a govt scholarships whereas your bumi friend’s children with 10B succeeded.
      PM says awards of scholarships will be totally base on merits not race when he assumes office.
      Can you trust and believe him ? “.Cakap tak seperti bikin “is the best phrase for the biased BN.
      The are so many bright and poor Chinese students suffered innocently under such discriminated polices especially in education.
      Why is it science foundation and diplomas programmes in local univserites ” Khas Untuk Bumiputeras Sahaja “.
      This is just parts of the education polices which govt had practised for long that does not come the knowledge of many ordinary Chines ,not useless their children are affected under such policy.

      Those Chinese who vote for BN have directly marginalised and betrayed their own children.Think rationally.
      If Audie61 “s Children is of the many such victims,Will you still Fight and Vote for BN ????.
      Many will certainly not.

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    Anwar Ibrahim, the man who has been the drawing and driving force behind the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat (PR), must be destroyed at all cost. Never before has anyone posed such a danger to Umno.

    By Martin Jalleh

    The PM and Umno are desperate, very desperate indeed. It has dawned very hard on them that they could soon be driven out of Putrajaya and into political oblivion.

    Anwar Ibrahim, the man who has been the drawing and driving force behind the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat (PR), must be destroyed at all cost. Never before has anyone posed such a danger to Umno.

    They had tried very hard to do his political career in with a sham sodomy trial but he bounced back even more determined, and with his coalition, dealt them a severe blow in the last general elections.

    They had once dismissed him as a has-been and irrelevant. But Anwar just refused to disappear. Now they are convinced he must be demolished forever and then Pakatan Rakyat will definitely disintegrate.

    Umno would launch relentless dastardly attacks on his reputation with the help of spin doctors in the mainstream media and online cyber-troopers and ceaselessly attempt to damage his credibility and integrity.

    They would incessantly drum it into the minds of the citizens of Bolehland long and loud enough that he is a man of dubious character, one who will do anything to be the PM of Malaysia.

    They would demonise him as a loyal friend of the Zionists, denigrate him as a spy for the US, defame him as a CIA agent, disparage him as a political chameleon and denounce him as a traitor.

    They would deploy anyone to demolish him, whether they be in Umno, Apco or a bozo in the police, AG’s Chambers and especially the judiciary, people who would dance to their tune at the drop of a hat.

    They would get deserters, detractors and disgruntled leaders of his party and within the coalition to discredit him with their stale and silly exposé and to derail the process of change that the PR wants to bring about.

    A “Doctor in the House” joins in the diatribe against Anwar with his memoirs – a “doctored” memory of the past by a supposed statesman who prefers to live in the present on self-deception, delusion and denial.

    Such is their desperation, they would even resurrect characters who played a “vicious role” in the conspiracy of Sodomy I, one of whom was described in a court transcript as being “disowned by her own father”.

    They would even deny Anwar a place in parliament for six months with the help of the Speaker whom Tunku Abdul Aziz (a respected public figure) described as a “total disgrace”.

    Sodomy Script

    Politically bankrupt and devoid of political principles, they would dish out yet another sodomy script. Once again they would ruthlessly drag his and his family’s good name through the mud.

    Prosecution star witness Saiful would not disappoint in the judicial circus. He contradicts himself and even has a sex liaison with a DPP in the case! The Court confirms it did happen but refuses to dismiss the case.

    The AG and the judge would deny Anwar access to the details that are as a norm furnished to the defence at the start of a trial. But the AG would disclose all documents to the defence in the Ling Liong Sik’s case.

    A chemist acknowledges that DNA found in Saiful’s rear end could have come from as many as 10 different people – including himself! Saiful gives new meaning to the phrase “go f**k yourself”! (Asia Sentinel)

    The prosecution is at a point of desperation when the AG’s Chambers and the police commit a plethora of mistakes regarding DNA evidence. They should be aptly dubbed the “DNA” – Desperate n Asinine team.

    Courage deserts the judge as he overturns his own decision made during a trial-within-a-trial (which is very rarely done). Anwar says he is not surprised. The judge may be pressured and directed to stick to the script.

    Umno has even contingent plans to dispose of Anwar. They come up with a new video tape showing a man alleged to be Anwar having sex with a female Chinese prostitute.

    From the feedback of reporters who saw it and the glaring questions that have arisen as to how, where and when it was shown, one can only deduce that it is but doctored trash.

    Najib parrots Hishamuddin and denies that the police are involved in the making of the sex tape. The public remembers how he had denied that he had ever met Saiful but later admitted that he did meet Saiful after all.

    De facto law minister Nazri Aziz, who is reputed for his temper tantrums, theatrics, threats, taunts, and twisting the truth declares that the showing of the “blue film” (his very own words) is legitimate!

    Nazri asks the public not to shoot the “messenger”. Datuk T is no “messenger” but a “Terrorist” employed to assassinate Anwar’s character!

    Distractions & Diversions

    Umno’s alleged sex scandals by opposition members are not only a conspiracy to destroy Anwar, but they are meant to distract the nation from the failures of the BN government and Umno.

    The sex video is shown on the very day the Sarawak state assembly is dissolved. Do Sarawakians want to deliberate and decide on their future or waste their energy over the salacious contents of a doctored tape?

    When the nation is sex saturated, and the people enjoy their daily sex diet, this is what Umno and the BN government wants to do:

    Distract the rakyat from the damning evidence that the country is going to the dogs and that we are living in a “sham democracy” (Tengku Razaleigh).

    Divert the people’s attention from the reality that we have a dead constitution (courtesy of the judiciary), a divided nation, decaying institutions, a dour economy and a disturbing diaspora rate!

    Deflect the public’s attention from Umno’s rampant corruption, exacerbating internal divisions and that the Umnoputras are bleeding this country dry.

    Deceive the nation with Najib’s “performance” consisting of nothing but public relations, publicity stunts, political rhetoric, populist slogans, propaganda puff, a pipe-dream and a pie in the sky!

    Downplay the successes of the PR States. Deny, delay and distribute discriminately federal funds they are entitled to, whilst hiding the fact that some of the BN states are near debt or in deficit.

    It is very evident that Umno has not changed! It has plunged to such depths that it is only adept at churning out sex stories to destroy its enemies, the No.1 being Anwar! It has no sense of decency or shame left.

    It has to resort to dirty politics (no matter how despicable and disgusting) in order to survive. It will one day reap what it now sows and bury itself in the very grave it has dug for Anwar today.

    It would no doubt be an “unmitigated disaster” if the rakyat were to vote for BN and (Najib) in the next general elections!

    • looes74 says:

      Mata Kuching,
      The matter has been solved. DAP to contest 15 state seats. I am pretty disappointed with PKR big headedness….Let see PKR really can pull it off….I would stick to DAP from now on

    • looes74 says:

      Mata Kuching,
      The matter has been solved. DAP to contest 15 state seats. I am pretty disappointed with PKR big headedness….Let see PKR really can pull it off….I would stick to DAP from now on……
      Let watch & see

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

        :oops: Most who support PKR are bcoz of Respected Kak Wan & DSAI n DAP get my SALUTE + RESPECT this round ……I’ll see n how this new cocky boy azmin running his ????? style again…..I’ll give face to Respected Kak Wan & DSAI first……hope they don’t get in FROG MAN into this important GE this time………….PAKATAN LEADERS must scan all their candidates THOROUGHLY this time !!!!!!!!!!! :oops:

        Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

      • looes74 says:

        Yeah Ho Ho Ho


  5. beritamu says:

    Can anyone believe Chua So Lek can comment on sex-video related to Anwar though he was once a victim a politically sex-video scandal

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      :mrgreen: ONLY MONKEYS from b-end will believe this porn star …hehehehehehehe n this porn star face :twisted: is thicker than an elephant skin….hehehehehehehe …ai yo yoyoyo this snake@chua is full of SHIT n a BIG DISGRACE to all Chinese community n do not represent MAJORITY CHINESE in M’sia…..only those bunches who are GREEDY from MOST CORRUPTED ASSHOLEE laaa will pretend to support him bcoz of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$laaaaaaaaaaaa hehehehehehehe……PUKE!!!

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  6. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

    :idea: THEY ARE DESTINE TO RULE N TAKE OVER PUTRAJAYA SOON n they are name :idea: PAKATAN RAKYAT :idea: n MAJORITY RAKYAT votes them not bcoz they are from PAS,PKR or DAP but bcoz they are SUPER RAKYAT FRIENDLY FRIENDS CALL :idea: PAKATAN RAKYAT :idea: fighting for TRUTH n FIGHTING for all RAKYAT hahahahahahahahaha :arrow: :idea:


    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  7. yourtake says:

    Its a trend for the prevailing government to be kicked out. In NSW australia during 26 March 2011 election, the opposition secured more than two third majority packing the government to kick dust. Why? Too much power and therefore abused the trust given to them.

    “An extraordinary coalition victory has overturned the NSW political landscape, with incoming premier Barry O’Farrell claiming a mandate for sweeping change and Labor licking its wounds.

    In his first press conference since Saturday’s triumph, Mr O’Farrell said he was taken aback by the scale of the win, the biggest against a sitting government in Australian history.

    With swings of up to 35 per cent in some seats, and Labor heartlands like western Sydney falling to the coalition, Mr O’Farrell said the massive win was “exciting, but it is to some extent daunting”.

    The coalition is likely to have 68 of the 93 seats in the state’s lower house, with Labor reduced to about 20 after a state-wide swing of about 16 per cent.

  8. Bujang belelang says:

    hey! every sarawakian!!! please remember our goal!! to topple Bee-n no mater what had SUPP done they are still co-operate with the federal Bee-n. So pls!!!pls!!! just stick to our goal post.

  9. rimau atas kerusi says:

    In the last five years DAP has brought change to Sarawak. In the last five years DAP has made my life better. In the last five years DAP has brought in billions of foreign direct investment into Sarawak. In the last five years DAP has helped the Bumiputera as equally as it has helped its main supporters, the Chinese. In the last five years DAP has helped me to understand and relate better to people from all races, and not just among the Chinese, who are its main supporters. In the last five years DAP has delivered all the promises that has come out of the mouth of all its elected representatives in Sarawak. So good…yet so far.

  10. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

    :idea: Majority Sarawakians must be BRAVE n SMART to votes OUT B-eNd this coming GE to show that they are the one who hold the POWER n not those THIEFminister from B-eNd…….teach those THIEF a BIG TSUNAMI lesson n votes for CHANGE……as others country already did that!!!!……POWER IN PEOPLES HAND …..nothing to loose bcoz if they votes the opposition (PAKATAN) to power n if they also like those THIEFminister ….then next round just phuck n votes them OUT too…….n takes control by using your PEOPLES POWER SMART voting pattern n I 100% believe all politicians will RESPECT us the ‘RAKYAT’ more n will not DARE to PLAY PLAY with us all no more………..JUST KICK OUT THOSE THIEF + CORRUPTED b-end OUT ASAP n TAKE BACK WHAT RAKYAT SHOULD HAVE …..YOUR RIGHT,MY RIGHT…….in this damn RICH COUNTRY from being robs by them until BANKRUPTCY…..THINK POSITIVELY N VOTES IN SMART WAY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE………………

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  11. fedup says:

    Stupid supp! Stop insulting the intelligence of the people! What does a doctor know about construction even if he does, he is not in charged and qualified! Thats simply reckless and irresponsible to meddle in the public works by one who is not in charged!

    Such stale antics won’t get you into office!

    As for the common ‘threat’ of non chinese representation in government if supp loses, the people think an orang utan from semengok will make a better representative in dun as it will definitely cost the people much less!

  12. Mata Kuching says:

    ” Bako Landowners grateful to CM ”

    Borneo Post 28/03/2011 : Bako landowners here gave the thumbs-up to the people centric Thief Minister Payhim Silly Abdul Taib Mahmud for speedily respond to their plight and finding a solution to it. Speaking at a dinner attended by some 2,000 people ( majority SUPP and BN members), chairman of Bako Land Rights Committee Wong Kwong Toh said the Bako Land issue which has been resolved was a sterling example of Taib;s leadership of putting people first. Our honourable YAB Thief Minister is sensitive to the needs of the people, advocating transparency in his policy.

    My humble comments :

    Wong Kwong Toh must be a drunkard idiot if he actually read out the script given to him to praise the Thief Minister. Did it take the Thief Minister to realise that their lands had been under section 47 for the past 27 + years which according to Wong Kwong Toh had been speedily resolved after been gazetted almost 30 years under section 47??

    Tell me which persons of sound mind who caught a few thieves who went into your house and the thieves eventually decided not to steal your TV and spare your wife and daughters from been raped, would organise a dinner to thank the thieves for being a people centric thief and putting the interest of the people first??

    In this Borneo Post report it seems that the Bako land owners are doing just that.

    I strongly urge all right thinking and honest landowners in whose lands were who were affected by Taib Mahmud’s aborted land grab to publicly distance themselves and declare that they have absolutely nothing to do with Wong Kwong Toh idiotic statement.

    Such is the sick mentality of a colonised subject.

  13. Lee Hui says:

    The fact that all these expired Umno politicians are resurfacing one by one to attack Anwar and try to undermine the unified Pakatan Rakyat is because they fear spending the rest of of their life behind bar when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya.

  14. Selipar Baru says:

    The Chinese may not need any representative in the government to look after Chinese interests. What they need is trustworthy representative in the government to serve all people. SUPP is rotten to the core. But if a courageous person is willing to initiate change from within the party, then the person deserves a chance. The main concern should be whether the person can serve the people better. Not how loud the person can complain about the government.

  15. Mata Kuching says:

    Tun Rahman Yakub and Taib Mahmud are true breed Sarawakians and so are all the past and current Dayak political leaders. Past and present history linked Rahman Yakub and Taib Mahmud to splitting the various races in Sarawak especially the Dayaks in their well concorted agenda to divide and rule. It was not Tawi Sili and neither Stephen Kalong Ningkang that had grabbed NCR lands under Taib’s so called politics of development. It was not Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Awang Hadi our fellow Malaysians from West Malaysia that grabbed NCR lands and plunder Sarawak through their party PKR, DAP and PAS. It has always been our local leaders and parties that work in cohort with Rahman Yakub and Taib Mahmud to rob Sarawakians and marginalised and oppressed our own Dayaks. Have any Dayak leaders such as Leo Moggie, Daniel Tajem. Celestine Ujang, James Masing, Alfred Jabu, William Mawan,Douglas Uggah or the like of Paul Kadang, Stanley Jugol and Edwin Dungang stand up to him and unite to seek justice for their own community? Have they lost their balls or they were drown by Rahman Yakub and Taib Mahmud patronage?

    Dayaks living in the rural constituencies are no longer stupid just as much as Dayak leaders in the corrupted regime of Taib Mahmud wanted them to stay that way. We know who can help us and are with us. We are not interested in the toothless and useless local political parties that are Blind, Deaf and Dumb and allow the thief minister to plunder Sarawak and robbed the natives of their NCR lands and their rights to socio economic developments on par with West Malaysia.

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