Religious Freedom-“Terima Kasih Tuhan”

The banner explains it all. There were thousands of Christians who were present at the rally and both sides of the political divide were very well represented. Even one of the ministers said,”no matter where we are from and who we are,lets all pray for religious freedom.”

There was also prayers for a peaceful and trouble free elections and for those first timers it does bring out the ‘person in you” as the spirit of the occasion is overwhelming. 

Literally you could even hear the crowd calling upon the Creator to ensure that the Sarawak State elections be conducted fairly and  also that bigots,religious extremists and haters do not use faith against each other.

The bible issue was brought up but it was under control eventhough there were signs of dissatisfaction and uneasiness amongst the people present here tonight. One religious minister said,” They are good people in the government but once they become too difficult they are devils in disguise and they need to be removed.”The crowd cheered and roared in approval.

The night pasts with whispers in the corridor telling us that “We Malaysians and especially Sarawakians are peaceful people and we must not compromise with those who disrespect ‘the bible”

On stage tonight one of the Iban pastor captivated many when he led the crowd in saying,”Alleluia,Terima Kasih Tuhan not once but a number of times and tears literally flowed from many of those present”

It was a night shared by many as very moving and an occasion where everyone prayed for religious freedom.

22 thoughts on “Religious Freedom-“Terima Kasih Tuhan”

    • RichBoxII says:

      In FMT he says, it is better not to respond and the issue will die down! But he chose to respond and his action has shown he is a greater fool compare to the people he refer to as fools.

    • BN Tsunami says:

      God Says, He Will Use The Fools To Foo The Wise.

      If Joseph Salang says that this raly is a gathering of fools, meaning he Salang is the wise. God knows how to deal with him. We let go and let GOD.

      True Christians are peace loving people

  1. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    1. The politics of hate that has engulfed West Malaysia since GE2008 has finally arrived in Sarawak.

    2. No religious freedom? Really?

    3. Are the Christians in Malaysia especially in East Malaysia have been killed or threatened like in Indonesia or Philipines? Since when did the Govt demolish churches? Since when Christian are not allowed to celebrate Christmas or Easter? No religious freedom? Really?!

    4. Didn’t the Govt spent millions on building and preserving churches not just in Malaysia but throughout Malaysia. No religious freedom? Really?!

    5. The natives who belives in aninisme, are they butchered? Are the Christians in Sarawak forced to abandon their religion and convert to Islam? No religious freedom? Really?!

    6. This issue was a well planned issue crafted by that racist DAP party. They advised the importer not to put the imprint because they knew it woulod get arrested by the Kastam ppl. Just look in Sibu, listen to all their ceramahs back then…their selling point was religion and they are repeating it again now. While PM Najib has abandoned the politics of race and religion, DAP has not changed from their racist stance.

    7. They really think Sarawak will become better if BN collapsed? There will be tension and chaos between different ethnic groups. If you think now is bad, just wait until Pakatan rules.

    8. The West Malaysian are tired and fedup of the antics of these Opposition lot. That is why in West Malaysia many people have woken up and leaving the Opposition in droves.

    Sadly there are certain quarters in Sarawak who want to “experience” this form of politics. Maybe they think it is more exciting. Well good luck and enjoy it.

    9. Despite all these, BN will still become the next Sarawak State Govt if there are no betrayal and sabotage from the inside.

    • RichBoxII says:

      Really? I am a Sarawakian Christian, but we stand in solidarity with our Christian Brothers in West Malaysia. Does that answer your sacarsm?

      What is happening in WM can happen to East Malaysia. If not for a state election do you think the issue can be settled so soon?

      Do we need two set of rules in this Country? Now what about the owner of this blog who is a staunch Christian? What about his talk that the Missionary and Catholic group may ask him to stand as a candidate?

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      :mrgreen: Oh SHIT ! you again ah!!! :twisted: Fattimama :evil: GOTcha now! hehehehe ….hey,, I know you n your sick SHIT style already la n don’t try to be smart like that old wolf mamaktiu DICTATOR in this malusia la….shame on you n all your sick SHIT nonsense n you know what :?: you are damn FAT + RACIST n i hope you are not the RACIST headMISStress that cane innocence school children for no reason……..yuck PUKE ………. :mrgreen: don’t run away FATmama…come back n bla bla bla again so that more can see you true WOLF color !!!! heheheheheh n last thing is that WHY? you only alwys attack that good ROCKET ah :?: are you sick :?: :?: oH……….

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    • jerzinho says:

      Oi Fatimah, what do you know huh?You lots block our bible.Let us do that to your quran and we’ll see how you react.Gov building churches?Even for us to get land is very hard, what more for the gov to build churches for us.Get your facts right.People from malaya are really stupid.Even we in Sarawak can speak english better than you bollocks.

    • Irene Kana says:

      Alfread Jabu who is so scared that BN Sarawak lost its 2/3 majority had been sowing and promoting hatred by asking the simple minded and friendly longhouse folks to reject any fellow Malaysians or Sarawakians from entering their long house for as long as they are not BN supporters.

      Who has been ruling Sarawak absolutely and exclusively for the last 47 years . Can any BN stooges and goons answer this? Why is Sarawak , despite its rich natural resources, vast lands, abandon petroleum and under the absolute control of UMNO dominated BN is now one of the poorest state in Malaysia when the thief minister Taib Mahmud is one of the richest man in the world and his family and cronies including George Chan, and Alfred Jabu are among the multi billionaires in Malaysia.

    • Jolia says:

      Christians Federation of Malaysia and Islamic religious group must collectively condemn and protest at UMNO’s lewd and gutter politics as well As if by systematically infringing upon the rights of Christians and other faiths are not enough to appease the bigots and extremists,UMNO is all out to kill the character and political career of their own Muslim leader who has been a threat to the political relevance of UMNO.

  2. beritamu says:

    The three famous Datuk sex video producers enjoy immunity and impunity for breaches of the laws and actions.

    Hishsammuddin puts his foot in his mouth again,special police team to be set up directly under IGP to deal with this high profile case.

    it’s already 48 hours upon their confessions,why is it the culprits concerned are still let off ?.

  3. I'm Malaysian says:

    1 class Fatimah Zuhri, just tell that to your 1st class friend in this video..
    Are others races in 1 Malaysia 2nd class citizens??..

  4. I'm Malaysian says:

    Oh yeah..he will just come out say to all Malaysians not to blame those COW head & that 3 PORN star (3 Abdul) director as well..
    Malaysia boleh..
    Just take a look at their handsome faces..

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Methink n believe many many IGNORANCE ‘RAKYAT’ still don’t really knows that B-eNd goons are RACIST NO.1 inside out n that’s why for those who are less CORRUPTED one will ‘cabut+lari’ from this B-eNd group ASAP !!!!! :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  6. Mata Kuching says:

    A deputy federal minister from Sarawak, Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum has come out with a “foolish” statement saying Christians are fools for organising prayer vigils.

    This man is not only a Christian himself but also a Dayak from our own community. Have the UMNO controlled BN stooges not insulted us enough with all their foolish policies because of power and money? Praise the Lord for he is with us and among us always.

    Vote out all these idiots and bigots in UMNO controlled BN on April 16 2011.

  7. Anti-Kleptocrats says:

    Typical Fatimah from BN’s UMNO mentality moulding for the last 47 years. How many muslims converted to christian in Sarawak – none. But how many christians converted to muslims – eveyday at least 1? Why UMNO feel so threaten then?

  8. stephen tang says:

    Christians had always been docile “giving the other cheek”.
    Opposite faction see this as a weakness rather than “humility” in action.
    Hence their antics, Silly in a sense.
    Silly being silly in nature.
    Silly to mix politics to religion but they did despite multiple reminders.
    Silly but they(bn)still proceeded with arrogance.
    Silly being their mentality.
    Silly in basically everything they say or do.
    Silly corporate governance of theirs. Non corporate governance talent, non at all, as seen.

    We take up this challenge to remove their silliness.
    Remove them and restore sanctity.
    After ousting the removal, we, the modest people of of SARAWAK, being SARAWAKIANS(minus the ‘snap’ crooks n others like the termite)can live in peace n harmony as in the past.
    This is OUR birthday right. OURS and malayans cannot deprive it.

    Not ketuanan melayu or classed as pendatangs.
    Saying all these through their arses without going through their “cow dunk” filled brains.

    We Christians need to be the catalyst for change.
    It is not wrong, it will be honorable.


    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

      :idea: stephen tang :idea:
      :arrow: :lol: VOTE BN OUT. I CALL TO ALL. THIS IS OUR CRUSADE. :lol:
      :lol: RISE n BE COUNTED. :lol:………………………..

      :lol: Well said :idea: stephen tang :idea: I will..We will n ALL will hahahahahahahaha :lol:


      Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  9. beritamu says:

    It’s just weeks away ,” The War “is going to explode ,PR is still disarray and tussled in seats allocation.

    Such infighting only lead to waning supports and popularity of their supporters but added advantages to BN.

    It’s will be uphill battle for PR to deny BN two-third majority as predicted by most rakyat.

  10. SK Subramaniam says:

    Christians are fully united in faith and spirit to vote for religious freedom and vote out a highly corrupted,repressive, racist and bigotry UMNO dominated BN government. BN is now running scared and will deploy 1Malaysia Ngo to dupe Christian voters by getting the Association of Churches to participate in 1Malaysia mega dinner. Christians are strong in their faith and resolute in voting against racism, religious bigots, corruptions and racism endorsed by the regime of UMNO dominated BN government. !Malaysia is now tasked with distributing election bribes, angpows, free dinners and so forth.

    Appeal to Association of Churches not to be duped and deceived into attending or participating in 1Malaysia’s activities which are meant to prolong the power of the highly corrupted, repressive and oppressive UMNO dominated BN government.

  11. Asri Rahman says:

    Anwar said that Najib’s administration practiced religious intolerance and double standards when dealing with religious matters particularly during the recent row over Malay-language bibles and the directive to remove Christian symbols during a Christmas function attended by the Prime Minister.

    “Malay-language bibles have not been allowed to be brought into Malaysia resulting in thousands of copies being left to rot at the Customs holding.

    “Two weeks ago, the Najib government apparently relented by allowing an initial 5,000 copies to be brought in but the offer was attached with so many conditions including stamping them with serial numbers and caveats against dissemination to others apart from Christians, that church leaders have rejected it.

    “And in the meantime, the Najib administration continues to ban Christians from using the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God,” Anwar said.

    He added that the administration also practiced selective persecution when punishing Muslims, citing the example of the order to whip a Muslim girl for consuming beer.

    “In July 2009, a Muslim single mother was sentenced to be flogged for drinking beer while Muslims from the rich and powerful class continue to imbibe alcohol in exclusive clubs with impunity.

    “The double standards cannot be more glaring than the fact that the son of a former Prime Minister continues to hold a substantial stake in one of the largest breweries in Southeast Asia without any molestation from the religious authorities,” he said.

    Anwar sarcastically added he was aware it would be “wishful thinking” to expect the government to “acknowledge” the contribution of its political rivals to foster greater cohesiveness among the communities.

    “But it would at least be reasonable to expect that such efforts should not be met with punitive responses.

    “Thus, I regard this threat to prosecute me for remarks in support of a more inclusive and more tolerant society in a multicultural multi-religious country like Malaysia’s not just as a violation of my constitutional rights, but a great affront to the people,” he said.
    Anwar explained that during his speech in London entitled, “Religion and Pluralism in a Divided World”, he had explained that the recognition of Islam as Malaysia’s official religion should not be misinterpreted as being against the spirit of religious pluralism.

    He added that history has shown that the belief by certain groups that only their doctrines would lead to salvation had eventually led to violent upheavals and bloodshed.

    “This is why the discourse on religious pluralism must deal with the fundamental question of freedom of religion and by association the freedom of conscience.

    “In my remarks, I had also made references to Islam and the divisions between Sunnis, Sh’ites and Sufis, Christianity and its denominations, as well as other faiths such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism,” said Anwar.

    The former deputy prime minister mocked the local religious authorities for taking offence to his words, pointing out that he had only been advocating mutual respect and tolerance, particularly in a country of such diversity as Malaysia.

    “The Religious Affairs Minister (Jamil) has indicated that these remarks were ‘blasphemous’ and had denigrated the status of Islam as the official religion of the country as well as ‘seditious’ in that I was effectively advocating pluralism by encouraging Muslims to view Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions in a more inclusive light,” he said.

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