Bloggers”Mari Berjumpa, Mari Berhubung”

PM Najib have been meeting up with his friends who have followed him on facebook,twitter and also on his website As the leader of the BN coalition he has shown the way to his fellow legislators that as the “peoples representatives” engaging with the grassroot is of utmost importance if they want to continue to remain in office.

The day they stop listening to the people they might just as well pack their bags and ready to leave the world of politics. As the Sarawak elections looms and as the estimated of 300,000 young voters the BN government are not taking anything forgranted.

The Pakatan opposition parties have hogged the cyberspace churning out millions of information in winning over the young voters and also spinning articles in their favour to win the elections. At a meeting this afternoon a strategists reminded bloggers that the cyberspace would be fought bitterly and whoever is focussed and win over the ‘minds” of the voters will sail through.

BN was battered heavily in Sarawak 2006 and it engulfed in a disastrous outing in the GE12 in 2008. Eversince then BN has set up cyberunits and independant blogs to overcome their weaknesses in the blogsphere. The strategists said,”If there is a pot of flower for decoration,it will look beautiful alone but trying putting 10 or more together it will be stunning.”

Beautiful it may seem but if a blog is alone the readership is just that much and if no one cares the blog will only “syok sendiri” There are exceptional blogs who can stand alone but many are barely surviving with hardly anyone noticing they exist. Promoting themselves is a ‘herculean” tasks and they musts carry the right message to captivate a return of followers.

UMNO UMB has gone through a tough time with many discrediting their existance and many are even accusing certain individuals of protecting their own. Some even project themselves to carry a cause but in fact they are more like  ‘mercenaries”. In the real world a good example would be a football team. The Real Madrid player ‘Ronaldo” would just be a another ordinary player if his teammates colloborate to sideline him and make a fool of his abundance talent by not passing the ball to him.

UMB BN Sarawak made up of the 4 component parties in Sarawak in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP have come together and put a structure together and organised itself to be ready for the impending elections and beyond. They have sought the help of their counterparts in UMNO UMB and in a short space of time got their act together to do battle in the blogsphere.

PM has readied the troops and his recent rallying call at the SUPP rally was,”we will not lose the cyberwar again as we have done in 2008″ The UMB units in each respective state needs to learn from each other to counter the accusations or allegations put up in the blogshere by their opposition parties.

Sarawak UMB has stepped up their to the call of both PM Najib and CM Taib. The strategists who forsees an all out cyberwar to gain votes knows that the right information and the right brand will mean a win on the ballot paper.

PM will say to you fill it up……,”Mari berjumpa,Mari Berhubung” but BN/UMB Sarawak are all out to “Berjuang untuk Sarawak”


17 thoughts on “Bloggers”Mari Berjumpa, Mari Berhubung”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    The day the Sarawak BN government led by the most corrupted kleptocrat in South East Asia , Mahmud Mudmud, invoke the “white paper” to stop and prevent West Malaysian political leaders to help in the campaigning of Sarawak state election, it will be the DARKEST DAY in the history of Sarawak and Malaysia.

    Sarawakians must stand united and firm in upholding our democratic rights and shall not let the mobsters of BN Sarawak government to abuse the mandate we had given them in the last election and previous elections. Perhaps its is time for Christian organisations and the leaders to take up an active role to ensure our democratic rights are not trampled upon by the Oppressive and Corrupted BN government led by the paramount thief minister and thief mobster.

    We shall punish any government of the day, be it BN or Pakatan , if it abused its power and oppress our democratic rights to vote in a government of our choice. The corrupted regime of Taib Mahmud and UMNO controlled BN are the greatest threat to our national security and economy and not those who sacrificed their life to fight against corruptions, cronyism,religious bigotry and against the thief minister and chief mobster for plundering our state ‘s resources.

    Make no mistakes, the Sarawak white paper is used to protect Taib Mahmud from been defeated in a democratic election and from being charged for plundering, money laundering and corruptions.

    Stand up for our rights. History has shown that great Opposition leaders can win an election without campaigning while serving prison term under the ISA. The white paper when abused will backfire on the abuser.

  2. beritamu says:

    As election is approaching,many prominent bloggers either from BN or PR were appointed with promising returns and rewards in the field cyberspace campaigning,some up to tens or hundreds of thousands ringgit.
    Don’t under estimate the effects and influences of cyberspace.Remember 080308, unpredicted historical loss of BN was actually partially due to this silent ,effective and fast electronic mode of campaigning by hardworking PR bloggers which BN had overlooked with their infamous and arrogant attitude ” Tak Apa Lah ” Congratulation to those who are appointed or won the contracts ,especially Dayakbaru in Ibans and English Version with a handsome sum of half a million with motto ” Berani Kerana Benar and Change We Must “

    • beritamu says:

      Saya terdengar UMB,BN,Sarawak,sejak kebelankangan ini, telah diberikan satu peruntukan yang agar besar sekitar jutaan ringgit untuk berhadapan dengan bloggers PR secara lagi luas dan aggressif lagi .Untunglah bloggers cari rezeki yang ditawarkan projek ini.Pendapatan begitu lumanyan untuk menulis
      sahaja.Apakah mereka ini merupakan professional bloggers kah ?.Tahniah keapda yang berjaya termasuklah pasukan Audie61.Sykur,Ahamdulillah boleh menuaikan tanggungjawab anda dengan Berjayanya.

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    PBB is a replica and a proxy of UMNO since 1971. The agenda is to divide the Dayaks which forms the largest population and rule. The bottom line is to deliver all Parliamentary seats to UMNO which controls BN. The reward shall be the chief minister turned chief mobster and thief minister shall be given autonomy over Sarawak’s rich natural resources and free hands in managing federal allocated fund.

    The voters in Sarawak must be told of this simple yet effective strategy engineered by UMNO since Tun Razak. Pakatan Rakyat just need to break open the code and annihilate UMNO controlled BN in Sarawak and Sabah. Sarawak Bumiputras must not fear UMNO coming to Sarawak for UMNO has long landed in Sarawak and manipulating the politic here behind PBB (Parti Bohong Bumiputras) since 1971 when Rahman Yacub was installed as Sarawak’s 3rd chief minister. Rahman Yacub and Taib Mahmud had been cleverly striking fear in the minds of the naive Bumiputras and bluffing them that UMNO would “sapu” all business and projects if they are allowed to expand to Sarawak. But does it make any difference whether its UMNO or Taib that “sapu” everything?

    Sarawakians and Sabahans must wake up from their slumbers to kick out UMNO controlled BN to liberate themselves of UMNO hegemony. If the voters in Sarawak reject UMNO and BN in Sarawak, UMNO will be powerless and toothless.

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: Election is very near n for sure very predictable all those No.1 CORRUPTED to the core B-eNd goons will come with an offer of this 1 n that 1 sweet sweet thing to the ‘RAKYAT’ n after the election those B-eNd goons will get all major contracts for all their crony only with no OPEN TENDER !!! hehehehehehehehe


    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:


    :mrgreen: ‘RAKYAT’ must reject this NUCLEAR plant to be built by those GREEDY + IRRESPONSIBILITY leaders n should ask them to built ‘1’ each at their own house backyard instead!!!!! http://greenboc.blogspot,com/2011/03/jangan-gadaikan-nyawa-untuk-loji.html :mrgreen:


    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  6. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Dear Audie61,

    1. Thank you for this wonderful blog.

    2. As days gone by I think more and more people in Sarawak are realizing who Pakatan peeps are or what they are.

    3. The latest backstabbing and internal fighting between PKR vs DAP and PKR vs SNAP shows the disunity amongst the opposition.

    4. In PKR itself, Baru Bian is facing many competitors just waiting for the right time to bring him down. Anwar Ibrahim him is just using Bian as a bait to get Dayaks vote. One that objective is completed, Bian will be push aside and PKR will come out (they always do) with 1001 excuses why Bian should be removed. One of the most often excuse is Bian is an UMNO mole. LOL

    5. I dont think Pakatan will win big in the state election. They are too disorganized and . DAP might win a few number of seats but that is it.

    6. Sarawakians have awaken and saw what happened to their Malayan brothers and sisters since 2008 GE. They saw that Pakatan is “No Action Talk Only” (NATO)…


    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

      :mrgreen: Ai yo yoyoyo FATmama zOOreeee ah!!!! What happen to your sick + pathetic brain :?: Ai yo many know you are a FAT sick TROLL hehehehehehehehehe :mrgreen:

      Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  7. Mata Kuching says:

    If Nagypt is indeed a PM for all Malaysians and truly listen to the people, he would have directed the PDRM, MACC and the AG to have Sarawak’s thief minister and chief mobster arrested and charged for abuse of power, corruption and money laundering.

    On a positive note, it is also good for Pakatan and the rakyat that Nagypt chose to do absolutely nothing. Sarawakians will take the lead to show the repressive, oppressive and highly corrupted UMNO controlled BN government who are their paymasters and bosses.

    Sarawak4Change. Save Sarawak. Save Malaysia.

    • Fatimah Zuhri says:

      Dear Mata Kucing,

      1. If you are so sure that Sarawak Chief Minister is guilty, why dont you make a report to MACC?

      2. I am so sick and tired of reading comments by DAP cyber-troopers from KOMTAR and PJ who keep talking that guy is corrupt, this guy is corrupt; but when asked to make a formal report, they dont do it.

      3. Come on man, why until now not a single person from PKR or DAP or PAS have make a report to MACC. Why? If you have proof why not?

      4. Come on la, the Rakyat nowadays are tired of rhetorics. If you have proof show it. If not, shutup.

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

        :lol: DEARest FATimama ah!!!!!!!

        :lol: You must read your this 1 nagypt doing ‘Sandiwara’ with ‘pek mo 584’ either when to quit or not?????? but anyway you must know that this McDeath mAcC is your bumNO dogs n there is no point to make a report to them on ‘pek mo 584’ bcoz you know la :evil: EVIL will always protect their own :twisted: EVIL one ‘1’!!! OPEN your eyes la FATimama :arrow: :lol:

        Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

      • Irene kana says:

        If you choose to be retarded, go back and read all the newspapers if you don’t read alternative news. Francis Siah of MoCS ,a few NGOs and Pakatan leaders have jointly lodged a report against the thief minister at MACC Kuching office and similar report will be lodged at MACC headquarter in KL. That was not all, the leader from MoCS had also lodged a police report against the thief minister at Kuching Central Police Station on March 13 2011. A similar report will be lodged at Bukit Aman.

        All the while Sarawakians including myself and as well as Mata Kuching I am sure have been waiting for any BN ministers and youth leader of PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS to publicly refute all the allegations made by Sarawak Report against the thief minister, his family and cronies.

        As a BN cyber trooper, you have a long way to go sister.

      • Mata Kuching says:

        Fatima, you just remind me of the infamous Umi Hafilda. Looks like you are also very much outdated. Thanks Irene for replying what I would have replied out of courtesy for this naive and ignorant Fatima. Maybe Fatima does care much so long as she has 3 meals on her table and was paid to spin and lie for PBB. I feel she doesn’t care too for her brothers and sisters in islam who have been suffering from malnutrition or having no clean water to wash the body of dead relatives in some kampungs or some even so near to towns. It is your choice and your own conscience Fatima. God bless you nevertheless.

  8. beritamu says:

    TI-M,Transparency International-Msia urges MACC to probe Taib immediately to avoid further slide on index.Investigations should be carried properly to clear the air on how his wealth was amassed.

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