PKR Sarawak”Failed Debate…??”

Politicians are all known to be very stubborn when it comes to “protecting their turf “and more so especially when they know they are challenged. PKR Sarawak knows that their dates given earlier has been rejected and they tried on March 10th again.

BN Sarawak Chairman Taib has already endorsed Adenan Satem to debate against Baru Bian but with conditions. (see video in full below)  

This is the posting in the FB Stampin Keadilan which we copy and posts in full.

The much hyped gathering turned out to be anti climax.
A publicity stunt by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak chairman Baru Bian could claimed to be the most highly secured press conference with the ratio police and organiser cum attendance stand at 20 to 1.
The event held at the old Court House saw the presence of 18 PKR leaders alig…ned to Baru Bian, over 50 press media and about 200 policemen spread over at the Waterfront and Central Police station.
In an earlier press conference this morning at PKR stampin branch, Baru Bian said he would be giving evidence of the NCR land that the Chief Minister wants to see first before debating with him on the issue.
Baru Bian told the press that he would be arriving at the old Court House at 4.30 pm as the place was formally used by the White Raja as DUN sitting. He said he would read out a speech context from Charles Brooke speech warning the natives to hold on to their lands.
As early as 12 noon, police were seen gathering at the Waterfront and around the city area. Vehicles going to the Waterfront via Kho Hun Yeang Street were stopped and checked.
The road leading to the Gambier through Kho Hun Yeang was closed. A number of police were on standby in the Central police station and around it including those at the India Street.
At about 4.15pm, three of PKR leaders arrived. There were more press members and police than PKR.
Baru Bian arrived right at the dot at 4.30 pm. He stood on the stairs leading to the old court house with PKR Sarawak secretary, Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh and PKR Sarawak Youth Chief Ahmad Nazib.
As he read a text of speech of Sir Charles Brooke in 1915, more and more PKR members joined him on the stairs. There were only 18 PKR members attending. There were no sign of the evergreen Hafsah Harun faction members.
As Baru Bian read his speech to the press and take questions, police from the Special Branch gets closer and a number were filming the scene. The uniformed police stood at the roadside and a distant away.
There was no commotion and Baru Bian finished his speech in peace.
When asked on the police’s heavy presence, Baru Bian said he was surprise that there were so many police and it was good that they were there to prevent any untowards incident.
He said he hoped that the police would respond fast too in other criminal offences.
He said it was fine with him to be surrounded by police and that he felt more secure with their presence.
“Police are good people and I appreciate their presence,” he added.
Kuching OCPD Mun Kock Keong who was there said police are taking the whole thing as an election exercise. Asked if he could call it a rehearsal for the police, he said, yes, you can.

According to some BN Youth members they said,”You pay the consequences for being stubborn and that is just cheap publicity. Adenan has thrown the challenge after he was endorsed and Baru if he is afraid should name someone else.Is he afraid of Adenan…??” 

Adenan has already said he is also not afraid of Anwar ibrahim the de facto leader of PKR.

4 thoughts on “PKR Sarawak”Failed Debate…??”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :cry: Ho :cry: Ho :cry:

    :cry: GOD already send out a very STRONG message that U incompetence :evil: leaders better THINK TWICE if U are to put any NUKES plants around your ‘RAKYAT’ backyard….serious CONSEQUENCES will happen 1 DAY !!!! :cry: My HEART goes out to all those who lost their life in this unwanted DISASTER !!! GOD forgive n bless all from greediness + sins :cry:

  2. beritamu says:

    Berdasarakan kepdad sumber yang boleh dipercayai dari Kapit,satu lagi parti politik akan ditubuhkan .Berita-berita menyatakan nama parti yang dicadangkan ialah” Parti Satu Rajang ” yang akan diketuai oleh bekas Adun Pelagus Datuk Sng.Kata Sng mereka lebih banyak tumpu perhatian kepada kawasan di ulu Kapit.Perancangan pada pilihan yang akan datang ialah, mereka akan bertanding di kawasan seperti Ngemah,Katibas,Pelagus,Balleh and Belaga.benar kah atapun tidak ?.terpulanglah kepada si pembaca. Potential candidates are ,,Katibas-retired govt officer,Pelagus-larry,Balleh-George Langgong ,Belaga-local law graduate,Ngemah – local economic graduate.

  3. KK Lau says:

    Sarawak Useless People’s Party has two well kept secrets : a) that its Candidate for Simanggang, Johnical Rayong, had secretly married a Muslim divorcee working in CM Office and hence concealed from his constituency that he had been converted to Islam although Islam is a beautiful religion like Christianity and other faiths.He had betrayed his second wife like he did to the rakyat who voted him when he was a SNAP candidate in 2006. b) that the incumbent for Batu Kawah, Tan Joo Phoi has had an affair with a married woman from the same constituency and she has since given birth. Tan Joo Phoi has knowingly betrayed his wife and family and also destroyed the relationship of the married woman with his husband and family.

    The so called 10,000 newly recruited members and loyalists of SUPP have every right to demand the President George Chan to make a public statement to refute these allegations against Johnical Rayong and Tan Joo Phoi.If george Chan is a man of integrity and worthy to lead SUPP in the coming state election he must respond to these allegations immediately and publicly.

    Do not take SUPP members for a wild ride and do not short changed the Chinese community yet again to ensure Taib Mahmud stay in power.I challenge all SUPP members to demand George Chan to refute the allegations against Johnical Rayong and Tan Joo Phoi.

  4. mat komeng says:

    SUPP Senang untuk pengundi-pengundi – Support Us Please ! Please ! don’t support either Keadilan or DAP – Dasar Angkuh Punya. So SUPPORT SUPP FOR YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE not for DAP- DUNGGU Atau PALOI. hurray SUPP.

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