Taib “A Place In the Sun”

At the one day BN convention Taib was at his element. There was a swagger about him and his delivery set the tone for the rests of the speakers for the convention. The main stream media will be covering the speeches of the various BN leaders in full and we will be getting it at our breakfast table.

Taib hit hard at the opposition with their brand of politics which consists of a lot of propaganda and perception, BN he says practises the “politics of reality” wherby the people can judge for themselves the services provided by the government for the lasts 45 years. The BN Government has not left out anyone and they have brought tremendous development to all Sarawakians at all levels.

What he said and how he put forward his version of democracy and explained it in detail with no stones left unturned was very inspiring and captivating. He moved the BN component members by saying that the opposition need to know that Sarawak practises democracy of the highest order with of the people,by the people and for the people. He asked the opposition not to provide lip service only but to know their facts first and don’t only shout at the top of their voices.

Taib touched on education and he knows with education Sarawakians can hold their own in the world. He really dug deep on how Sarawakians can stand proud in the field of education. We need to uplift the educational standards in our schools and our children will have a place in the sun.  He spoke about Unimas,Technical college,Lodge school and also St.Joseph’s school. Its very clear that he is pushing for standards to be uplifted in the state to prepare the future generation to be able to stand proudly as highly qualified Sarawakians. In other words he is saying,”we must project Sarawakians to be above the rests in the academic and technical world.”

I asked SPDP Pending Information chief and he said ,”CM memang pandai’ Its a song and a movie and we checked it out and how he came about this. CM always uses examples which he holds close to his chests and will unleash it at the right time and proper avenue. This BN convention and the one held in KL he has delivered the speech that the people want to hear and will leave the convention saying,”that will stay with me for a long time.” 

He used the film title of 1951-A place in the sun and Stevie wonders song ‘A place in the sun” as examples. CM gave a thunderous blow to the hearts of the opposition in his speech today and many internet blogs are already posting it up.

It has been a long day and Taib today is sending a clear message to all his detractors and the opposition. We would like you all to hear this song and sing it together with the lyrics and tell us whether Taib has got it right again.    

Like a long lonely stream
I keep runnin’ towards a dream
Movin’ on, movin’ on
Like a branch on a tree
I keep reachin’ to be free
Movin’ on, movin’ on

‘Cause there’s a place in the sun
Where there’s hope for ev’ryone
Where my poor restless heart’s gotta run
There’s a place in the sun
And before my life is done
Got to find me a place in the sun

Like an old dusty road
I get weary from the load
Movin’ on, movin’ on
Like this tired troubled earth
I’ve been rollin’ since my birth
Movin’ on, movin’ on

There’s a place in the sun
Where there’s hope for ev’ryone
Where my poor restless heart’s gotta run
There’s a place in the sun
And before my life is done
Got to find me a place in the sun

You know when times are bad
And you’re feeling sad
I want you to always remember

Yes, there’s a place in the sun
Where there’s hope for ev’ryone
Where my poor restless heart’s gotta run
There’s a place in the sun
Where there’s hope for ev’ryone
Where my poor restless heart’s gotta run
There’s a place in the sun
Where there’s hope for ev’ryone…


14 thoughts on “Taib “A Place In the Sun”

  1. Sebanaku2u says:

    now a lot of blogger blogging just for the sake of allowance. Everyone can blogging but at least blog with fact.PBB, SUPP,PRS,SPDP even PR all have prob now. Cannot hide anymore but use the blog for a good reason. Now a days RAKYAT can surf and look for facts. Do not provide them with bullshit evidence. Do not blogging just to show people you are doing your job or to impress people. Do not just copy and paste. Out there there is a lot of people know the facts or blogging. For Sebanaku2u , Tok Teh have both. So watch out
    Granny are watching you.


    • audie61 says:

      They blog for allowance maybe u jealous u dont get anything.? Who are u ? I promise i keep your identity secret and deal for you to get paid.Boleh kah?

    • beritamu says:

      Anda memang seorang blogger yang berintegriti dan bermutu tinggi. Malangnya ramai pelawat blog ini masih belum faham apakah mesej sebenarnya anda hendak sampaikan kepada si penulis dan pembacca.Cuba tulis semula agar penyampaian dan pendapat anda lebih jelas dan tepat.Sekian

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE SUN :!: who’s going 2 succeed this ‘pek mo’ thief minister :?: Too LooooOOOOOOnnnnnGGGGG in politic n many are sick with his cunning face la :!: hehehehehe BUT not the GREAT SONG ;) TQ :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any organisation that does not know or does not want to get rid of the crooks in the system is destined to fail. Even in the world of crime the Godfather will get rid of a crook ie some one who is trying to make money on the side.I am still unable to understand why political parties continue to keep pleple who are inimical to the party.

  4. beritamu says:

    Taibuchasinwan era is greatly under threat with their waning popularity.300000 youths voting pattern might change the political landscape of Sarawak after the polls.

    • Ho Ho Ho says:

      Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

      :oops: :lol: Eat too much Maggie Mee will cause colon CANCER n all POOR RAKYAT better CANCEL B-eNd n votes for PAKATAN RAKYAT that will distribute more wealth to the RAKYAT than to B-eNd crony!!!! BETTER CHANGE OR WE ALL WILL NOT KNOW HOW RICH OUR COUNTRY ARE!!!!!! bcoz B-eNd hide n cheat all POOR RAKYAT by not publish the TRUTH in their media + news!!!! :lol: :oops:

      Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  5. jumpover says:

    orang tua kerepot ini perlu berundur. Perasan betul. tait gadafi swk nibakal tersungkur kali ini.poraaaah…..

  6. Salah Satu says:

    Old monster running out of strategy, and resort to singing…..why not ask the Mrs. Taib to perform on stage singing in all towns in Sarawak to get more votes

    The suitable song is ” London Bridge Is Burning Down” or change to ” Sarawak River Bridge Is Burning Down” – need a good new bridge

    Those 5000 comprises of many contractors in various disciplines are the parasites who live begging a bowl of rice from BN corrupted government of Sarawak…..and many are the Chinese taukeys’ money eye politicians ( mata duit )

  7. ajan says:

    The ” politics of reality” is that the state BN, has become like an old men club. Lately when overwhelming accusation was hurled against taib, nobody seems to come to his defense other than his chief political secretary, karim hamzah. Only it seem reluctantly later that PBB youth went to make police report against RFS. In the absence of denial to such accusations by taib, it leads to what he called the politic of perception practice by the opposition. The law of reality states that in the event that taib could not clear himself from those accusation, the opposition so called “politic of perception” will become the new “politics of reality”. Let waits for the result of the coming 10th Sarawak state general election.

  8. Asri Rahman says:

    Taib Mahmud says, ” I have always been the thief minister of all races and I steal from all races be them Malays, Melanaus, Chinese, Dayaks or Orang Ulus”

  9. Lesley Wan says:

    I just cannot believe that there are 5000 idiots listening to an old who is slowing being swept away into history. Are they really that stupid to not being able to see through all these?

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