Taibs New “Enemy”..!!!

Since 1984 when I first step back into the shores of Sarawak I have only known one CM. At that time nearly 27years ago he was moving with a no-nonsence approach and pushing Sarawak without fear or favour towards  A new Frontier which he called,”politics of development” Many of us at that time as young graduates were all captivated with promises of new challenges,opportunities and a world of new technologies.

The whole scenario after his uncle Tun Rahman who many associated with more personal touch was missing from Taib. Taib was slowly coming into his own until the infamous 1987 Ming Court which many assemblyman backed out from Taib and wanted to return back to the more approachable Tuns ways. Taib had no choice but to fight back and he won breaking the hearts of many who went against him.

The revolution of 1987 was enough to give Taib that leverage in looking at his enemies closely while keeping his friends at arms length. We have even seen a number of State Secretaries walking through his doors and changed as they hold the key to his grip on the assemblyman. Taib has moved till today and his zest for propaganda has put him in the forefront of most battles. He has made the media his mosts powerful tool  and mosts executive editors knows that to have a piece of him in the media circulating pages is and will sel lpublications and newspapers.

Time however has changed and Taib is now facing a new enemy as he looks for inspiration to call for a new mandate for the ruling government at a ripe age of 74 where many would have love to enjoy the fruits of labour.

What is the new enemy….?

Many opposition members feels that this is the bests time to detrone Taib and his regime. There is no better time than this as mosts of his generals by his side are getting on a bit which we are being kind. There might be new candidate faces put up but hold on most of the voters are the younger ones and will be eligible to vote and the second and third time voters will know exactly what they need to do or have seen enough to make up their mind to vote. Will they even betray Taib now after making use of him to enrich themselves? Many would as they think he has outlived his usage and looking at the next bests person.

Many observers have said that BN will still retain the 2/3rd majority but the opposition members will beg to differ. They are taking into consideration that the young ones are now better informed with the internet blogs and are very much connected to each other. They will pursue all means to run down the Taib regime and some of the blogs are very hard hitting with the most vocal and significant blog being:- http://www.sarawakreport.org/ We all know who is behind it now and they have even called up yours truly especially with the failed Taibs protests in Kuching.

Taib has learnt and is also cahnging with the times and he knows that he needs a young wife to breathe fresh impetus and light to ensure that she will give him the encouragement and also know youthfulness to engage the younger set of voters. In this Taib has scored a very meaningful victory. In Facebooks,internet portals and blogs he scored big and many were clamouring for a new beauty amongst their midst.

Taibs new enemy knows they have to reengineer fast and even asks for debates which they know will not change much in the final tallying of seats. His party PBB remains solid behind him while the component parties in SUPP,PRS and SPDP are very much united to go all out in his lasts battle. The recent setting up of the Unit Media Baru(New media units) for the BN needs to be charged up or else Taib will feel a leg has been cut off from his body.

The Pakatan machinery helped itself in the Peninsular to substancial victories when they made used fully of this mode of election campaigning. Sarawak will be going for a new mandate and internet blogs will play a very significant part in this elections. Don’t for once tell me no way. We shall see as the print media will be very much slower and mosts information will have filtered down by the time you say,”I KNOW,I TOLD YOU SO”

BN and Pakatan will fight a very bitter war in the blogsphere and the information filtering down will be up to each set of mediabloggers to outdo each other.  Taib will need the new media bloggers to assit each other and BN Sarawak bloggers are waiting in the wings for the all out assault. Pakatan blogs are obviously more readable as they are mostly news which has Taib as the main actor,villain and hero.

BN UMB will need to get their angles right and if they continue to shoot in the dark without the proper command  it will be a futile exercise for Taibs regime. Many are thinking facebook will channel their arguments but many YBs who we have crossed paths said that facebookers are justs a social interaction without much usage. Its still the blogs which many feels that the war would be losts and won.

The timing of this 2011 elections will see an emergance of new blogs who will try to get a taste of the action but many will not even get into the firing range. It will be a battle where the BN bloggers will engage the Pakatan seasoned bloggers and try to overpower them. Pakatan has reengineered itself after much fanfare with many issues and it seems now that Taibs new enemy is none other than former BN cyber troopers.

They have infiltrated deeply into the BN strongholds and they are now passing vital information without even Taib realising. Its now up to the BN/UMB bloggers to weed out the few remaining “two timers” which has created havoc in the blogsphere. It will be soon and many PBB UMB needs to look at where the few remaining “untouchables’ are. Taibs new enemy are all bunched up without them knowing.

The rests of the component party bloggers are watching very closely this development and if it continues to create a menace their identities will be revealed. A BN YB said,”We know who they are and if they remain they will be CM’s greatest enemy” The enemy is within and not outside and he could be just proven right and saved the CM and BN from returning a comfotable majority or being thrown out by the information filtering down to the voters.



14 thoughts on “Taibs New “Enemy”..!!!

  1. The war has started.hidup PKR. BN mana dapat lawan Pakatan bloggers? hahahaha we eat u up for breakfast.Waaachaaaaaaa….ym yum

  2. Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: This old wolf@thief ‘pek mo’ enemy is himself bcoz he is tooooooo GREEDYYYYYYYYY n even his ‘bomoh’ advice him to retire he soooOOO ‘kuai lan’ n don’t wan 2 listen 2 his ‘bomoh’ advice but instead ‘gatai’ n marry new young chickadeeeee hehehehehehehehe :mrgreen:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  3. He cannot blame others and the Sarawak people, he should blame himself for his “good” administration of the state and his dictatorship style of control his component parties, mininsters and YBs…..other fact is he should blame his “greedy” family and relatives

    I dont know what the Chinese will do, but the Dayaks/Ibans are turning our back away, day by dya, more and more…even brother and sister Orang Ulu become united

    The BN cyber troopers cant do much, say much or “twist” much because people have learnt from pain to be wiser and more informed. The tolerance has reached its boiling point, and the “kettle” has to make some noise. Look at what PRS and SPDP can do for us and say on behalf of our property and lands, you know majority of them keep mute or pretend not to know and better not to get involved so that their own seats are better secured. This the common mentality of the YBs and ministers, but they are already “thick skinned” on their faces, preaching only development projects and forgetting the immediate rescue of their own races

    The BN cyber troopers and so called UMB cant just point at a black cat and say it is WHITE. You can even turn off the light, but the black stays black

    The people are ready to teach BN a lesson, not because they like opposition PR, just because they have deep disappointment over this 30 years adminstration which goes from bad to worse

  4. I heard UMB PBB have a Tea Boy now. Wonder if he can service me and my partner or not . But I saw this Yummmyy Tea Boy always lepak at Raja Ayam Penyet with PKR people. So please anyone tell me this Yummmmy Tea Boy really give good service or another Trojan Horse in Barisan Nasional.

    He must be really good to become a Tea Boy and must be Trojan Horse Version Latest Version ooo. I also want a Tea Boy for my birthday.


  5. For 41 years the Bumiputras community in Sarawak have been bluffed into believing that UMNO will “sapu” all projects and business allocated to Bumiputras if it was allowed to step foot into Sarawak. How naive and ignorant are the Sarawak Bumiputras when infact, with Rahman Yacub and Taib Mahmud at the helm of PBB which is the dominant BN party in Sarawak, PBB has been and is the proxy of UMNO since 1970. For as long as the former thief minister ,Rahman Yacub and now his nephew and another thief minister, Taib Mahmud ,were able to deliver all the parliamentary seats they would have the autonomy to rule Sarawak and given tacit approval to strip the state of its rich natural resources and manage federal allocated funds freely.

    Why must Bumiputras in Sarawak be afraid of the presence of UMNO in Sarawak although it has already been present here through PBB since 1970. The rakyat of Kelantan, Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak have rejected UMNO in their states. When the majority of Malaysians reject UMNO and PBB , they will almost certainly close shops no matter how many branches they set up here or anywhere in Malaysia.

    What difference does it make whether it is UMNO or Taib who “sapu” Sarawak. Reject both of them totally in the coming state election and GE13. Vote for change and a new government that is of the people , by the people and for the people.

    Sarawak4change. Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  6. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

    :idea: Majority Malaysians are now really PROUD OF PAKATAN RAKYAT good + fair to all RACES POLICY than this CORRUPTED TO THE CORE ANUS + RACIST B-END!!!!!!!! Vote 4change. Vote For Pakatan Rakyat. :idea:

    Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:

  7. After 5 decades of independence,Sibu – Kapit road is still under negotiation between JKR and Kementerian Kenajuan Luar bandar dan Wilayah.Perhaps that is the most expensive and toughest road to construct going through several tunnels or under sea in Malaysia.The people in Kapit had been asking for the road since Tun Jugah era but till now it remains as a dream.All ex and current YBs owe an explanation to the people there.Lame excuses by Taib no economy values,low population,high cost of construction due to rugged and difficult terrains are long overdue.It’s a disgrace to late Tun Jugah who is one the signatories when sawak join Malaya.There have been many announcements and public statements by ministers like Jabu,Yong Khoon Seng,Safie Apdal,locals YBs Larry Sng,James Masing and Alex Nanta.Till now, all such promises are only dust in the sky.It’s not surprise that they can only see the light in another decade.Rakyat didahulukan kah ?. Mr Prime minster

  8. SUPP’s aping of Nagypt’s infamous ‘If you don’t help us, we won’t help you’ will be to the detriment of its party. The Chinese community throughout the nation or in any part of the world will never allow themselves to be held at ransom by a political party. Malaysians of all races shall never allow the BN government to intimidate or threaten them into voting BN in exchange for developments. The Dayaks too are no longer afraid to vote for change and shall no longer vote BN in exchange for votes.

    Sarawak Useless People’s Party president, George Chan, says ‘I always believe in ‘you help me, I help you’, and that it’s not right if ‘I help you, you makan (eat) me’.’ George Chan has forgotten that it is the responsibility of the government in which BN is currently ,to develop the state or country unconditionally.

    It is too little and too late to tell the rakyat that BN already secured the funds for developing all the neglected rural constituencies and that the rakyat will get nothing if BN lost. Extortion does not work any more and only a highly corrupted and authoritarian government extorts from its people. UMNO controlled BN’s days of surviving in power by extorting its people are over.

    To George Chan of Sarawak Useless People’s Party and all BN coalitions, we say, ” Try pushing your luck with us the rakyat”. We shall show you who has the power and final say in making or breaking a government.

    • Well said Mata Kuching. The funeral procession for SUPP (Sarawak Useless People’s Party) and PBB (Parti Bohong Bumiputra) is already written on the wall. 9 BN candidates ( cannot disclose names) are willing to join the PR coalition government if they win.

      We welcome the thief minister to become the Opposition leader after the state election.

    • Batu Kawah PBB members do not want the incumbent Tan Joo Phoi as he is entangled with a married woman and she has since given birth. SUPP is never short of scandals and you won’t want your young wife to be working for George Chan, Sim Kheng Hui, Alfred Yap, Wong Soon Koh, David Teng, Tan Joo Phoi or Jerip Susil and Johnical Rayong.

      The general consensus is that people do not care any more who this useless party nominate as candidate. SUPP is totally useless and ineffective in checking the plundering and looting of Sarawak by Taib Mahmud. They have shortchanged the Chinese community and those who voted for SUPP. Taib is getting greedier and stronger because of SUPP useless leaders. Now they want to nominate another “Ya Botol”, the son of the infamous YB Ya Botol.

  9. now a lot of blogger blogging just for the sake of allowance. Everyone can blogging but at least blog with fact.PBB, SUPP,PRS,SPDP even PR all have prob now. Cannot hide anymore but use the blog for a good reason. Now a days RAKYAT can surf and look for facts. Do not provide them with bullshit evidence. Do not blogging just to show people you are doing your job or to impress people. Do not just copy and paste. Out there there is a lot of people know the facts or blogging. For Sebanaku2u , Tok Teh have both. So watch out
    Granny are watching you.


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