“Who is behind this..??”

1998 saw the birth of Reformasi in the streets of Kuala Lumpur where thousands came out in support of Anwar Ibrahim who was then the Deputy Prime Minister. One person who remembers it very well was a founder member of PKR. He said he gathered at the place in question and it was uneventfull at first and he was with his five year old daughter.

 But in less than an hour the crowds swell after Friday prayers to thousands and his daughter was crying in the sweltering heat and the boistorous and rowdy crowd was not helping.

The FRU personnels and police forces were building up and he was pushed left and right and holding to his daughters dear life. Would he do it again? No way and he discourages these type of demonstrations and rallies. He was not at the 2007 Bersih demonstrations where nearly 40000 took part as he has already left the political scene.

Word on the ground and in cyber space today which says and reads as such” planned protest against Taib Mahmud is at 2pm Sunday 20th February at Padang Merdeka,Kuching. Please join in or avoid the area due to expected traffic congestion.Please pass this to liberate Sarawak from the corrupted CM

Many people have not taste this type of rallies or demonstrations and it could get very UGLY. We would like to advice parents to check on their children whereabouts as they are curious and will check it out. Secondly whoever attends this function/rally/demonstration please remember to carry your identification card. If you are locked up and cry for your rights heaven help you.

 You might then be deported who knows ..??

Objects,broken glasses might be thrown and injuries too might lead to broken arms,limbs and some may just lose their eyesights. Political propaganda of this sort should not be encouraged and if its a political rally Police permit must be taken.

Whoever is behind this must have his head screwed right and be hauled up and answerable to bear the consequences. What can one achieved by going on the streets when there is an avenue to vent your anger? The State elections will be called soon and why must we in Sarawak resort to these type of gatherings.Whoever is right or wrong there must be proper channels for all this.

We are indeed concerned and we advice the parents not to let your children cry foul of the law. It is no laughing matter and we just hope that the smses should be stopped. The culprits must be brought up and charged for incitement.

Of course no one is guilty unless charged in court but we condemn this act . Dont let your children cry unnecessary as above parent found out.

Parents please double-check out your children and their whereabouts especially so this Sunday the 20th of February……

Pls check … http://sebanaku-sarawak.blogspot.com/2011/02/kuching-something-big-is-being-planned.html#more


Taib”Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow…”

There was a lot of “hurrahs’ and ‘yeahs” when Larry Sng’s application to join BN direct candidate was turned down at the BN supreme Council Meeting. That was Yesterday as far as Taib Mahmud the CM was concerned. Yesterday Taib kept his lips to himself and he knows that the BN supreme council was not the avenue for him to be trapped.

Yesterday too the report was,”The decision not to accept him(Sng)was unanimous and his case was not even debated by all component parties “said the source. Many even questioned as to why Taib Kept quiet?

Simple,”just wait till we get back home to Sarawak guys”

Today:-meaning all “hell broke loose” even at the teh tarik and kolok mee stalls that Taib has given ‘lifeline” to the young man.The mass-media/newspapers throughout Sarawak published and Taib was quoted as saying ,”he plans to keep Assistant Minister Larry in the Chief minister’s office for some time. BN Sarawak chairman Taib said Sng is useful to the government and loyal to BN.

He went on to say,”I can still keep him because he’s a very useful fellow. He works very well and his loyalty to BN is unquestionable.”  

“The Headline Reads” CM to keep Pelagus rep

A political analysts said,”There is a very strong statement and a hidden message behind what Taib has done.” If reading it correctly Taib is sending a well meant statement that he is still the one holding the PEN in Sarawak. He oversees the candidates lists and he will make the final decision.No one disturbs and interferes in Sarawak candidates lists. Anyone can cry and try to lobby but he is the ultimate signatory when it involves BN Sarawak.

Tomorrow,”which CM has not decided yet as he has not reached his final decision many are saying Larry will be fielded in Pelagus and its a slap to the face of PRS.

Is it true.? No Way…

CM has been thinking what lies ahead for Larry TOMORROW but he has not decided just yet. An emeritus professor said,”we have jumped the gun as CM only said Sng is useful to the government and loyal to the BN.”

There are many possibilities and Tomorrow he might say,”let’s make Larry an  Ambassador to New Zealand or …………………..” and everyopne will be happy and there will be many more hurrahs and everyone will be too happy and forget about Larry Sng in this coming State Elections. Another feather in the cap for Taib as he balances his house very well. 

So goes the saying,”you win today,Tomorrow is another different day while Yesterday is justs history”

Let us not justs keep ourselves in the box and lets look forward and look beyond what lies ahead for Sarawak and its people.

An extract from an internet blog on similar subject” Now, back in Sarawak, Taib said that Larry Sng is still relevant and is needed as he is”a strong Barisan supporter and worked very hard”! What now then? Is Taib stance not a defiance to the ruling made in KL just 48 hours ago? Well, brace for it PRS! Its Taib territory and there is no messing around.Taib is not interested in what the top leader in BN KL had to say on Sarawak affair, period! Be very afraid!

Remember,’ The Pen is still here in BN Sarawak 

BN Rejects Direct Candidate

The doors are slowly closing on Larry Sng as he fights for his political lifeline. According to our source the BN Supreme Council has put their foot down and has rejected “outright Larry’s application to stand as a direct BN candidate.It was unanimously agreed.

It seems that there are only four options available for Larry.

  • 1. He will have to stand as INDEPENDANT.If he wins joins any of the BN component parties like others before him.
  •  2. He will need to join any other 2 other component party and hope that they FIND him a seat. PBB is a distant dream for Larry unless they make an “option” which is very unlikely.
  • 3. Go back and “kowtow” to James Masing and PRS hoping he will be accepted back in the spirit of BN.
  • 4.Leave BN and join Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

An informed source even went as far as saying he does have a Fairy God-Mother who will make sure there is a seat available for him. It’s a decision Larry will need to make and as far as his political lifelife is concerned he himself knows bests.

Full report:- Published in Borneo Posts 13th February 2011

End of saga


BN Supreme Council Meeting has decided not to accept partyless Larry Sng as BN direct candidate


KUCHING:  The political saga surrounding partyless Larry Sng has taken a new twist – he is not accepted as Barisan Nasional (BN) direct candidate to defend the Pelagus seat in the coming state election.

According to an inside source, the decision was made during Friday’s BN Supreme Council meeting in Kuala Lumpur chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, and attended by all BN component parties.

The source said the decision was made based on a provision in BN that “any party member who has been sacked cannot enter through the back door.”

All leaders of the four state BN component parties were present during the meeting with Najib, including Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is also state BN chairman.

“The decision not to accept him (Sng) was unanimous and his case was not even debated by all the BN component parties,” said the source.

Sng has been partyless since 2008 after he was sacked by Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) for insubordination.

BN Supreme Council Meeting has decided not to accept partyless Larry Sng as BN direct  candidate.

However, he is now holding three portfolios in the state cabinet – Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office, Assistant Minister of Youth Affairs and Training of Youth, and Assistant Industrial Development Minister (Training).

Sng, however, could not be reached for comments yesterday.

The 31-year-old, who made headlines in 2001 as the state’s youngest assemblyman, had said previously he would leave it to the BN top leadership to decide his political future.

There were also speculations that he could be accepted into Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) or Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) to be fielded in either Meradong or Meluan.

However, both SUPP president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan and SPDP president Dato Sri William Mawan have downplayed such suggestions.


Dissolution “On this day………!!”


24/04/2006: State Legislative Assembly Dissolve Today …Sarawak Chief Minister !!!A recap:-The Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Dr. Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud had today announced the dissoulution of State Legislative Assembly at 8:35 morning while heading to Sibu for an official function after being questioned by member of press.

However, more details will be officially announced by Election Commission Board of Malaysia at 11:00am this morning.

SO when will the 10th Sarawak State Elections be….It’s CM’s prerogative and he will announced after getting the necessary “INSPIRATION” and dont forget it will be a SATURDAY.

 According to reliable sources it will not be together with the Parliamentary Elections. There will also not be a DUN sitting in May and will he announce the dissolution after his 30th Year in Office on 26th of March 2011.  So who amongst you are going to book a ticket and book one of the 71 rooms. When is he going to announce……??


Breaking News:- An insider:- SNAP is going to pull a quick one meaning dealing with BN YBs. Reports are being monitored and SB is closely watching the kingmakers.

BN A”Prison”for Dayaks ..!!”

The carrot was dangled and it really was just a matter of time when the journalistic minds starts to take over. Hop, Step. Jump and and the Rabbit not only Hopped as after pleasantries and filling the stomachs the main menu remains to be discussed.

The first topic obviously was regarding SNAP who was given a new lease of life and the Secretary General Stanley Jugol said SNAP was once in BN and now they are in alliance with Pakatan. This doesn’t mean that we will not have our say as they have already informed the reasons why they are pursuing with Anwar and in the Pakatan fold. If after the elections Pakatan does not keep to their promise and if BN does approach them its the offers that is on the table and uppermosts its the Oil royalty.  

We do not want to be like before,”A prisoner in our own party and to him BN is a Prison for the dayak YBs where the land is taken and the Minister is so powerful whereas in other countries the land is auctioned by the government and not taken and also that the Oil royalty should be more than 5%.

 Do you hear any of the ministers requesting for more as doing so will make the ruling Federal BN government unhappy. These land belongs to the people of Sarawak and as peoples representatives they must not keep quiet as they are more or less like Prisoners.  The Ybs must wake up and they must not be in their “prison’ but defending their rights says Stanley.

Even now you will not hear the Masings,Mawans or Jabus in direct confrontation with ATM..?(ATM-Abdul Taib Mahmud who is CM and holds the powerful Ministry of as Minister of Resource Planning)

The DAP assemblyman Voon Lee Shan concurred with the SNAP SG and he  continued by saying,”this information should get to the ground and the more we harp on it the more BN will be on their toes. Look at whats happening in Eqypt and Tunisia and very soon elections will be held in Sarawak.

An opposition supporter said to audie61,” Could Voon(DAP) and Ng Dominique(PKR) use the SNAPs symbol if they are not picked by their respective parties to stand. What do you think? They are so friendly with each other and this might justs be a start of a New Alliance. Nothing is impossible they say in Politics which is very often being used by the PKR Padungan assemblyman Dominique.

The year of the Rabbit will make many YBs hop and it seems after Chap Goh Mei the main talking point would be Elections,elections elections….. 

( The Heading-sms to us by SNAP YOUTH CHIEF DAYRELL  )

BN kangkoh – U Ki,Chai Ki,Liaw Liaw Ki ..!!”

OH No! What have we got ourselves into.??

 A non deserved bashing by pro-BN supporters who acted as if their world just caved in. It was supposed to be a friendly gathering where liquor and good food was served. However when the drinks are consumed and the alcholic levels are way above the recommended limits by JPJ and Police  breathalyzer test the undisputed TRUE words will just come out.

The heading BN KangkoH means BN is in difficulty as Oil,vegetables and subsequently everything connected has risen up. The elderly folks who once voted for BN are now turning their backs against the BN administration not because they hate the BN but they feel that the YBs in the town areas are not fighting for their daily needs. If the medium income are complaining it means that the low income group will certainly vote for the opposition.

Their argument is simple,”The BN YBs drive good cars plus very kilat( polished) with an air of show off and do you honestly think they really care for the rakyat(people).?” One even pointed to a fact that a DAP assemblyman has gone round the houses of common people in his visitation and also join in with a little flutter of black jack. Do you see SUPP YBs do that..??

Its the little things which counts and if Najib says,People first,Performance Now is it being practised at grassroots level? Seriously,BN YBs needs to take a long hard look at the mirror and tell themselves they might just eat humble pie and be knocked out if they do not change their attitude. Their very own assured BN friendly supporters are beginning to take a long hard look at whether they will continue to vote for BN if prices keeps escalating.

Najib knows that but can he really stop the unpleasantness of asking his assemblyman and MPs to tighten their belts and stop the lavish outlooks.Its easier said than done and how many of Najibs man can be seen at constituency coffeeshops ,eateries and local vegetable markets.

Those who are reading this might say Yes we do,but many will shyly say Yes its only during the election periods only? We are not battering anyone but we must really look at why the people are complaining to such an extend now that it really looks bleak for the ruling government.

If the BN government feels confident enough with all the SB ,Jasa,Rela,local agencies and Military intelligence reports and go with the flow just go ahead and call for the elections. See what would happen?

Even a local based UMNO protem supporter said Sarawak will not have it easy and Najib if calling a general election now its “PURE CURTAINS DOWN ” for him. The recent byelections wins should not be taken in as the people are with BN.Its just not the indicator and really hard work needs to be done by Najib himself and his team before he calls for GE13.Dont be fooled into a short term excitement.

Everything is going up and BN needs to really have a long hard look at the local consumer goods and products and ensure that the people are not  blaming the government for all the PRICE HIKES. The businessman are going for profits a plenty at the expense of the government and if the government agencies are justs saying at ground zero level all is well Najib might as well give me a good kiss.

These are hard and cold facts. What happens I ask at polling day the bastion of BN rural areas the natives just woke up and had enough of the paying for high prices to accomodate their daily essentials.They might just give a good spit,” Peee No more BN”

It will happen and many are already sending signals to the top leaders but there is still the overzealous representatives who justs dont believe that they will be detroned and thus are keeping it away from the PM Najib. They too have their agendas.

 Reality hurts and if BN justs continue to feel all is well,Pakatan will capitalise and ensure that BN is history. As if we dont know..


Berubah Sarawak “15 Seats Only..??”

The coming of age of the footsoldiers turned into Generals will be very influential in this battle of 2011 Sarawak State elections. 1987 and 1991 has come and gone and twenty years on the remnants of PBDS are now emerging out of their shells. They have been bruised,suppressed,humiliated and left to fend on their own.Some have even stayed under cover of the BN masters but they know now its time to strike back.

Whats their argument? Nothing against Taib and his cronies personally but they know the time is ripe to come out fighting and gather back what is theirs and will not be pushed into submission. They have learnt without fuss what and how BN have used many methods and ways to stay in power. Now mosts of them are turning to a new Alliance and sees a new drift of fresh wind coming across from the Peninsular and images of People Power emerging also from the Middle East.

Even warlords are coming out claiming that they will be financing 15 of their own candidates. The 15 seats won in 1987 by the now defunct PBDS is being used to draw encouragement and a new hope for a new government and new alliance. SNAP can claim 28 seats but a former BN strongman who has since left said by all accounts its 32 dayak majority areas.

DAP will take on SUPP and is quietly confident of pushing their numbers up from the 6 assemblyman they have now to even doubling their numbers. Unless and if the SUPP leaders are still thinking that they are secured they will be in for a surprise. Did the Sibu episode teach SUPP a thing or two?

Seriously, the opposition members in Sarawak have used the technological advances to their advantage and the Election Commission members are even caught off guard. The GPRS tracking bar code system is cleverly being used to even monitor any irregularities. Clever but many have underestimated their usefulness and many elderly politicians are still thinking they can find a way around these technology.

God Help them if they keep thinking like that…!

The groundwork is already being laid down and even the usage of tough, fearless and hard man are been met with the long elongated twin barrels of steel facing their faces. This time they are ready and will use what they have learnt to mobilise their own man not to be intimidated or fear whatever is brandished on them.

It is unusually quiet in the Malay/Melanau areas as the dayaks will not want to be left into a false hope of PKR winning their allocated seats. Permas in 1987 promised so much and yet only delivered 5 seats and if only DAP was as strong as it is now the former PBDS members said,”I will not be here talking to you. We have come a long way and mosts of us are now in our fifties which is just appropriate for a final assault”

DAP and SNAP are at bests working the minds and hearts of the people to accept them and turn it into votes and not false promises. In 1987 a dayak leader said,”We were left to rue what could have been and 1991 we suffered after a good showing. PKR will need to look closely at what they have and where they can deliver instead of being the “TAIKO” he said.

Even the warlord he said does not particularly take him too kindly as he was very much branded an “Anti-Chinese” The brand of politics then mind you he described it was dayakism but we have moved on and sees it now that our people needs to vote their own as the assemblyman. Its a fight of different ideologies,party lines and who will win the hearts and mind of the people to turn to Votes. Is this wrong?

He even used Liverpools resurgence to Kenny Dalglish who they think has the charisma to turn the team around.The supporters of Liverpool has suddenly found faith in the team and with the victory against multi-millionaires Chelsea at their home ground no one can be underestimated. Even Liverpool Manager for now said lets take each game as it comes along. Do you see it ..??

 15 seats we talk about we will and must deliver and the BN will not know what hit them. It’s a million dollar question and the greed and arrogance shown by Taibs closest family will eventually take Taib himself down and out of the equation.

Even PRS and SPDP are looking over their shoulders and some PBB assemblyman looks confident outwardly but deep down they know they are in for a tough battle. They have looked after their people but by being virtue of being human beings they can change in an instant. The connected ones within BN are fearful that they will lose all if the modest 15 seats passed the simple majority of 36.

The modest 15 seats looks easily achievable and with the mood of the people especially very unhappy with the ‘grabbing of land” Taib might do well if he clamps down and look at  WHERE THE SPARKS will come from.

Could it come from the Kapit dayak hinterland.?? The demise of PBDS many shed a tear or two but they moved on. 

 We have earlier covered this subject and click on to read further with some other add ons:-

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4. http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/letterssurat/37966-pkr-sarawak-declares-war-on-snap

The 15 seats mutiplied and added on will just easily surpassed the 42 grey areas which the SB has been indicating in their reports. BN must know that the downtrodden has woken up and paid heavily for their lessons and are ready to serve the peeople with a breadth of fresh air to take their places amongst the ruling government.

BN needs to take steps to ensure that the people are still with them and they must not let everything to chance as it will mean a step nearer the end for them. The 71 BN candidates will face a challenge which will determine the fate of the BN government of Sarawak. They now will need eyes behind their backs and much more in meticulously looking at operational details with care and attention and briefed of the slightest movement in the opposition camp.

The opposition knows the mood of the people is with them and a modest 15 seats is within reach.

Did we not say the foot soldiers have gained tremendously..??Or Will they be extinguished even before the battle begins….?