Berjuang Bersama SNAP

Step No.1 – New Members /New Faces/New Uniforms  Step No.2-9 ( Not to be Revealed) Step No.10- Facebook New Media/Cyber Space/Twitter/Blogs.

Do we need to be reminded how important it is in this new political age of Perception and Public Opinion?

 As if we need to look further than this when the No.1 Man in the country on the 16th of January 2011 said at SUPP Rally in Kuching.

He said,”Capture cyberspace to get back young electors’-( So,you are dealing with a different society.Yes,we lost the cyberspace war in the last election 2008,but we can’t lose it again.The question is what are we going to do about it?

A Man of Action PM Najib said this today 18th February 2011 and this were his words,”Najib said he had been spending more time on Twitter – in the car and between appointments, before and after work – replying to Malaysians and engaging them in conversation.

“Yes, it is really me replying to your tweets,” he said in his latest posting on “Although my work schedule gets quite hectic, I assure you that these simple connections mean a great deal to me,” says Najib.

 Najib knows what is bests for BN and he knows losing the cyberspace means he has to lead and ensure that all those under the umbrella of BN follow suit or they will be left behind. All issues and u pto date information is being posted in cyberspace and now FACEBOOK is being widely used.Pictures /videos/propaganda are all uploaded and now Sarawak opposition party SNAP is also making use of the availability of this media besides the blogsphere.

Some parties are making use of both of these media to posts and engage with each other. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows that even many small business owners are using Facebook to drive web traffic resulting in sales gains. Many see a huge increase in traffic and sales.

Political parties are also making use of this as a tool to keep in touch with the grassroots and some political boys just can’t get enough of Facebook. It’s like an obsession and they spend countless hours just to interact with the thousands who are coming back for more. 

SNAP has taken advantage of this new media tool and PM Najib has indeed got many on board with his enthusiasm.

BN will need their cybertroopers to be all ready as the impending Sarawak State elections is right at our doorstep. It doesn’t need the PM Najib to tell Sarawak what they need to do as SNAP is already virtually on board the CYBERSHIP.