JPUNS “You’re Behind This…??”

Seems we asks yesterday in our article,”Who is behind this…??” Sarawak opposition parties members were very quiet and remained tightlipped. Even The Information Chief of PKR See Chee How said,” Not that I know off. We organise various gatherings especially so, more against BN Sarawak Head Taib Mahmud. This is news to me…hmmm”

A check with a JPUNS member and he said ,”You have to asks Affendi Jeman himself” Something is not right as he seems to have smelled that we detected something. We said did you receive the notes of planned demonstrations in Padang Merdeka. We pressed further “kawan you musts have as there was many flying smses yesterday.”

Now it seems that we have uncovered something where the promoters thinks its timely. All is unveiled and revealed as an internet portal has this,”JPUNS has been entrusted to get the crowd that would stage an anti-Taib demonstration.” 


It’s worth keeping an open mind on this as one can view for themselves at this blog .

However we still maintain as we mentioned yesterday in our article.

Parents please double-check out your children and their whereabouts especially so this Sunday the 20th of February……

5 thoughts on “JPUNS “You’re Behind This…??”

  1. Bumiputera SARAWAK says:

    Orang Bodoh ja mok bagi UMNO masuk Sarawak..nangga ko sidak kat Sabah sia..ingat makin maju ka..mun nangga KK lawa ja..cuba pegi pedalaman..
    Mun Sarawak nya ngambik, habis harta kita..
    Ingat Tanah kitak ya.. JPUNS pun sial juak~ mun aku jumpa sidak JPUNS, jaga korang~ Tok lar orang nok sik ada OTAK~

    “Perjuangkan Hak Melayu, Bumiputera Sarawak”…. Babi ka kau ya.. Kamek bukan kedak Semenanjung ya.. Tiba2 ada mok jaga hak bumiputera sarawak. Sial lar kau ya~

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