JPUNS “You’re Behind This…??”

Seems we asks yesterday in our article,”Who is behind this…??” Sarawak opposition parties members were very quiet and remained tightlipped. Even The Information Chief of PKR See Chee How said,” Not that I know off. We organise various gatherings especially so, more against BN Sarawak Head Taib Mahmud. This is news to me…hmmm”

A check with a JPUNS member and he said ,”You have to asks Affendi Jeman himself” Something is not right as he seems to have smelled that we detected something. We said did you receive the notes of planned demonstrations in Padang Merdeka. We pressed further “kawan you musts have as there was many flying smses yesterday.”

Now it seems that we have uncovered something where the promoters thinks its timely. All is unveiled and revealed as an internet portal has this,”JPUNS has been entrusted to get the crowd that would stage an anti-Taib demonstration.” 


It’s worth keeping an open mind on this as one can view for themselves at this blog .

However we still maintain as we mentioned yesterday in our article.

Parents please double-check out your children and their whereabouts especially so this Sunday the 20th of February……

“Who is behind this..??”

1998 saw the birth of Reformasi in the streets of Kuala Lumpur where thousands came out in support of Anwar Ibrahim who was then the Deputy Prime Minister. One person who remembers it very well was a founder member of PKR. He said he gathered at the place in question and it was uneventfull at first and he was with his five year old daughter.

 But in less than an hour the crowds swell after Friday prayers to thousands and his daughter was crying in the sweltering heat and the boistorous and rowdy crowd was not helping.

The FRU personnels and police forces were building up and he was pushed left and right and holding to his daughters dear life. Would he do it again? No way and he discourages these type of demonstrations and rallies. He was not at the 2007 Bersih demonstrations where nearly 40000 took part as he has already left the political scene.

Word on the ground and in cyber space today which says and reads as such” planned protest against Taib Mahmud is at 2pm Sunday 20th February at Padang Merdeka,Kuching. Please join in or avoid the area due to expected traffic congestion.Please pass this to liberate Sarawak from the corrupted CM

Many people have not taste this type of rallies or demonstrations and it could get very UGLY. We would like to advice parents to check on their children whereabouts as they are curious and will check it out. Secondly whoever attends this function/rally/demonstration please remember to carry your identification card. If you are locked up and cry for your rights heaven help you.

 You might then be deported who knows ..??

Objects,broken glasses might be thrown and injuries too might lead to broken arms,limbs and some may just lose their eyesights. Political propaganda of this sort should not be encouraged and if its a political rally Police permit must be taken.

Whoever is behind this must have his head screwed right and be hauled up and answerable to bear the consequences. What can one achieved by going on the streets when there is an avenue to vent your anger? The State elections will be called soon and why must we in Sarawak resort to these type of gatherings.Whoever is right or wrong there must be proper channels for all this.

We are indeed concerned and we advice the parents not to let your children cry foul of the law. It is no laughing matter and we just hope that the smses should be stopped. The culprits must be brought up and charged for incitement.

Of course no one is guilty unless charged in court but we condemn this act . Dont let your children cry unnecessary as above parent found out.

Parents please double-check out your children and their whereabouts especially so this Sunday the 20th of February……

Pls check …