BN Rejects Direct Candidate

The doors are slowly closing on Larry Sng as he fights for his political lifeline. According to our source the BN Supreme Council has put their foot down and has rejected “outright Larry’s application to stand as a direct BN candidate.It was unanimously agreed.

It seems that there are only four options available for Larry.

  • 1. He will have to stand as INDEPENDANT.If he wins joins any of the BN component parties like others before him.
  •  2. He will need to join any other 2 other component party and hope that they FIND him a seat. PBB is a distant dream for Larry unless they make an “option” which is very unlikely.
  • 3. Go back and “kowtow” to James Masing and PRS hoping he will be accepted back in the spirit of BN.
  • 4.Leave BN and join Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

An informed source even went as far as saying he does have a Fairy God-Mother who will make sure there is a seat available for him. It’s a decision Larry will need to make and as far as his political lifelife is concerned he himself knows bests.

Full report:- Published in Borneo Posts 13th February 2011

End of saga


BN Supreme Council Meeting has decided not to accept partyless Larry Sng as BN direct candidate


KUCHING:  The political saga surrounding partyless Larry Sng has taken a new twist – he is not accepted as Barisan Nasional (BN) direct candidate to defend the Pelagus seat in the coming state election.

According to an inside source, the decision was made during Friday’s BN Supreme Council meeting in Kuala Lumpur chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, and attended by all BN component parties.

The source said the decision was made based on a provision in BN that “any party member who has been sacked cannot enter through the back door.”

All leaders of the four state BN component parties were present during the meeting with Najib, including Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is also state BN chairman.

“The decision not to accept him (Sng) was unanimous and his case was not even debated by all the BN component parties,” said the source.

Sng has been partyless since 2008 after he was sacked by Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) for insubordination.

BN Supreme Council Meeting has decided not to accept partyless Larry Sng as BN direct  candidate.

However, he is now holding three portfolios in the state cabinet – Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office, Assistant Minister of Youth Affairs and Training of Youth, and Assistant Industrial Development Minister (Training).

Sng, however, could not be reached for comments yesterday.

The 31-year-old, who made headlines in 2001 as the state’s youngest assemblyman, had said previously he would leave it to the BN top leadership to decide his political future.

There were also speculations that he could be accepted into Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) or Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) to be fielded in either Meradong or Meluan.

However, both SUPP president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan and SPDP president Dato Sri William Mawan have downplayed such suggestions.


19 thoughts on “BN Rejects Direct Candidate

  1. Ibans kuching says:

    Dont you know that the recent meeting with najib,najib told Larry that partyless is a small matter as long as we can find winnable candidates.This piece of news has been widely exposed and circulated by his father Datuk Sng to his supporters in Pelagus with grand celebration.

  2. jol kiangsing says:

    Larry End of the Road.Its headline news now in all major newspapers.Join your Chines party lah SUPP and maybe you oneday will be their leader when Taib is already gone.

  3. My longhouse says:

    Fight for us now larry? Our NCR land all taken and whatever happen to the promises of good compensation. Join the opposition and then you lead them to join whichever party is willing to accpet you in..PKR boleh and PKR has a wider platform.Why suck up all the time to Taib?

  4. Lee Hui says:

    All the expensive jewelleries, sport cars, dresses, holidays, parties, palace style homes and other extravagance and celebrity indulgence are at the expense of all Sarawakians. It all started with Tun Rahman Yakub and continued by Taib Mahmud, spanning a period of 41 years out of the 47 years of Sarawak independence. Are the Dayaks and the people of Sarawak still keeping silent and doing nothing about the crimes committed by this Melanau family? Are the community and religious leaders still subservient to the corrupted regime of Taib Mahmud? BN YBs can be excused for being Blind, Deaf and Dumb for they are merely protecting their own rice bowls. Should Sarawakian voters be equally Blind, Deaf and Dumb to all the plunders, looting and abuses committed by the thief minister and all his thieves, right under their noses?

    Sarawakians from all walks of life must revolt like the Egyptian people but need not protest in the streets. We just have to vote out all BN candidates regardless if they are our friends, relatives or comrades in BN party. We owe it to our children and we must save Sarawak from the most corrupted regime in history. Taib Mahmud must go. UMNO controlled and corrupted BN regime must go.

    We must take the que from Egypt and be inspired by the Egyptians and just do what we need to do. Just vote out all BN candidates. Sarawakians should be inspired by the Egyptian people and fear no more of the dictators in Sarawak and at Putrajaya.

    • wanredone says:

      “…Are the Dayaks and the people of Sarawak still keeping silent and doing nothing about the crimes committed by this Melanau family? …..” Lee Hui

      Lee Hui judging by the name YOU ARE CHINESE! Why ask the DAYAKS and NOT you the CHINESE to FIGHT against the Melanaus ? Taib and Yakub are Melanaus, but NOT all Melanaus are Taib and Yakub………. Don’t be too racist …. We Melanaus and Dayaks brothers are poor people, we lose NOTHING if there is unrest in the country!

      • Lee Hui says:

        Wan …what? You are just a cockroach’s mind. Not need to reveal to you how the Chinese have fought against Taib and how they are now helping the Dayaks, Melanaus and Malays to oust the thief minister and his gang of thieves.

      • wanredone says:

        Stupid….otak udang!
        we bumi don’t need YOU to tell us how the chinese fought against Taib or Rahman…… WE KNOW! When the bumis fought against the chinese communists, what do they get… death! death….death…. At those days, what do the chinese call our policemen-father and policemen-brothers – “ANJING KERAJAAN” Because of the so-called “anjing Kerajaan” by the chinese that your chinese business prosper!

        What do Bong Kee Chok get fighting against Rahman? Hundred of acres of land!

        What do our policemen-fathers or policemen-brothers & our bumi soldiers got? NOTHING………not even an inche of land!

        “Taib and Yakub are Melanaus, but NOT all Melanaus are Taib and Yakub………. Don’t be too racist …”

      • Ho Ho Ho says:

        Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
        :lol: HoHoHo COOL down Ladies n Gentleman :!: we are all Malaysians n only difference of politic belief + support n not necessary to ‘gaduh-gaduh’ :lol: just Beat It MAN hahahahahahahaha :lol:

      • Ronnie says:

        BN Sarawak are like stray dogs, hunting and scavenging for whatever that they come across. Head of the packs Taib Mahmud, George Chan and Alfred must be put to sleep. The people need PR innoculation against the sickly BN dogs.

  5. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    Sebangan and Sebuyau Iban will lead Sarawakians to protest against Taib Mahmud and demand for all NCR lands and the people’s land (State land) to be returned to the owners and the state and for Taib to step down. Let us all stand up and be counted. We must show our full force against this dictator and mafia.

    • wanredone says:

      Bidayuh Headmaster…. Untung orang IBAN ada NCR.

      Melayu / Melanau hanya ada village communal land reserve buat rumah sahaja. Itu pun tidak diberi TOL …..

      Untuk pengetahuan Bidayuh Headmaster, ada sebuah kawasan di sebelah Matu/Daro nama tempatnya Pasin. Orang Melanau dari Kampung Jemoreng menduduki Pasin semenjak ratusan tahun sebelum kedatang orang Iban.

      Selepas perang Jepon orang Iban dari Batang Lasa mula datang dan buat rumah panjang mereka di Pasin….. Setelah jumlah mereka lebih ramai dari Melanau orang asal Pasin, mereka mula buat hal dan claim hutan belantara sejauh 10 batu radius dari penempatan mereka sebagai NCR hak milik mereka…. Perbuatan mereka ini seolah-olah menghalau orang Melanau bakil Kampung Jemoreng! Tanya orang Melanau Matu/Daro, adakah mereka mempunyai NCR land seperti kaum Iban atau Bidayuh?

  6. Anti-BN says:

    Angered with the broken promise by Najib,Datuk Sng dares Jamaes Masing to bet 10 million on whether his son,Larry or PRS candidate win in Pelagus through bookies.The show has started, just sit and enjoy it
    The odds is now open by Bookies ” Larry Sng to stand as BN direct candidate,payout 10 to 8 ” similar to the scenario in 2001 when he first contested under BN replacing his father.Cunning senior Sng is going to wallop a huge sum of money through this speculations among supporters in Kapit.Still remember vividly many of those who bet heavily are force to sell houses,cars and even lands to pay for their bets lost.After a decade ,many might have forgotten.remember that lesson has to remember

  7. wanredone says:

    Kalau Larry Sng bertanding atas tiket bebas…. pasti menang!

    Datuk Sng boleh banjir PELAGUS dengan ARAK, BEER, STOUT & LANGKAU CAP APEK ……
    Iban yang majority akan kata…”manah pengari kitai” Kara Oke dari petang sampai pagi……
    RM50, umbas meh nyak…. nadai Masing ka meri kitai ditu mayuhnyak!

    Boleh kah ARAK BEER STOUT dan LANGKAU CAP APEK, memaju dan membangun anak bangsa 5 tahun akan datang?

    Bros in Pelagus ….. don’t tell others that IBAN is a majority in Pelagus, when that “majority’ figure can be easily ‘drowned’ with ARAK, STOUT, BEER and LANGKAU CAP APEK! This happened before in Pelagus and Julau.

    Kalau TIDAK ada Iban yang berpendidikan tinggi era IT ini, tak apalah … kita balik zaman mula mereda dulu!

  8. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:
    :mrgreen: 16th BUY election coming soon n this is not good for B-eNd !!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
    :arrow: :cry: Malaysian must stay safe + stay healthy !!!!!!!! :roll:
    :roll: Ai yoyo yoyo :?: so many BUY election in M’sia :?: :?: :?: somthing very damn wrong somewhere !!! :roll:
    Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :mrgreen:

  9. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    Larry, no worry, your Papa will know how to clear the path and make you win as he has been well experienced and skilled to do so all these many years in Sarawak politic. He is able to destroy and he is able to construct too. Dont under-estimate his ability whether for good or for bad

    As independant too, no problem for you to win because you have him as your Papa. He can make the IMPOSSIBLE -possible. He knows politicians as well as under-gorund people, he has his friends both the White and Black Cats….both White and Black Dogs

    Larry, do not need to stand as any BN candidate. If however BN is on a 50/50 seat tussles on the days of vote counting, they will come looking for you and promise you with 3 FULL minister posts. Your Papa will then ask for 963 Millions to help BN govern Sarawak again

    Dont forget also Larry’s Pak Mertua, Ting Air-Port

  10. Anti-BN says:

    Cheh…There are many more young capable and untainted young people than larry. Just because he is connected doesnt mean he is capable. Ask yourself ,”what great has he done..??””

  11. Asri Rahman says:

    The end of the 82-year-old man’s autocratic rule in Egypt is a victory for peoples’ power. Three hundred people died in the quest for freedom. Essentially the protests were not just about escalating prices and poverty but signal the need for the people to regain their democratic rights and dignity

    As a mother of two, Olfa Tantawi, wrote: “This revolution is not just about poverty or need. The people on the streets are from all walks of life, rich and poor and are there because they want freedom. The people need a guarantee that whoever rules will at the end of the day, month, year go back to his home knowing that his initial identity is as an Egyptian citizen and not an everlasting ruler”.

    Taib should stop thinking like he has the divine right to rule forever ! Together with his uncle, Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub, they have ruled Sarawak like it is their own playground for the past 41 years. Taib alone has ruled for 30 years, the same number of years like his corrupted and overthrown counterpart in Egypt

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