BN kangkoh – U Ki,Chai Ki,Liaw Liaw Ki ..!!”

OH No! What have we got ourselves into.??

 A non deserved bashing by pro-BN supporters who acted as if their world just caved in. It was supposed to be a friendly gathering where liquor and good food was served. However when the drinks are consumed and the alcholic levels are way above the recommended limits by JPJ and Police  breathalyzer test the undisputed TRUE words will just come out.

The heading BN KangkoH means BN is in difficulty as Oil,vegetables and subsequently everything connected has risen up. The elderly folks who once voted for BN are now turning their backs against the BN administration not because they hate the BN but they feel that the YBs in the town areas are not fighting for their daily needs. If the medium income are complaining it means that the low income group will certainly vote for the opposition.

Their argument is simple,”The BN YBs drive good cars plus very kilat( polished) with an air of show off and do you honestly think they really care for the rakyat(people).?” One even pointed to a fact that a DAP assemblyman has gone round the houses of common people in his visitation and also join in with a little flutter of black jack. Do you see SUPP YBs do that..??

Its the little things which counts and if Najib says,People first,Performance Now is it being practised at grassroots level? Seriously,BN YBs needs to take a long hard look at the mirror and tell themselves they might just eat humble pie and be knocked out if they do not change their attitude. Their very own assured BN friendly supporters are beginning to take a long hard look at whether they will continue to vote for BN if prices keeps escalating.

Najib knows that but can he really stop the unpleasantness of asking his assemblyman and MPs to tighten their belts and stop the lavish outlooks.Its easier said than done and how many of Najibs man can be seen at constituency coffeeshops ,eateries and local vegetable markets.

Those who are reading this might say Yes we do,but many will shyly say Yes its only during the election periods only? We are not battering anyone but we must really look at why the people are complaining to such an extend now that it really looks bleak for the ruling government.

If the BN government feels confident enough with all the SB ,Jasa,Rela,local agencies and Military intelligence reports and go with the flow just go ahead and call for the elections. See what would happen?

Even a local based UMNO protem supporter said Sarawak will not have it easy and Najib if calling a general election now its “PURE CURTAINS DOWN ” for him. The recent byelections wins should not be taken in as the people are with BN.Its just not the indicator and really hard work needs to be done by Najib himself and his team before he calls for GE13.Dont be fooled into a short term excitement.

Everything is going up and BN needs to really have a long hard look at the local consumer goods and products and ensure that the people are not  blaming the government for all the PRICE HIKES. The businessman are going for profits a plenty at the expense of the government and if the government agencies are justs saying at ground zero level all is well Najib might as well give me a good kiss.

These are hard and cold facts. What happens I ask at polling day the bastion of BN rural areas the natives just woke up and had enough of the paying for high prices to accomodate their daily essentials.They might just give a good spit,” Peee No more BN”

It will happen and many are already sending signals to the top leaders but there is still the overzealous representatives who justs dont believe that they will be detroned and thus are keeping it away from the PM Najib. They too have their agendas.

 Reality hurts and if BN justs continue to feel all is well,Pakatan will capitalise and ensure that BN is history. As if we dont know..


6 thoughts on “BN kangkoh – U Ki,Chai Ki,Liaw Liaw Ki ..!!”

  1. as per ic says:

    Hello sir,

    Obviously you love writing & its good.

    -What is your role/ How far you have done in your movement so far in politic in kuching/sarawak?
    -arent these bn ybs is approachable? I believe people at good level of politic hierachy like your goodself will have a good communication/liason with the ybs. Maybe you can propose your plan/corrective plan to them and together make it happen. Im very sure they will listen and discuss further on the viability of the proposal(s). looking forward for your progress sir..

    non-government thinkers

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:
    :roll: Ai yo yoyoyo this ‘Barang Naik’ gomen punya orang didalam banyak SOMBONG n majority ‘RAKYAT’ will REJECT them very soon bcoz they never listen n only ENRICH their own crony then makes all ‘RAKYAT’ suffer by INCREASE this n INCREASE that every years n GUARANTEE 1 DAY they will by voted out like a BIG TSUNAMI swept them away until they don’t know waht happen 2 them :!: :!: :!: THE END :roll:
    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  3. NGO says:

    As the Chinese New Year celebrations get into their stride, inside sources have revealed how Abdul Taib Mahmud habitually exploits this annual opportunity to further squeeze his Chinese businesses cronies.

    We have received extraordinary accounts of how the Chief Minister tours the big houses of Miri and Sibu each year, usually accompanied by family and grandchildren, in order to accept huge cheques and bags of cash from his dismayed hosts.

    Cash for concessions

    Taib’s favoured partners from the Chinese community know they must continuously pay out in kickbacks and shareholdings if they want to receive favours and concessions at the expense of the state and the ordinary people.

    According to top businessmen who have confided directly to Sarawak Report, an upfront cut for Taib himself must first be negotiated and paid into his bank accounts abroad. Next, the deal will also involve shares and positions for family members in the company which has gained the concession to cut wood or plant oil palm. In the case of timber, Taib also demands a further cut of 100 ringgit per ton, which adds up to billions of ringgit every year. After that there are the shipping scams, where chosen exporters again have to pay enormous kickbacks.

    However, the towkays find the perversion of their Chinese tradition of Ang Pow a particularly unpleasant and greedy form of exploitation.

    Red envelopes

    New Year of course is the time when Chinese like to treat their children and friends with presents and little red evelopes with cash. A visit to a friend during this period will hold the expectation that such a treat might be forthcoming at such a time. A generous gift would normally be a maximum of 50 ringgit. But Taib has made clear he expects bigger and better when he is the visitor involved!

    RM 100,000 cheque?!

    “The Chief Minister will turn up, some years with the families of his daughter Jamilah and son Sulaiman and the children will be handed cheques of RM 100,000. They are always readily accepted!”

    One prominent businessman has confided how the Taib’s accept these gifts as their right and the Chinese hosts know they must make the gesture if they want to remain in Taib’s favour. Sarawak Report has learnt that this practise is regarded as particularly offensive by the businessmen concerned, because it is an invasion of their homes and hospitality, but they have no choice.

    Another angry business leader told us ” this is just another way of making the Chinese bend low before the Bumis, to show who is ‘boss’. It is so greedy and disgusting”.

    Bomoh is bag carrier – Nothing less than a million please!

    We have also learnt from other sources that Taib’s once-favoured Bomoh, Ahmad Su’ut, has also performed a role in conducting the Chief Minister’s business on these occasions. The source tells us that the method is for Taib’s secretary to ring the Towkay about a day in advance to ask how much Ang Pow will be provided if Taib were to favour them with a visit during his New Year ‘progress’.

    The victim is left in no doubt, according to our insider, that “”nothing less than a million ringgit” would be considered acceptable!

    “He is not just coming for the cakes” our source explains.

    Cowboy witchdoctor part-times as Taib’s bag-carrier!

    After the call the Chinese businessman is left having to make arrangements to draw the agreed sum of money in cash. The notes are then stuffed into a bag ready for the arrival of the Chief Minister. Our source, who is closely connected to one of Sarawak’s wealthiest families tells us:

    “Taib comes and makes his visit and ‘honours’ the home and then he departs leaving the Bomoh and a bodyguard behind. Once the Chief Minister has departed the host hands them the bag of cash and they take it on to the Chief Minister!”

    Clearly such obnoxious behaviour is entirely unecessary on the part of the Chief Minister, who is already a multi-billionaire. However, onlookers assume that his greed and opportunism drives him to take advantage of every occasion from which he can make profit.

    It is considered that this inabilitiy to say ‘enough is enough’ and his refusal to give up trying to suck each and every last penny from the people of Sarawak and their resources may well prove his final undoing.

    Election pencilled in for mid-March

    Chinese New Year celebrations in Sibu. Earlier this year the local people defied BN election rigging to throw out the Lau family candidate in favour of the Opposition Leader Wong Ho Leng.

    All the signs are that Taib has laid plans to call his election later this month to be held in mid-March. His agenda for the future of Sarawak, should he win, has now been clearly identified. First he plans to double the area of oil palm in Sarawak from one million hectares to two million hectares and second he plans to displace a further 600,000 native people as part of his project to build 12 more dams like the disastrous Bakun project.

    This rapaciousness may very well at last turn the patience of the long-obedient longhouse folk against him. The opposition PR coalition led by Native Land Rights lawyer, Baru Bian, have made plain they will prevent these disasters if they take power and they will give back the stolen land to the native peoples. They will also chase Taib’s stolen money to pay for water, electricity and roads for the people. Now the voters have a real choice, Taib’s confidence that he can always strike fear into the people and secure their vote may this time prove unfounded.

    Meanwhile, towkays who see the Chief Minister’s number appearing on their ‘phone screens over the coming week would do well to remain unavailable during New Year, otherwise their bank notes will surely be adding to the Taibs’ 2011 Ang Pow treasure trove!

  4. Mata Kuching says:

    Before every general election there shall be announcement of Defence Spending. because Sports Toto and the likes cannot be depended upon now to finance UMNO ‘s GE expenses (to stay in power). And RM1 billion per patrol vessel is the way to make money but not necessarily for UMNO alone. Malaysians are now wondering who is the proxy Rosmah Mansor is using for this project?

  5. Mata Kuching says:

    An internationally renowned Penan leader, Along Sega, died a week ago, in his late 70s. His passing went unnoticed by our mainstream media – the newspapers carried little more than the usual advertisements for Chinese New Year sales…By Malaysiakini.

    Let not his courageous and inspiring efforts be in vain. Pakatan Rakyat, NGOs and concerned citizens shall light a candle in their hearts and shoulder on the struggle for justice and upholding our constitution. Let every concerned Malaysians stand up and be counted.

    We must vote for Change and kick out the highly corrupted and abusive regime of UMNO controlled BN and the two thief ministers of Sarawak and Sabah.

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