BN A”Prison”for Dayaks ..!!”

The carrot was dangled and it really was just a matter of time when the journalistic minds starts to take over. Hop, Step. Jump and and the Rabbit not only Hopped as after pleasantries and filling the stomachs the main menu remains to be discussed.

The first topic obviously was regarding SNAP who was given a new lease of life and the Secretary General Stanley Jugol said SNAP was once in BN and now they are in alliance with Pakatan. This doesn’t mean that we will not have our say as they have already informed the reasons why they are pursuing with Anwar and in the Pakatan fold. If after the elections Pakatan does not keep to their promise and if BN does approach them its the offers that is on the table and uppermosts its the Oil royalty.  

We do not want to be like before,”A prisoner in our own party and to him BN is a Prison for the dayak YBs where the land is taken and the Minister is so powerful whereas in other countries the land is auctioned by the government and not taken and also that the Oil royalty should be more than 5%.

 Do you hear any of the ministers requesting for more as doing so will make the ruling Federal BN government unhappy. These land belongs to the people of Sarawak and as peoples representatives they must not keep quiet as they are more or less like Prisoners.  The Ybs must wake up and they must not be in their “prison’ but defending their rights says Stanley.

Even now you will not hear the Masings,Mawans or Jabus in direct confrontation with ATM..?(ATM-Abdul Taib Mahmud who is CM and holds the powerful Ministry of as Minister of Resource Planning)

The DAP assemblyman Voon Lee Shan concurred with the SNAP SG and he  continued by saying,”this information should get to the ground and the more we harp on it the more BN will be on their toes. Look at whats happening in Eqypt and Tunisia and very soon elections will be held in Sarawak.

An opposition supporter said to audie61,” Could Voon(DAP) and Ng Dominique(PKR) use the SNAPs symbol if they are not picked by their respective parties to stand. What do you think? They are so friendly with each other and this might justs be a start of a New Alliance. Nothing is impossible they say in Politics which is very often being used by the PKR Padungan assemblyman Dominique.

The year of the Rabbit will make many YBs hop and it seems after Chap Goh Mei the main talking point would be Elections,elections elections….. 

( The Heading-sms to us by SNAP YOUTH CHIEF DAYRELL  )


12 thoughts on “BN A”Prison”for Dayaks ..!!”

  1. Ho :idea: Ho :idea: Ho :idea:
    :idea: Ai yoyo yoyo already 21st Century n all M’sians must WAKE UP la n must know what actually happening :!: For those who already knows this ‘Barang Naik’ corrupted + sick Gomen ( only for their GANGS of robbers ) will never vote for this ‘Barang Naik’ no more bcoz if we do ……our rich country will go BANKRUPT bcoz of their mismanagement …………..with latest news 6 BILLIONS DOLLARS WARSHIT !!!!!!! to crush bodies or what :?:
    c4 Altantuyas 2nd Round :?: WASTE WASTE WASTE all ‘RAKYAT TAX PAYERS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$’ CORRUPTED TO THE CORE!!!!!!!!!! Ai yoyo pochi :!:
    Ho :oops: Ho :mrgreen: Ho :cry:

  2. Dominique should be” disarmed” for he had ran amok in 2008 and openly firing at the Opposition DAP instead of targeting the real enemy BN. It was a gross mistake and the voters in Padungan no longer trusted him to represent them in future or see him as a trusted team player in Pakatan. A politician must have strong principle, trusted and must not be spineless.

    As for Voon Lee Shan, I trust he is a wise and principled politician. Everyone has his or her short comings. He has not committed any political crimes against the people or his party . I believe his party leadership will have accessed the ground situation and support before deciding if he should be contesting again in the coming state election . My take is that DAP will win all urban seats they contest especially Chinese majority areas.

    • Mata Kuching I support your statement about Dominique Ng who has betrayed the trust of the Chinese community and a close friend in SUPP informed that he was paid to make disparaging remarks and campaigned against DAP during the 2008 Parliamentary campaign. For the sake of Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak I hope PKR will focus on seats with less than 40% Chinese population and leave the battle for urban and or Chinese majority seats to the well respected DAP.

      • This Dominique Ng full of EGO. Cant stand him and if Pakatan field him again in Padungan my relatives and me included of about 20 votes will abandon the Pakatan and vote whoever stands against him. Maybe PKR will say goodbye with this seat if this EGOISTIC YB is fielded. Sorry..!!!!!

      • May i add that DAP has a very professional and righteous team. Not only well respected but also honourable and trusted.

  3. Very true and Stanley Jugol should know.Wasn’t he part of BN and did his leaders then do anything about it. Now he is outside the “prison” he can talk like that. Who is asking him to do that? Why is he not standing this time round and he has made it a point to help his son .Now he talks like he owns SNAP.

  4. We divide ourselves into too many parties PBB,SPDP,PKR,SUPP,PRS,SNAP how can we be strong? When PBDS was around the leaders also join BN. What is they to think about.? Dayaks in the end suffer silently by themselves. AMAT …

  5. We must change the present BN regime if not the next 50 years all our land will be gone and our children/cucu will curse us.Hidup SNAP!!!

  6. SNAP has been giving hallow statements even after it was abandoned by BN and was given a new lease of life under Pakatan platform. Till today none of SNAP leaders had ever make a principled and firm stance on UMNO and BN. For as long as SNAP is still playing its outdated song of supporting BN at Federal and going against BN at State, it will die a natural death.

  7. Time is running out for SNAP to mount a decent challenge in the coming state election. Either it focus on 6 to 8 seats or it will fade into oblivion. It certainly does not have good quality and credible candidates unless SNAP can prove us wrong. SNAP needs to make known a few if not all their potential candidates by now. The political has beens in the party should only remain as advisors and strategists .

  8. Sarawak students and parents must protest over UMNOputra style of milking our nation and yet deny many of our bright students scholarship. A case in point in the nearly bankrupt Malaysian University of Science and Technology or MUST. Every other day we have new and mounting reasons to vote out UMNO dominated BN government. Just do it for our children sake.

    RM100 million squandered to produce 107 graduates – that’s a mind-boggling RM1 million per student. This is Umnoputra-style daylight robbery.’

    Private varsity ‘squanders’ RM100 mil gov’t grant

    Malaysian Down Under: This does not augur well for the nation’s aspirations to become a global education hub. In the past, we’ve heard of many foreign universities wanting to open up campuses here, including the likes of Cambridge University. Nothing much has come to fruition.

    The sad fact is, whilst other countries are strengthening their own national universities, we instead are aiming to become a regional education hub by living off the good names of established giants like Cambridge and others, begging them to set up operations in Malaysia.

    Our own universities like MUST (Malaysian University of Science and Technology), envisioned to be a Malaysian MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), only boasts an enrollment of 207, and are at the verge of closing shop altogether.

    Older universities like UM (Universiti Malaysia) and USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) don’t even feature in the top 200 of international university rankings. I can’t help but feel that the huge brain hemorrhage faced by Malaysia is a major cause of this.

    Malaysiawatch4.blogspot: This MUST project is taking a step too far. They should have started with existing premises in well-known universities like UM or UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) where it will be easier to market the courses.

    Unfortunately, like most projects of the NEP, there is a grand launch for the ‘shiok sendiri’ syndrome and then it dies a painful death. Of course, it should be interesting to find out who owns the buildings that have enjoyed a nice rental all these years and also who got the renovation contracts. I’m doubtful if proper tenders were called.

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