“SPDP Supreme Council Member Quitting..??”

Tedewins resignation from PRS seems to have affected many who are at odds with some leaders in the BN coalition. Our insider source tweet to us,”Bro. It seems the next to follow Tedewin will be Peter Gani from SPDP. He is also a Supreme Council member and is considering joining SNAP. Looks like the Dynamo theory is gaining momentum”

Peter Gani is part of the team of 5 YBs and 3 Supreme Council who were very unhappy with President Mawan who according to them has turned back on the original party status quo. Mawan has steadfastly stood by his decision and many poiltical analysts has only words of praise and truly feels Mawan is a leader to be reckoned with a far sighted vision which augurs well for SPDP and BN.

He not only is not afraid to stand by his decision but he feels that the majority needs not be shaken and bowing to the demands of a few and being dragged in to create unpleasantness will jeorpadise the good work of many who has built the party which is truly multi racial not only in spirit but also in numbers.  

Calls from many SPDP supporters to audie61,”We wish Peter Gani all the bests in his new political vehicle. Thanks for the time spent with us in SPDP” 



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