Win the Hearts of the People,You Win

Lets not be Prophets of Doom but lets be Realistic. Who are we going to fool especially now with the technological advances right at our doorstep? The situation on the ground is evolving and moving every minute and the political soldiers are keeping pace with it.

The top leaders only need to know that everything is under control. Nothing can hide the truth and if the people sees too much infighting they will turn their backs. No one will be able to fool the People. People’s Power knows no boundaries and they will change whoever is failing to live up to their expectations.

You Win the War by knowing the political landscape. Is there another way to Win.? You are the master analysist and with your strategists by your side there should be nothing you should fear.But it seems you are still so afraid. Do you know Why?


YBs let it be a Clear and Crystal  message,”The People put you there they have every RIGHT to take it all away from you.

They will SMOKE You out……