DAP Loke “Is a defamation Suit coming..??”

It does seem that when YB utter words in the Dewan Assembly they are and will not be charge for defamation as they are covered by the ” house immunity laws“.

How would the husband and children of the family feel when their mother is subjected to ‘ridicule’ especially if it affects someones size. Are they just going to sit there and watch..??


” He described the self-claimed first lady as “the 40-40-40 fat lady” YB sorry but the internet portal did mention  and we quote here” Loke’s speech on the roles played by the prime minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, drew rounds of laughter from the floor.”

Furthermore this was also written,” We must tell this fat lady that she is not qualified to represent us!” Loke added to cheering from the audience.”

Hellooooooooooo something is very wrong here.

We do not want to be hypocrites or hide behind the veil and say all of us do not make fun and call people names but YB Anthony this is a public function and a dinner.  Look around you and asks yourself this,”WHAT HAVE I DONE…??”

You are for one a Member of Parliament and she is afterall the Prime Ministers wife.Please don’t lower yourself to such an extend that you humiliate the FEMALE GENDER and lose your political direction.

Imagine one of us at audie61 call our staff even 38 38 38 she will surely be rests assured give the person who uttered the words a  “good slap us across the cheek ” and even more a.” kick up the ” BxxxS“……………..



Merlimau Assemblyman Dies..

On behalf of the management and crew of audie61 we would like to wish our deepest sympathy to the family of the late Merlimau State Assemblyman who was called to be with the Almighty Creator at 8.10pm .

Mohamad Hidhir, 54, was placed on life support system after a heart attack at the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Mohamad Hidhir is the state cabinet member in charge of rural and agricultural development.

Merlimau is one of five state seats under the Jasin constituency – the other four are Sungai Rambai, Serkam, Bemban and Rim.

Mohamad Hidhir’s passing sets the stage for the 15th by-election – and the first in Malacca – since the 2008 general elections

Our prayers are with the family and we are very sorry for your loss. May the souls of all the faithful departed throught he mercy of GOD RESTS IN PEACE.

“Bloggers Threading Thin Line”

It seems that very soon bloggers will need to be very careful in what they write as they might be liable to be hauled up for questioning or even face persecution if they posts  malicious news,” pornography, false information and other cyber crimes.”

The report from internet portal Asia Sentinel portal was emailed to us by a former group editor and reminded us that we are really threading on thin line.

It goes without saying that there will  obviously be a lot of supporters who will be against this new sedition act. However we need to remind ourselves that we need to be responsible and as net journalists we must have factual and documented proof from of our sources before we posts it on line.

 In other words we are only liable for our our own misdeeds. Its on line and there are no boundaries and the truth does hurt. See you in court…..

The report below:-

Bloggers to face sedition law, a prominent journalist is suspended

Malaysia suffered two ominous blows to independent journalism last week, one with the announcement that the government is about to formulate a sedition law to cover bloggers, who are fast becoming some of the most independent news providers in Malaysia.

The second was the suspension of the National Union of Journalists President Hata Wahari from his job at the Malay-language daily Utusan Malaysia, one of several newspapers controlled by the United Malays National Organization, the country’s biggest political party, for advocating an impartial press.

Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s Home Affairs Minister, announced on Jan. 13 that the federal government will write guidelines to define “online sedition,” a move which critics say is an overt attempt at cyberspace censorship.

“On a whole, officers from the home ministry, PM’s department and the information ministry have agreed on the contents of the guidelines,” Hishammuddin said in a prepared statement, adding that seditious items are expected to include “malicious news,” pornography, false information and other cyber crimes.

No one knows just what will be in the new law. “We actually have no clue at this point, the government has not even had a public airing, there has been no consultation with the press itself,” said Chuah Siew Eng, program officer for the Center for Independent Journalism in Kuala Lumpur. “We can only rely on news reports. There is no freedom of information law that would force them to divulge what is in it.”

“What we’re seeing in Malaysia is part of a much longer-term trend,” said Bob Dietz, Asia Program Coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists. “The country never really emerged from the Mahathir years in the same way, say, that Indonesia had from Suharto. As Internet activity has grown the people in power – UMNO – have had to distance themselves from Mahathir’s promise not to interfere with online activity. Frankly, resorting to sedition charges to control press activity – traditional or digital – is a tactic we regularly see in other countries where the government is straining to stay in power.”

Other critics were quick to point out that Malaysia’s existing sedition law, a holdover from British colonial Malaya in 1948, has already been used on bloggers. Chuah Siew Eng pointed out the government threatened sedition charges against bloggers who insulted the memory of the late Sultan of Johor. Last year, authorities also threatened sedition charges against Asia Sentinel for critical reporting on the country but never followed through.

However, many observers agree that a main target is Raja Petra Kamarudin, the irrepressible editor of the online publication Malaysia Today, who fled the country ahead of charges of criminal libel and sedition for, among other things, suggesting incorrectly that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s wife Rosmah Mansour was present at the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu in 2006. Two of Najib’s bodyguards were convicted of the murder and, although one confessed that they were to be paid RM100,000 to kill the woman, no attempt was ever made to find out who was going to pay them.

“I think there is no reason for such a law,” said Tony Pua, an opposition Democratic Action Party Member of Parliament and prominent blogger, in a telephone interview. “Existing laws are very easy to use, broad and nonspecific. The sedition act itself should be repealed or substantially reduced in terms of scope.”

That seems unlikely to happen. In particular, Malaysia’s growing legions of bloggers played a major role in the relative drubbing that the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition took in national elections in 2008, winning only 51.1 percent of the popular vote and running behind the three opposition parties on the mainland. It lost the three most urbanized and industrialized states – Perak, Penang and Selangor but was saved partly by gerrymandered constituencies long-rigged in its favor, and partly by Sabah and Sarawak, which voted solidly for the status quo. For the first time since independence, the Barisan lost its two-thirds lock on the Dewan Rakyat, or parliament.

As to Hata, the Utusan Malaysia reporter, on Jan. 11, the Malay-language daily informed the veteran reporter that he would be suspended until the completion of an investigation into charges that he had tarnished the newspaper with statements he made to independent media last year calling for press freedom. He has criticised Utusan several times for publishing pro-Umno propaganda and blamed its editorial policy for the dwindling circulation of the UMNO flagship paper, which once boasted the highest daily circulation in Malaysia but has now fallen to sixth.

He faces eight counts of misconduct for issuing statements to news portals and is expected to face a disciplinary hearing on Jan. 17 and, say other reporters, is likely to be fired.

A 16-year veteran reporter with Utusan, Hata was elected president of the country’s National Union of Journalists in September. If he is sacked, he would be the third Utusan employee to lose his job because of his activity with the journalist union. Former NUJ president Yazid Othman and NUJ-Utusan Malaysia chairperson Amran Ahmad were also dismissed earlier. If he loses in disciplinary hearing on Jan. 17, he will also be forced to give up the chairmanship of the nUH.

The letter informing Hata of his suspension was draconian at least. He was not only ordered to stay out of any Utusan Melayu offices but stated that he was not allowed to “leave his neighborhood” and would have to be in areas that are reachable by the company “at all times.” He is also barred from bringing in outside counsel to the disciplinary hearing and must rely on the NUJ branch at Utusan Malaysia for assistance.

V Anbalagan, the general secretary of the National Union of Journalists, told the online publication Malaysiakini that the directive to impose “house arrest” on Hata was utter nonsense.

“I don’t know where Utusan derived their power from. Which law says it can do this? Utusan is not the police, nor is it the Attorney-General’s Chambers,” he said.

He added that while he will be present at the daily’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur in an attempt to represent Hata, the NUJ will still adopt a wait-and-see approach until the decision from the inquiry is made.

“We just want to go through due process. We want to fight the DI (domestic inquiry) first. We are not going to protest now, but we will wait for the outcome of the DI,” said Anbalagan.

Following Utusan‘s suspension of Hata, a Facebook group has sprung to his support for those who wish to register their objection to his treatment.

“Kawasan Kita Dahulu”

There are only 71 seats in the Sarawak State Assembly. Say what you like, you win one you win for your coalition. This morning was a chance breakfast meeting with 3 BN Ybs one of them an Assistant Minister.Their seats are N32( Bukit Saban),N60( Kemena) and N69 (Batu Danau).

Called it chance but it turned out to be an opportune not to be missed with some relevant questions especially after the flying visit by PM Najib to Sarawak. First thing uttered by N32 Yb was,”have to look after and take care of bloggers as if you treat them well they will treat you likewise.Very kind assuring words hmm and was there more to come?

 N60 said its also the case with you own Kawasan(constituency). I am having a very quick breakfast and you have to excuse me if I leave early as my area now is hit hard and some areas are flooded. I will be looking after the needs of my Kawasan now. The immediate need is relief action and there is no need to politicise whatever issues the opposition would like to bring up.

Just take Queensland (Australia) tell me is the infrastructure in place? This is the worst flood right and so I have to be with my people and I am going there eventhough the flight to the remotest affected interior is full of danger with the swirling wind plus rain but I leave it to the hands of the almighty one. Only he knows what my destiny and my heart is clear ‘MY Kawasan Dahulu”

N69 said,”there are people saying that I have not been looking after my kawasan. I know my kawasan and i know who my voters are and I work on my weaknesses but also maintain close grip on my strong supporters. ‘ Every constituency in Sarawak is different and as an elected representative one must know the area well and do not leave it to the last hour to campaign. The opposition can harp all they like and they will appear only and during election time.”

When the SNAP symposium in Sibu was addressed to them they say,”They are looking at it that it looks like SNAP is a new fresh air to some leaders. But we must remember its the same faces we fought over and with over the years. 

We are confident that we will be able to withhold the opposition surge as we know our terrain very well and quietly we have done our work without much hoo-hah eventhough the opposition says otherwise. We shall see who comes on top and the PM has already said,‘Winnable candidates” Are we not winnable?

It was supposed to end here but then a phone call was received and we left to meet up with another BN Yb N14. He was disturbed on the matter of some BN members reportedly rumoured to crossover to join SNAP. He was asked to doublecheck by the CMs department and it seems that it was too good to be true.

A number of calls and smses were received that a top PRS SC member was going to have a PC and declare himself as a SNAP member. We immediatedly called the PRS SG Nissom in the presence of the YB and clarified with him and he said,” He had a frank talk with the person and told him that if he does cross the line he needs to resign from PRS and please do not jeorpadise the party”

We got in touch with the person in question and the sms read,’Bro dont read too much for me quitting or joing SNAP.am just a mosquito and nobody of importance”

A BN strategists told us that what ever is being replied does not total up. There is a new alliance sought out between these Pakatan group “It is a configuration of a new SNAP and many former PBDS,new dayak graduates and sympathisers are joining. They are using a clever ploy of creating havoc amongst themselves but in actual fact they are united and are in agreement to fight BN in totality’ Do you believe that SNAP and PKR are going head-on?

He does want to be part of this picture and he is just redirecting it all away and will be part of the team to ensure that Pakatan Sarawak will see an end to Taibs regime. It seems that now BN YBs are fully aware of the threats coming and they will obviously look after their own constituencies.

Even Pakatan YBs for that matter will be no use to their Coalition if they lose out in their own areas and no matter what is being analysed and post mortem the fact will remain,


Dont for once said its not a neutral playing field as if you are good enough to win you are good enough to maintain it no matter what issues are brought up. The ones that cries after the election results are announced are just trying to FOOL themselves that they have not done enough. 

The fact remains,”Kawasan Kita Dahulu



BN kalah PRU 13? By Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz Free Malaysia Today

 Malaysia, it appears is finally gripped with ‘a loosening of controls and inhibitions.’ And this is not good for Umno which chooses to remain archaic, clinging on to the old ways. Umno it seems thrives very well in a culture of subservience, inhibitions and in a controlled environment. In an undefined setting, Umno is lost. The seizure of power in Perak for example is generally viewed as having been made possible by the involvement of the Perak Sultan. Despite the court’s ruling, the people’s court regards Zambry Abd Kadir as a political usurper. He is an illegitimate and illegal MB. It follows then, that whatever policies that Zambry formulated from the time he assumed power are illegal. The monies appropriated and set aside from the consolidated fund and applied for a variety of purposes were also illegal. Just recently, the appointment of the Selangor state secretary was also seen as being made possible by the intervention and involvement of the Selangor Sultan. The two events resulted in a loosening of people’s inhibitions. People are becoming emboldened to question the proper role of the constitutional monarchy. Let us be clear as to what is happening here. No vote for Umno, BN People are pointing to the fact that ours is a constitutional monarchy. It’s not a call for the overthrow of the institution or a call for rebellion. It is suggestive of a larger desire by an increasing number of the population, to see that the proper rule of law and the sovereignty of the rule of law need to and should be observed. The majority of Malays who did not vote for Umno are now centered mostly in cities and towns. They are more mobile in their thinking and are less inhibitory in speech and actions. The younger generation of Malays in towns and cities hardly read newspapers. The younger generation surfs the internet and those who are about to enter voting age are openly critical. These are the people who will never vote for Umno and the Barisan Nasional. Writing on the Industrial Revolution of the 1860s, Arnold Toynbee in his lectures on the Industrial Revolution observed: “The success of Britain in pioneering industrial change and ushering in a new world history was not the result of mere mechanical inventiveness. The essential ingredient was a political culture which was receptive to change and improvement. Old working practices had to be abandoned, old rights had to be torn up, and the whole social and economic fabric of a country had to be loosened up if innovations were to take effect.” Umno doesn’t seem to have what it takes to manage the loosening of the social and cultural milieu. Nor does it seem to have the presence of mind, the verve so to speak, to manage the change. Since it doesn’t understand and lacked the tools to manage the new social milieu, it can lose in the next GE


Capture cyberspace to get back young electors’

Samuel Aubrey Borneo Posts

KUCHING: Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties must conquer cyberspace if they were to win back the support of the urban and young voters, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said yesterday.

STRONG SUPPORT: A cross section of the 6,000 people attending the SUPP Convention.

He said the BN components should by now realise that they were at present dealing with a different society because more and more Malaysians were now getting active in the cyberspace and shaped their opinions based on what they read in the blogs.

According to him, present records show that Malaysians have the highest number of people in Facebook, and they are among one of the highest users of Twitter in the world.

Malaysians’ active participation in cyberspace was also helped by the 100 per cent mobile phone penetration in the country, he pointed out.

“So, you’re dealing with a different society.

“Yes, we lost the cyber space war in the last election (in 2008), but we can’t lose it again. The question is, what are we doing about it?

“I’m doing my part. I have my own Facebook. I have more than half a million of friends and I hope to reach one million in the near future. When I launched ‘tanyanajib’ Twitter, it became the fifth most active Twitter in the world within a short period of time.

“It means that we can engage the young people … I believe the young people are not rejecting us, the young people are not anti-establishment.

“The young people want us to engage them and understand what they want us to do for them as the young people of this country,” he said at the opening of the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Convention here.

Najib, who is national BN chairman, said he supported any move by SUPP to form cyber units to win the support of the people, especially the more sophisticated urban community.

He pointed out that the urban people were not after politics of development, adding they were most interested in politics of quality of life as well as good governance and fair distribution of opportunities. He said he had witnessed for himself in Sibu parliamentary by-election last year that the announcement of allocations and projects alone could not win the support from the urban people.

“In the urban areas where SUPP is the party we rely on to get support from the urban community, there is a more complex society that is not relying on politics of development nor relying on politics of approving government allocation.

“As I witnessed myself in the Sibu parliamentary by-election in May last year, the announcement of a few million ringgit for Chinese schools during the by-election did not guarantee support from the Chinese community.

“Why? Because the mindset has changed. Therefore, you (BN parties) have to understand now what is it that the people want.

“It’s not what you think they want, but it’s what the people really want.

“Because what you want may not be what the people really want,” he said. Earlier, SUPP president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan, who is a deputy chief minister, said the party was very eager to join in the cyber challenge.

“I hope all the component parties will enter the fray together. It used to be a gimmick. Now, it is the ‘in’ thing,” he said.

He said the BN would face new challenges from the young and middle-aged voters in the urban areas who not only wanted development and economic opportunities, but also fair play, transparency, efficiency and good governance.

“They will express their desires and unhappiness through the electronic media. Cyberspace will be the battle ground for future government. BN has lost the first battle in cyberspace in 2006, we must not and should not lose the second,” he said.

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfed Jabu and leaders of other BN components were also present at the opening of SUPP Convention were.

More than 6,000 delegates from SUPP branches across the state attended the one-day convention which was held at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK).

BN/Pakatan “..”Want,Used and Needs”

This is a reposts as mosts of our writers/contributors are down with viral flu and finding it difficult to even get out of bed.  So much has happened in the political sphere and we need to remind ourselves “Where are we in all this equation..??” You choose the political alliance you wish to be associated with and no one can take away your CITIZENS RIGHT.

We are so Confused.

Where is the line that is drawn in politics.There isn’t and one will go all out just to get the ‘ desired result ” More questions and yet there are no pre-determined answers for these group of young aspiring political upstarts. The most common question that is unplucked from the brain cells of these group in which Natasha and Joey of audie61 squeezed out were the simplest English terms of,”Want,Used and Needs”

They asked similar questions of What does BN want from you? Is Pakatan making used of you? Who needs you more BN/Pakatan? In the whole context these questions looks harmless but in the defining world of politics they will probably mean where does these young mind go from here on.

Try asking yourself these questions infront of the mirror. It has to be immediatedly after saying good morning to yourself before you even brush your teeth. When you have done that and read these its time you leave your comments. Don’t just think that you are EXEMPTED from this tasks. Don’t fool yourself as you will be a greater fool nevertheless. You will do yourself justice by fulfilling this simple yet as effective as A,B,C.

To protect the anonimity of our political boys we will not use names.In this interview with Natasha she stumbled upon a young teenage political machai or running”dog”.He was so disillusioned with the world of politics that he just decided to give up on the platform that he vouched that could bring him his future. A BN component party was his desired ship where many promises were dished out like gift vouchers. He swore by the institution that he followed and even raised his fists with outcries of ‘A Malaysia for all”

The promises many a time were whispered into his ears to push him to go the extra mile by very senior and veterans of the party who has seen past glory days.How unfortunate for these young brash and cocky upstarts to filter through their hands and to be so disillusioned so young and so fast. Is this what he wanted? Didn’t he feel used and are his needs being looked after?

Meanwhile Joey was so captivated by the  lady who feels that Pakatan used her to achieve their aims. She was in the frontline doing all the necessary works,designs and finalising speeches for functions and yet she did not complain. Did she not? Did she do it just to fulfill what she has set out to do? To ensure that the government under Pakatan was so much better than the former BN administration was her priority.

Alas,power achieved the directions somewhat were not like the dreams that she has woken up to in the middle of the night.Used or has she not come to terms that governing is so much different from shouting slogans on election ceramahs. She is perplexed and confused and has not woken up to the believe that Pakatan is ruling in her state. Its not so much USED but too much, too little time to swallow.

There are many political boys who are really at crossroads and are wondering with anticipation that they are really needed now more than ever. These second echelon leaders are waiting for the invitation cards for them to make their moves either into a higher more respectable position within the BN/Pakatan hierarchy. They have put in many years of solid and hard training years plus all the efforts to get themselves recognisable in their parties.The time has come for them to be united under one umbrella.

They might belong to different parties with different ideologies crossed warpaths but now they see themselves in just one big family. Do they make that switch? Are they willing to make this united stand,” There are NO ENEMIES IN POLITICS BUT IT”S A WAY OF LIFE.DOG EAT DOG” They see a NEED for them to belong but who needs them more and this time for real its not a journey to regret.

The two party system is upon us and these young upstarts have their choices and they need not be used but wanted and who they join is a matter of who will give them that PLATFORM TO SHINE. Afterall the young loves to be showered with praises but it has got to be sincere.

Still confused?

 Are you one of the many young political upstarts who has seemingly trudged into the shadowy world of politics. Its your choice and this is not a mere journey for the faint hearted and its a tough and gruelling way ahead. You will find your feet at times submerged in virtually impossible circumstances which needs the political acumen to get you out of the sticky situation.

There are many seasoned politicians who has ventured into these path but are so afraid that these young goons will outshine them and they will not give their ‘untold secrets”Are they selfish?  Harvard they say to these young upstarts does not give you the ground training in politics and these you have to earn your stripes. What chances do they have unless they are used to their potential. Its the simple words of want,used and need again dont you think so.

Is the line drawn clearer? What chances do you give the young to choose. is it a 50/50 now for them? What are the political parties available for them? Is it UMNO,PKR,PBB,DAP,PAS,PRS.PBS.SPDP,SUPP,MIC.Gerakan.LDP,PBS,UPKO.SAPP,PBRS,SNAP,PPP..? BN or Pakatan will be no diferent if thekitchens and bathrooms” of these political parties are not CLEANED UP to accomodate these young and unknowing individuals who are about to embark on a life full of intriques and man made mysteries.

Just ask the wanted ones especially Tengku Razaleigh( WANT )  ( who says that his heart is still with UMNO) Zaid Ibrahim ( NEEDS ) (feels that his platform in UMNO is curbed),Chua Jui Meng ( NEEDS )  ( who leaves MCA after nearly 33 years and joins PKR for another stint to stay relevant)  What about the many thousands of political boys/girls and machais who are USED..? Still confused… Better not be as in politics there are NO POLITICAL PRISONERS and once you become irrelevant you either stay out of it or Get ready to be Guillotined.

Any young soul would want to  know why they are joining politics but usually the ones who brings them in don’t even tell them what the political parties constitution stands for? They sign the application form willingly or unwillingly and that is open to interpretations. Hmmm..This is the line which BN/Pakatan have to address as this proverb “TRUE GOLD FEARS NOT THE TEST OF FIRE in which the bests will be able to survive while the rests will be thrown into scrapheap and left to rot.

The boat (parties or coalition BN/Pakatan) in which the political members who make the boat must be willing partners in the same boat rowing against the current and tide and every able person must pull the oars to move the boat forward. If there is a snowball effect it will only be too destructive to save and as usual we must have a check and balance system.

We are already within reach of 2020 a developed nation for our country and as such we know that with success often breeds failure because it makes you arrogant, complacent and, therefore you will ultimatedly lower your guard. Our young malaysian political upstarts needs to nurtured to be wanted and needed and not discrded after being used. This is the failure for our poltical system and it goes without saying to some,” ONLY THE BESTS WILL SURVIVE”

My friends please  look into the mirror every morning and tell that to me or to your close ones that you deserve better or is better than what makes you that special to lead the country or give your “WANTED AND NEEDED” service to help the rakyat of the country.

The voters will know now and there are no more hiding places for those who thrive on POLITICAL ILLUSIONS to stay afloat in the coming political avalanche.

It goes without saying,”It is only reserved for the bests and those who aspire and willing to work hard. ” BN/Pakatan don’t fool yourselves anymore as with a flick of the pen/pencil you will be Ooooooooout……..and  Removed from your Constituency.

So are you one of those who is WANTED,NEEDED or justs being USED……..

Sarawak “Dissolution of State Assembly”

The window is closing and after the State Security briefing last Thursday many of the BN YBs and members who attended said,”It will be very soon as the feel good factor especially with State PKR in disarray and the urban chinese coming back to BN and the rural bumiputera voters solidly behind the coalition.”

A Senior Minister added that the local and world economic factors are being closely monitored too. The BN machinery is ever ready to face all the challenges which the Sarawak Pakatan 4 will throw at them.

We are ready but we would not be “complacent

He continued,”It does point to the dissolution of the State assembly to be before the next DUN sitting in early May. The election commision would then be ask to fix the date for nomination and polling dates.

A SUPP asst minister said the urban voters will look at all  factors affecting the state before they vote. Its easy to just say,”Coffee,Onions and bread are up and the government is not doing anything about it. The urban trend of voters needs to be pacified and a lot of hard work in dessimination of information is needed. Our YBs are working hard and they know it will not be an easy ride anymore.

I ask you,”Does anyone go into a war thinking that he will be defeated.?

We know DAP and their partners are working doubly hard and they are using all methods and ways to run down the government of the day. They just can’t wait for the dissolution date too.