BN 6 Pakatan 8

No matter how one analyses the Tenang by election its clear that BN has close the gap on Pakatans earlier runaway wins  in by elections. Another victory under their belt means that BN has now 6 and with Merlimau by-elections in a months time the gap is closing.

The BN will have the feel good factor with them and its up to Pakatan to deny them another victory. The BN will point to correcting the wrongs by the former adminstration and will be confident that the people will give the BN a renewed mandate in the coming GE13.

Pakatan will need to rediscover their form and come up with a winning strategy in  order to keep their faint hopes and dimming lights alive to see that their dreams of Putrajaya is within reach.

The registered voters will have their final say on who runs the country after the next GE. It is up to the present government and the opposition to present itself as the guardian of the peoples trusts when the final votes are tallied. The truth is …….


3 thoughts on “BN 6 Pakatan 8

  1. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    SIBU has done the best fight though pounded by BN heavy machinery and money raining. The people have clearly sent a good message to Taib administration and a warning call to Najib regarding Sarawak ending up now Taib is crying for federal help

    • wanredone says:

      Tuai Rumah 2010……..A win in Sibu prk is NOT a bench mark that FUCKATAN will take Putrajaya! Your Anwar Ibrahim, god-sent-sodomizer leader WHOM you all worship as your GOD , IS not going to be PM of Malaysia, I can bet on that!

  2. Lee Hui says:

    There are some similarities between Mahathir Mohamad and Lee Kuan Yew. Both were dictatorial, they suppressed the opposition by using and abusing the government agencies that they controlled and have exhibited their racism through their statements.

    Lee was criticised by a Malaysian Chinese writer in Aliran when he made a racist statement in the 1980s about the importance of maintaining the ethnic Chinese population at 80 percent in Singapore.

    But the similarity ends there.

    Malaysia under Mahathir became extremely corrupt and the top people stole hundreds of billion ringgit of the people’s money and the important state institutions were destroyed. The people remain poor and get low quality service from the degraded institutions.

    Singapore, unlike Malaysia became squeaky clean, embraced meritocracy and treated all its citizens fairly and equally. The people get first class service from its excellent institutions manned by the best people and their per capita income is five times that of the Malaysians.

    The destiny of a nation is not based on the supremacy of one dominant race but the integration of all coming together as a nation fused with it’s various talents, colour and diversity to move into the 21st Century. We in Malaysia have them all, unfortunately things have been hijacked to serve the corrupt masters perpetually.

    As for Taib Mahmud, he is not only corrupted to the core, he has been stealing state lands and robbing the rural poor of their NCR lands to sell to the few filfty rich and even to his bomoh in exchange for what he wants.

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