BN to Pakatan “Exchanging Places..??”

These two names Gobalakrishnan ( Padang Serai PKR MP) and Tedcwin Ngumbang (PRS deputy Information Chief) at the bests of times are very useful to their respective coalitions.

They both are at anytime politicians who will kick up a storm to create chaos which will benefit their parties and ensures it stays very relevant. Both are considered too very useful and are straight talkers and has no regrets in opening their mouths to lambast if they see that their CITIZENS RIGHTS are being suppressed.

However due to their characters and personalites many will not take kindly to their ways. It is with deep regret though that their leaders have to remain silent and to let them go to please the majority. Tedewin in an sms said,”I am only a mosquito and leaving PRS will not hamper them. However it a very big sacrifice for me.”

 A PKR sympathiser cheekily said,”Maybe now Gobala can go to Sarawak without much hindrance and meet his adopted Parents in Kapit. Surely leaving PKR opens his doors and the immigration will close an eye to him.”

Both of them leaving PKR and PRS respectively are breaking news and many will capitalise on it. The reports can be seen by clicking here:-



Tenang Over,Merlimau March 6th

After this weekends Johor Tenang by elections the focus will turn to Malacca.

The Election Commission decided tonight to hold the Merlimau by-election on March 6.

Nomination day for the Malacca state seat is February 26. It is the 15th by-election since Election 2008.The seat fell vacant after the incumbent, Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Datuk Mohamad Hidhir Abu Hasan, 54, died on January 20.

In the 1999, BN won with a majority of 2,252 votes, 2004 (5,087 votes) and 2008 with 2,154 votes.Mohamad Hidhir, who was also a state executive councillor, defeated PAS’s Jasme Tompang in the March 2008 general election.