DAP “SUPP Need not Answer…”

It seems that the Samarahan Sarawak International Medical centre is being questioned by the Sarawak DAP. Does SUPP need to answer..??

We are not trying to cover the party but it seems that the DAP Assemblyman and MP has all the answers in his hands. Is he probing to find the truth or is he trying to score political points especially attacking Dr Sim Kui Hian who SUPP has just identified to stand in the Pending State Constituency.

Logically Chong has all the answers as per this report from the internet portal,”The total cost of the hospital three years ago was about RM400 million, but I have heard that this has jumped to over RM600 million,”

Moreover he continued,”Chong said the hospital has turned out to be the most expensive in Malaysia, if the total cost of construction was RM400 million as reported and the number of beds at 168 were to be taken into account.”Based on calculations, the cost of one bed in the hospital will be RM3.2 million, way above the RM500,000 per bed Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai mentioned last year.

He went on to say,””The people demand transparency on the part of the BN government, and Dr Sim is in the best position to let the people know.”

DAP Chong it seems that you have the answers and you are just going for Sim as he will be the candidate for SUPP. There is a time and place for all this and the DUN ,PAC,ceramahs sounds the most appropriate avenue. Don’t you think so..??

DAP Chong has even elevated himself  another notch to put his party in a good light and his report card will be impeccable when he said,” DAP did not oppose the construction of more hospitals in Sarawak, but that this should be done in a transparent and efficient manner.”

Wow! Questions and Answers All in Place…..

16 thoughts on “DAP “SUPP Need not Answer…”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    In 2007 SUPP and their puppet master , the thief minister, blasted the DAP and its YBs for spreading lies about SIMC’s cost over-run when in fact the resident architect and project managers then had decided to quit their jobs to maintain their professional integrity. Such is the mentality of BN’s God given right to rule and abuse their authority. Even Lee Kuan Yew, the Minister Mentor of Singapore and one of the most respected stateman in the world admitted that PAP might some day lose its power just because the Opposition teams would be just as good and the people might want to give the other side a try! But over in Malaysia, UMNO controlled BN can do no wrong and the people would have no choice but to support BN for its track record in delivering the most expensive infrastructures,the most costly defence equipments, the most costly public trasport system, and many other most expensive government projects in the world.

    SUPP and their equally useless partners in BN would speak and do anything to cover up massive corruptions and abuse of power of Taib Mahmud over the last 30 years. Let me remind that very naive Dr Sim Kui Hian that being a committed doctor attached to government hospital is indeed serving your country but not when you are a willing candidate to serve the interest of your corrupted leaders in SUPP and a corrupted political system in Malaysia designed and controlled by UMNO. Alternative, being in the know and testifying against Taib Mahmud and George Chan for committing corrupt practices and abusing their authority in the court of law is indeed serving your beloved country. DR Sim may understand fully well how a human heart functions but he needs to have his own cow head examined as to how he allows himself to get into all the shit of Taib Mahmud and SUPP.

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Many will be against him standing but will he make a good poltician? New breed of SUPP leaders. Taib ,Chan and jabu are in their final lap . Are we willing to lose a good doctor to the dirty world of politics?

    • Jolia says:

      It is sad that some highly intelligent and good guys cannot differentiate between serving the country as a civil servant and remain apolitical and allowing themselves to be used to serve the corrupted regime as politicians. Dr Sim is one of those guys who felt honoured to be selected to serve the corrupted regime as a politician . His fate is in his own hands. We can only wish he is a lot smarter and intelligent as he is now as a renowed heart specialist.

  3. SK Subramaniam says:

    A RM15 million increase in the Sarawak Election Commission’s poll’s budget has raised speculations over where it will go.

    (Free Malaysia Today) – KUCHING: What could possibly justify a RM15 million increase in allocations for the 10th Sarawak election? And where would the additional RM15 million, which incidentally wasn’t there six months ago, be channelled?

    Would it go towards “helicopter charges” as indicated by the Sarawak Election Commission’s latest disclosure that it had allocated RM45 million for the 10th state polls? Or will it translate into a government’s “gift” to ease the burden of the people?

    Those in the “know” are already doing their mathematics.

    Sarawak has some 6,000 longhouses and despite the state’s immense oil and gas resources it is, unfortunately, the fourth poorest state in the country.

    The bulk of these precarious-looking longhouses have no clean water or electricity and children walk hours at a stretch to get to their abysmal-looking schools. If they are lucky, they’ll have two square meals.

    The federal government’s latest round of withdrawal of subsidies and oil hikes has upped the price of kerosene (an essential item in every longhouse) to over RM4.50 a litre and likewise the cost of basic necessities such as sugar, flour and rice.

    In fact, the additional burden had been the recent incessant rain which led to Sarawak’s worst seen floods in recent years.

    The prices of basic necessities are not only high, they have skyrocketed. At a time like this, money, any amount, will be literally godsent!

    These interesting posers have put a different spin on state EC director Takun Sunggah’s revelations about the RM45 million allocation for the Sarawak polls.

    Sunggah had said the allocations “were justified” because Sarawak was a vast state with many areas only accessible by air “especially by helicopters”.

    Didn’t the EC know this six months ago when their KL boss, chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof declared, here, that it was “ready to conduct the 10th Sarawak state election and has set aside RM30 million for the purpose”?

    Incidentally, the infrastructure situation in Sarawak has not seen any major changes since August last year when Aziz announced the EC’s preparedness.

    The vast expanse of Sarawak’s interior is still only accessible by dirt roads or logging tracts, boats or by air. And the natives, urban and rural, are still battling Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s regime for their land rights, among others.

    ‘Most exciting polls ever’

    In 2006, the EC had allocated RM31 million for the state polls, the bulk of which Aziz had said was also for “helicopter charges”.

    Can anyone tell FMT how much it really costs and are not army helicopters part of the “machinery” at the government’s disposal?

    • wanredone says:

      By the name SK Subramaniam we know already you are of South Indian origins… have you been to Iban’s long house? If ‘yes’ where?. Indians are very much strangers to most of us in Sarawak! It’s like encounter with aliens from outer space, even if your of Malaysian species. Do you know we Indian Long House in Ulu Baram?

  4. Lee Hui says:

    A SUPP assistant minister was discovered to have a child with a married woman from Batu Kawa, Kuching.
    How many assistant minister are there from SUPP? Make your own guess. The point is SUPP is led by a playboy president and many of its leaders are tainted with having marital affairs which were not exposed before but more will surface.

    Women voters from all walks of life must make it a point to reject lustful politicians and irresponsible family men. Men who are burdened with keeping girls or mistresses are bound to spent more money and less time with their own family and constituency. A politician cannot claim to have the right to his own private life when he is found to be fooling around and seen to be more keen in keeping mistresses than providing for his family and taking care of issues affecting his constituency. Such politicians will be held at ransom by some unscrupulous businessmen and made to accept bribes to maintain their lifestyles at the expense of the people who voted them.

    VOTE out these wolves and lustful politicians in both political divide. And do not forget to vote for CHANGE. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all.

  5. Burung Kenyalang says:

    As long as the elected person can perform his duties to our expectation, we will accept and vote for him. His private life is between him and GOD. We even vote in a sodomist to lead PKR, we the opposition are open minded enough to accept all these deviant behaviours as long as they can perform.
    It does not matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it can catch mice, that is what counts…Deng Xiao Ping

    • Asri Rahman says:

      Hahahaha…which cats in BN can catch mice ? Most of the cats in SUPP are only good in catching pussies !One old kampung folk once asked me if its true that all the roads and drainage are constructed and built by PBB and yet why would we still want them replaced? I told him that all politicians and the coalition who was given the mandate even by the minority( as in our political systems its the number of seats won by a coalition that matters) are employed and working for us the rakyat. We have every right to vote them out if they are known to be corrupted and abusing their authority. So Burung, can you name me one cat in BN who dares to catch Taib Mahmud.

      • Burung Kenyalang says:

        Yes, the damn SUPP people can only catch pussies, useless lot, they should be like our Great leader Anwar, he can catch pussies and cocks as well, clenched them just with his ass cheeks…..

      • SK Subramaniam says:

        Is it true that Tan Joo Phoi has been caught with his pants down with a married woman? She has since given birth to his child and both refused DNA test. The woman’s husband can sue the SUPP YB for committing adultery with his wife. So its true that SUPP cats are only good at catching pussies right?

  6. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    DAP has the questions but SUPP cannot answer. If any one in SUPP answer honestly and fearlessly, he will sure be KICKED on his ass-hole by his boss George and KICKED OUT by their further GOD Father Taib. I dont think those in SUPP are that stupid as not aware of the many corrupted practices involving their immediate Boss and gangs, but they have to look after their own rice-bowls and their projects. SUPP, like their God Father who answers to none of the many allegation against him, will also keep their mouth plugged with a “B”

    To them SUPP, whatever PR or DAP or PKR or the general public and voters say are NOT TRUE, meaning all what they say on the local newspapers are very true of themselves

    If SUPP is thinking Chinese voters are returning to swing into them, SUPP is making a big funny day dreaming. Dont believe? Just wait till the state poll and see!!! You are loosing a lot many many many Dayak/Iban voters though some headmen still lean hardly on you for personal benefits. You have to ask Taib and his advisors to prepare you same MAGIC BOXES so that you will find some surprising votes in the ballot boxes for you.

    We have visited areas and done some ground works, we definitely know better than you in office.

  7. Bidayuh Headmaster says:

    A 2/3 denial of BN is what we shall be happy with in our first genuine journey towards changing a corrupted regime. A win over BN is a surprised bonus which all Malaysians will welcome and celebrate. And for you burung, you are most welcome to nest in my swiftlet farm after the next election.

    • Burung Kenyalang says:

      2/3 majority is not worth a piece of shit, winner takes all even if it is by 1 seat. 2/3 majority is only need to change the constition, and how often you need to change the state constituition. Anyway you can by pass the political process via the position of the Governor. Budget can be passed without 2/3 majority, that is the most important part in administering the state.

  8. wanredone says:

    Hi bro….. Tomorow News TODAY!

    Tahniah Tok Ai, Tahniah BN! Menang dengan Tenang & Senang, syabas!

    Jumlah pengundi: 14753

    Melayu 7014
    Undi : BN 4536
    PAS 696

    Cina 5765
    Undi: BN 2789
    PAS 1279

    India + 1974
    Undi : BN 1298
    PAS 281

    BN 8623
    PAS 2256

    Majority 6367

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