PBB N22 “I’m Coming For You”

When N22 was mentioned at lunch this afternoon one mans eyes gleamed with full of enthusiasm and anticipation. Here is one seat which this man holds dear eventhough in 1991 he stood as a candidate and losts in a five cornered fight against the eventual winner in BN Candidate Julaihi Narawi.

The sudden surge of PKR which seemingly felt at one time all-out no-holds-barred assault on the Sarawak BN has somewhat losts momentum. But our man Maxwell Rojis 58 has withstood the temptation to leave PKR and jump overboard into the reenergised SNAP or even to BN  parties.

He knows that his people still live without basic amenities such as roads, jetties, clinics, treated drinking water, and electricity. Time for them has stood still since independence in 1963.Moreover there has been many promises  and ‘we want change and everyone in BN has been given too long to change and yet nothing has improved dramatically in Sebuyau.

When we told Max that Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB) has withstood the challenges and yet he won on numerous occasions in this constituency of 7549 what chances does he have?  

He replied,”I have a fair chance and if given the mandate by PKR I will give him a fair run for his money. I am afterall the Vice chairman of PKR Division Batang Lupar and I know the terrain very well and if PKR is looking for a winnable candidate they will not have to look far.”

Just as we were putting this article together,”Max send us another sms,”PKR is a party that wants winners and rests assured I will be a winner this time for them” My relationship with the voters in the area are good and I am always on the ground.He knows that the incumbent is warily looking over the shoulder and knows that Max will surely give him a run for his money ”

He also said that previously PKR fielded Mohamad Akek and he was defeated easily by Julaihi and the might of BN machinery. But this time round he assures the PKR hierarchy that it will be different. The mood of the people has changed especially with so many issues and the mosts outstanding one is the “land grabbing issue” and also the overstaying of Taib as Chief Minister in Sarawak.

Max knows that this is the bests time for PKR and its Pakatan Sarawak partners to cross swords with the BN4 in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP. In 1987 at the height of the Ming Court affair there were no helpers from the Peninsular as PBDS and Maju group stood alone as he remembers very well. The surge of SNAP going after 28 seats has also created tension amongst the Pakatan fold but Max says that its only mathematics that counts.

BN wants winnable candidates the same goes for Pakatan. I just hope that the leaders will be sensible enough and matured to sit down and negotiate who will be bests served in the 71 seats. The cake is big enough for everyone and the common enemy is BN.No one else.”

When asks about the possibility of being “persuaded” after nomination to relinquish he said put it in writing,” NO WAY NOT MY STYLE“. So it seems the battle lines are drawn and PKR will need to vet through their lists and come out with a winnable candidate.



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7 thoughts on “PBB N22 “I’m Coming For You”

  1. wanredone says:

    “…..”I have a fair chance and if given the mandate by PKR I will give him a fair run for his money. I am after all the Vice chairman of PKR Division Batang Lupar and I know the terrain very well and if PKR is looking for a winnable candidate they will not have to look far…..” Maxwell Rojis

    Not only you can give a fair run for Julaihi’s money, but Mohammad Akek too!

    ‘Langkah mayat aku dulu, before you can claim N22 Sebuyau’ quoted Mohammad Akek who is very much a local in Sebuyau!

    Past history of Sebuyau Constituency.

    1991 N18 Sebuyau
    5 cornered fight
    YB Julaihi Narawi PBB/BN 3584
    Maxwell Rojis 1337
    & 3 others (lost deposit)
    Majority: 2247

    1996 N20 Sebuyau
    YB Julaihi Narawi won uncontested

    2001 N20 Sebuyau
    YB Julaihi Narawi 5200
    Mohamad Akek (PKR) 1074
    Majority 4126

    2006 N22 Sebuyau
    YB Julaihi Narawi 3748
    Mohamad Akek (PKR) 1300
    Majority 2448

    I tend to believe what Mohamad said, and he is dead serious about. His early WARNING:

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Any one pick by Pakatan stands to win if the same YB Julaihi is still chosen to stand on BN ticket. This time round he will be shown the exit and he knows his days are numbered. No doubt about it and PKR will be wise to choose a younger candidate . No professionals..??

    • Pemerhati says:

      Don’t tell me you Sebuyau has no credible candidate to match Julaihi..get a young, professional not some old beat up has been like Maxwell Rogis. Not only is he already old but he does not have the means to move around..does he really think that he has a fair chance..I seriouly don’t thnk so

  3. wanredone says:

    Hi bro….. Tomorow News TODAY!

    Tahniah Tok Ai, Tahniah BN! Menang dengan Tenang & Senang, syabas!

    Jumlah pengundi: 14753

    Melayu 7014
    Undi : BN 4536
    PAS 696

    Cina 5765
    Undi: BN 2789
    PAS 1279

    India + 1974
    Undi : BN 1298
    PAS 281

    BN 8623
    PAS 2256

    Majority 6367

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