DAP Loke “Is a defamation Suit coming..??”

It does seem that when YB utter words in the Dewan Assembly they are and will not be charge for defamation as they are covered by the ” house immunity laws“.

How would the husband and children of the family feel when their mother is subjected to ‘ridicule’ especially if it affects someones size. Are they just going to sit there and watch..??


” He described the self-claimed first lady as “the 40-40-40 fat lady” YB sorry but the internet portal did mention  and we quote here” Loke’s speech on the roles played by the prime minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, drew rounds of laughter from the floor.”

Furthermore this was also written,” We must tell this fat lady that she is not qualified to represent us!” Loke added to cheering from the audience.”

Hellooooooooooo something is very wrong here.

We do not want to be hypocrites or hide behind the veil and say all of us do not make fun and call people names but YB Anthony this is a public function and a dinner.  Look around you and asks yourself this,”WHAT HAVE I DONE…??”

You are for one a Member of Parliament and she is afterall the Prime Ministers wife.Please don’t lower yourself to such an extend that you humiliate the FEMALE GENDER and lose your political direction.

Imagine one of us at audie61 call our staff even 38 38 38 she will surely be rests assured give the person who uttered the words a  “good slap us across the cheek ” and even more a.” kick up the ” BxxxS“……………..



14 thoughts on “DAP Loke “Is a defamation Suit coming..??”

  1. I have no respect whatsoever for this MP. I think he has gone over the top and he should have thought about it before even opening his BIG MOUTH. It does hurt for women to be termed 40-40-40 as some of my friends who are that size are even ashamed. They try all ways to control their weight but are losing a battle against TIME meaning it costs money and they are not exactly below 30.
    Sure PAS,DAP and PKR ladies will tell him off and this might have justs losts the seat TENANG to BN. Its very sensitive you know and he better shut it..!!!!

  2. SUPP capitalise on this and make DAP pay it dearly in the next elections. Tell them not to look down on womenfolk. Does he know where he came from?

  3. What a chance to hit DAP? leaders like this should stand down as this is not the way to utter things especially in a public function. Hopes Rosmah takes him down and to the court. Ladies are we to be insulted like that?

  4. He thinks he is great and clever, but actually he is as stupid as a PIG…..opens his stupid mouth. Dear DAP, please remember to erase his great name of the next nomintaion list.

    Do not insult women as you are also bornt by a woman but from the back hole of a man

  5. Fat mama has no right to use tax payers money to do the job of the Foreign Minister or take over the roles of Malaysia’s foreign mission or even Mida. Mrs Prime Minister should have known better. Rosmah unsolicited feats has surpassed the role of even the US secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

    • The more this fatty mama bypass the entire cabinet and speak on behalf of her PM husband, she will incur the wrath of the whole nation. I am one of those who could not believe our eyes when we saw news clip of Muhyiddin bin Mohamed Yassin with his “tail” in between his legs, were reduced to just a body guard and Rosmah was the one welcoming the Australian PM and US secretary of state and reading speeches when Mrs Najib was reported sick. The fatty mama thought she could treat Malaysians like dirts and feed us cakes.

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  7. Based on Rais’s monologic argument and defense of Rosmah’s frequent trips overseas with a selected few women from the wives of minister club, Malaysians will be pleased to nominate Rosmah to visit Mongolia to help create awareness in that country to help their children and the disabled.

  8. I am sensing a trend here. It seems Audie61 is skewing towards SUPP. Sarawak based parties needed to be save to preserve Sarawak. Hahaha

    We have seen many BN folks making fun at DAP too….

    Have you forgotten the poster of Missing Lim Kit Siang during 12th GE election? While I agree we should be civil, I do hope that you should remain absolutely neutral. Lest you wanna be know as BN lapdogs

    What happen to Najib wanna debate on Anwar’s personal issue? Takdak sound

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