“Kawasan Kita Dahulu”

There are only 71 seats in the Sarawak State Assembly. Say what you like, you win one you win for your coalition. This morning was a chance breakfast meeting with 3 BN Ybs one of them an Assistant Minister.Their seats are N32( Bukit Saban),N60( Kemena) and N69 (Batu Danau).

Called it chance but it turned out to be an opportune not to be missed with some relevant questions especially after the flying visit by PM Najib to Sarawak. First thing uttered by N32 Yb was,”have to look after and take care of bloggers as if you treat them well they will treat you likewise.Very kind assuring words hmm and was there more to come?

 N60 said its also the case with you own Kawasan(constituency). I am having a very quick breakfast and you have to excuse me if I leave early as my area now is hit hard and some areas are flooded. I will be looking after the needs of my Kawasan now. The immediate need is relief action and there is no need to politicise whatever issues the opposition would like to bring up.

Just take Queensland (Australia) tell me is the infrastructure in place? This is the worst flood right and so I have to be with my people and I am going there eventhough the flight to the remotest affected interior is full of danger with the swirling wind plus rain but I leave it to the hands of the almighty one. Only he knows what my destiny and my heart is clear ‘MY Kawasan Dahulu”

N69 said,”there are people saying that I have not been looking after my kawasan. I know my kawasan and i know who my voters are and I work on my weaknesses but also maintain close grip on my strong supporters. ‘ Every constituency in Sarawak is different and as an elected representative one must know the area well and do not leave it to the last hour to campaign. The opposition can harp all they like and they will appear only and during election time.”

When the SNAP symposium in Sibu was addressed to them they say,”They are looking at it that it looks like SNAP is a new fresh air to some leaders. But we must remember its the same faces we fought over and with over the years. 

We are confident that we will be able to withhold the opposition surge as we know our terrain very well and quietly we have done our work without much hoo-hah eventhough the opposition says otherwise. We shall see who comes on top and the PM has already said,‘Winnable candidates” Are we not winnable?

It was supposed to end here but then a phone call was received and we left to meet up with another BN Yb N14. He was disturbed on the matter of some BN members reportedly rumoured to crossover to join SNAP. He was asked to doublecheck by the CMs department and it seems that it was too good to be true.

A number of calls and smses were received that a top PRS SC member was going to have a PC and declare himself as a SNAP member. We immediatedly called the PRS SG Nissom in the presence of the YB and clarified with him and he said,” He had a frank talk with the person and told him that if he does cross the line he needs to resign from PRS and please do not jeorpadise the party”

We got in touch with the person in question and the sms read,’Bro dont read too much for me quitting or joing SNAP.am just a mosquito and nobody of importance”

A BN strategists told us that what ever is being replied does not total up. There is a new alliance sought out between these Pakatan group “It is a configuration of a new SNAP and many former PBDS,new dayak graduates and sympathisers are joining. They are using a clever ploy of creating havoc amongst themselves but in actual fact they are united and are in agreement to fight BN in totality’ Do you believe that SNAP and PKR are going head-on?

He does want to be part of this picture and he is just redirecting it all away and will be part of the team to ensure that Pakatan Sarawak will see an end to Taibs regime. It seems that now BN YBs are fully aware of the threats coming and they will obviously look after their own constituencies.

Even Pakatan YBs for that matter will be no use to their Coalition if they lose out in their own areas and no matter what is being analysed and post mortem the fact will remain,


Dont for once said its not a neutral playing field as if you are good enough to win you are good enough to maintain it no matter what issues are brought up. The ones that cries after the election results are announced are just trying to FOOL themselves that they have not done enough. 

The fact remains,”Kawasan Kita Dahulu