Sarawak “Dissolution of State Assembly”

The window is closing and after the State Security briefing last Thursday many of the BN YBs and members who attended said,”It will be very soon as the feel good factor especially with State PKR in disarray and the urban chinese coming back to BN and the rural bumiputera voters solidly behind the coalition.”

A Senior Minister added that the local and world economic factors are being closely monitored too. The BN machinery is ever ready to face all the challenges which the Sarawak Pakatan 4 will throw at them.

We are ready but we would not be “complacent

He continued,”It does point to the dissolution of the State assembly to be before the next DUN sitting in early May. The election commision would then be ask to fix the date for nomination and polling dates.

A SUPP asst minister said the urban voters will look at all  factors affecting the state before they vote. Its easy to just say,”Coffee,Onions and bread are up and the government is not doing anything about it. The urban trend of voters needs to be pacified and a lot of hard work in dessimination of information is needed. Our YBs are working hard and they know it will not be an easy ride anymore.

I ask you,”Does anyone go into a war thinking that he will be defeated.?

We know DAP and their partners are working doubly hard and they are using all methods and ways to run down the government of the day. They just can’t wait for the dissolution date too.