YBs Sarawak…11.01.11

Some will not be picked  some will be returned to power while those who losts remember you might not have done enough. The People are Ready to Pick one of their own to represent their constituency in the coming State Elections before July 2011.




 2. https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/01/03/71-seats-status-quo/

One thought on “YBs Sarawak…11.01.11

  1. wanredone says:

    Salam 1Malaysia…..
    CONFIRMED OUT: – I story you on PBB only…….
    1. Datuk Hamden Ahmad (Bumiputera) – 100% sure, even if relucant!
    2. Datuk Bolhassan Di (Bumiputera) – 100% sure, very gentlemen!
    3. Datuk Wan Wahab Sanusi (Bumiputera) – 100% sure, very gentlemen
    4. Datuk Ambrose Blikau (Pesaka) – Update 11-01-11: make a u-turn! cling hard to his seat! up2 boss!
    5. Frederick Bayoi Manggie (Pesaka) – still sayang his young wife…. kesian not long bcome YB wife!
    6. Dr Wahbi Junaidi (Bumiputera) – PBB don’t gamble….. even unaccepted PAS can defeat him flat!

    TOP in the list to be replaced (70-80%): – heard Boss still sayang, how true don’t know?
    7. Dato Sri Awang Asfia Nassar (Bumiputera) – not wanted by Pulau Bruit anymore (KICK-OUT)
    8. Dato Awang Beemee (Bumiputera) – Nangka tried hard to FORCEEEEE him out! – see how!

    GIVING Way: (gracefully and to promote one and only son!)…..
    9.Datuk Patinggi Afred Jabu Numpang (Pesaka) (not seeking re-election) – gives way to his son, Gerald Rentap Jabu, but will remains as Deputy President of PBB (wise move – until next PBB convention)

    Exchange of seats : (Gentleman)
    10. Robert Lawson Chuat (Pesaka)- will vacate his seat to give way to Datuk Douglas Ugah.

    Datuk Douglas Ugah will stand in Bukit Saban and IF menang to be appointed as DCM in Taib’s cabinet . Ugah’s seat (parliament) will be contested by Robert Chuat in forth coming PRU13, with a promise that he be appointed Timbalan Menteri by DS Najib. But if Robert Chuat is made Tim Menteri, WHO will replace Ugah (Pesaka) as full minister in Najib’s cabinet? Answer: Either Datuk Fadillah Yusuf (presently TM) or Datuk Norah, (both Bumiputera section – this will be done in the next cabinet reshuffle by DS Najib which I believe after our state election).

    Back to PBB, Jabu will remain no. 2, Abg Jo no. 3 & Ugah no. 4 in line before next PBB convention sometimes in year 2013. Before convention, Jabu will will quit his post as Deputy President, which will make Abg Jo as “acting no. 2” & Ugah no. 3 in line. But Jabu’s post as Deputy President is traditionally allocated to Pesaka. So the next coming PBB convention or election (2013) this “acting no. 2 will be opened to contestants from Bumiputera’s wing of PBB. The winner X, (could be Abg Jo) will acts as no. 2 to Taib. So not long after PBB convention (2013), Taib will quit his post as President of PBB and winner X (and could be Abg Jo ) will be Acting President and Ugah will be elevated to Deputy President of PBB (traditional seat of Pesaka wing). So… smooth transit of Pehin & Jabu! One million RM question: WHO IS X WINNER, if Abg Jo could not win Presidency election of PBB???. IF Abg Jo WINS, will he be the NEXT cm????….. …….

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