SNAP’s Role In Sarawak Elections

Know your local conditions and local terrain well and you will go into the elections not with one arm behind your backs. A village dayak elder was quoted to have said that the symbol and flag of SNAP is very much alive in the eyes of the ‘ rural dayak community’.

There is the sentimental feeling  and attachment of being the VOICE of the people as the party was very much fighting for the ‘ livelihood and rights ‘ of Sarawak.  Moreover they were very much with the government and were unceremoniously left on the sidelines to fend for themselves when the infighting took its toll with PBDS and now SPDP.

The Pakatan partners of DAP,PAS,PKR are with the local based Sarawak partner in SNAP. A phone call to the SNAP Youth chief Dayrell Jugol to check on the party’s role and he said,” We are now strengthening the party and we know they are 29 Dayak majority seats.

We have to be ” reasonable ‘ and he concurred with Paul Kadang newly appointed Deputy SG and director of operations that whatever seats to be contested must be negotiated and they are working together as “partners”  to fight a common enemy in Barisan National.      

No one holds the final say and its up to the Pakatan coalition to ensure that we work together for a common good in wrestling the seats from BN. The idea of contesting in 29 seats by SNAP is of course’ wishful thinking” put up by local based political analysts.


We must know that PKR,DAP has also got ‘ dayak calibre ‘leaders in their ranks and also those who stands a better chance than our SNAP candidate. We must stand “united” and ‘unbreakable” to go into the battleground with one aim.

Dayrell ended by saying,’  He hoped that 2011 will see the rise of the party after being in political wilderness for the past eight years. We build from ashes and we will arise to play a major role in the direction of the politics in the STATE OF SARAWAK.”

A BN backbencher said,’We know SNAP are injecting new blood and appointing experienced people to help strengthen the party’s machinery but we in BN must not take anything forgranted and we must also reinforce our ground forces and take it to the next level and ensure that we win our seats.”