PKR Sarawak”Sakit-Lah..!!”

A political watcher said to audie61,’You might be right.! Why they only detain and confiscate from the SADIA Secretary Nicholas Mujah .? Isn’t Baru Bian The Head or is he now untouchable as he”Planted by BN“?

Something does not add up.

Even now Anwar seems to have second thoughts about him as per this latest article from an internet portal.” It seems PKR Sarawak is facing its toughest time and the party “memang sakit lah

It was also informed to us that the article on “PBB infiltrated by discared PBB” has more than created a swirling wind into PBB. It might be hurting Baru Bian indirectly. The PBB strategists are looking into ways to cut out piece by piece of PKR Sarawak.

 It seems there will be more former PKR members joining a local based party in SNAP. The movements are already very clear. These people who joined SNAP are very much cloesly associated with Baru Bians camp from the PBDS days.

It also points to the facts that the Financiers of PKR Sarawak for Baru’s camp are having second thoughts of him and are removing their tracks and changing the combinations to their strong room.

Anwar musts have known about it now.

What do you think..??


18 thoughts on “PKR Sarawak”Sakit-Lah..!!”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    I came across this

    Granda Aing is actively promoted by Datuk Sallehuddin Hashim. When DSAI was appointed economic advisor to Selangor Government, he was lobbying for a major project and was promised one to finance Sarawak PKR in the forthing coming 10th State Election. That however maybe derailed as the project was divided into 5 packages going to foreign companies. Not sure if he is appointed as a sub contractor.

    At the height of SPDP Crisis, there was news that Granda Aing was working together with Sylvester Entri on a land matter in Bintulu. This turns out to be the State of Selangor’s Oil Palm Plantation covering 11,000 acres which is in the market for apprpximately RM180 million, that is at RM16,000 per acre.

    Why Sylvester Entri?

    It could be his links with James Masing by virtue of him being in the Ministry headed by James Masing (at one point of time or is he still the Assistant Agriculture Minister in Sarawak). Are they trying to get Sime Darby to invest in this Plantation for well over RM180 million?

    With this what is the possible scenario?

    Granda Aing over the Bidayuh issue have been very vocal and had a spate with DAP to the point of threatening to pull the Bidayuh’s out of PKR. This have not gone down well with PKR Leaders at Merchant Square Tropicana.

    However, DSAI choose to be silent over this. His comment was this is Politics.

    Hence with PRS+5 (total of 18 state seats) coupled with James Masing’s brazen attack against Taib and Jabu as rumoured, there is a high possiblity that James Masing, Sylvester Entri and Granda Aing will feature prominently in who forms the next state government should Pakatan Rakyat make inroads and increase their numbers to 15 seats or more.

    After all Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe was in the 916 group to topple the federal government

  2. Malcolm X says:

    Fight on a common platform. Too much trouble inside PKR. Party falling to pieces and if you Baru Joins SNAP togehter with others from PBDS the chances is better. People are fedup with Penisnsular politics and also the Taib regime. SNAP can also rise from the ashes and give the BN Sarawak a run for their $$$

  3. Anak sarawak says:

    How our leaders all fighting and how are we going to get rid of Taib and his cronies? Wake up and lets stand togehter and help each other.

  4. Ibans kuching says:

    ATM is running scare of Free Radio Sawak which beyond his meant to stop it.Whether true or not everybody is listening to it especially people in rural areas.This will have some negative impacts to BN.Latest headache of ATM of Sawak is he is not able to strike out the allegation posted by Malasiakini on the kickbacks from Japan regarding the millions tonnes of timber logs exported few years ago.

  5. Ibans kuching says:

    Larr Sng is ready to stand as independent candidate if not selected by BN. 90 % of Ibans in Pelagus supported him.The said that he is serving better than any Iban Ybs in Kapit .

  6. Mata kuching says:

    Audie, your useless piece of shit and spinning will not take you and BN any where. Whether SB is trying to double cross Baru Bian and other NGOs or Audie trying his best to spin in favour of BN are just as irrelevant to the intelligent rakyat of Sarawak and mind you many have not had formal education but are equally educated on political issues and BN’s lousy spins.

    • Ibans kuching says:

      Sangat setuju dengan Mata Kuching.Malas nak baca apa yang diutarakan oleh penulis yang selalu memihakkan kepada BN dan mem burukakan PR.Tak tahu beberpa BN upah dia .Didapati blog ini sudah mula hilang integrity and popularitinya sejak kebelangkan ini.Ianya dibuktikan dengan bilangan pelawat yang sangat kurang -single digit visitors, kasihan walaupun sudah berusaha. Trend and corak menulis berdasarkan kepeda spekulasi,ramalan,angin berita dan sebagainya sudah ketinggalan pada abad 21 ini.Kini rakyat bukan lagi tinggal di zaman batu dan juga huruf buta.Semua mereka tahu UMNO-BN hanya pandai cakap and mengekilrukan rakyat dengan janji-janji kosong.Rakyat mencabar semua YBs sarawak terangkan kekayaan Taib yang berbiliion-biliion sama di tempat sendiri mahupin di luar negara.Kalau tak dapat lakukannya,Bersedia Lah untuk menerima Tentangan dari Rakyat yang sudah banyak berkorban dalam 30 tahun dibawah perintahan peminpin yang zalim dan tak bertanggungjawab itu.Saya berharap Audie boleh faham BM sebab ianya amat penting di Malaysia.

      • audie61 says:

        Ibans kuching “a blog is a personal opinion” and if you are so hard up kindly dont come in and criticize.. There are so many other forums or facebook for you to point out. Dont you know..halftruths,rumours will eventually be the truth and that is PROPAGANDA.. I could easily spam you and erase your remarks but whats the point
        YOU ARE ENTITLE TO YOUR OPINION.START YOUR OWN BLOG and dont hide behind others.
        You are also using the same ip as ahlipkr..we know who u are.

  7. Ibans kuching says:

    Audie, saya terima tindakan kamu dengan hati yang terbuka,Bukan ada apa-apa yang besar.Harus ingat Learn how to accept criticisms before you too can criticize others.You are too emotional

    • audie61 says:

      Please lah iban kuching. audie61 have been blogging for over 2years and have taken a lot of flak and still we come back stronger. you are using iban kuching. You dont even dare to show yourself let alone use your own email. Taib Mahmud dare to use his own dare or not.Are we hurting you?

  8. Ibans kuching says:

    ATM of Sarawak, you know too, he steals ,robs, grasps using his dictatorship powers for 30 years. Tell me what else he does not dare to do ?.

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