PKR Sarawak Official Appointment….

Well sometimes it does help to point it out and PKR is and has taken note of their problems. Immediate actions are needed as in politics 1 hour is a long time and with the Sarawak elections due soon this is timely.

Politics is Reality and Perception


I want to record my thanks to the Party’s leadership, in particular Dato’ Seri President and Dato’ Seri Ketua Umum Anwar Ibrahim for their confidence in me by re-appointing me as the Sarawak Liaison Chief today.

This is very important because what we have done in preparation for the upcoming elections must not be disrupted. Co-operation amongst Pakatan Rakyat members, NGOs, supporters and sympathisers in preparing for the coming election is unprecedented. This must gain momentum in the next three months.

With my appointment now made official I endeavour to work together with our PR colleagues, Party leaders and members, sympathisers and supporters to ensure PR achieves the historic political victory we all desire after thirty years under a rotten regime of a man and his cronies.

May God bless and bring to reality our sincere and righteous will and desire for change.

Sdr Baru Bian


PKR Sarawak”Sakit-Lah..!!”

A political watcher said to audie61,’You might be right.! Why they only detain and confiscate from the SADIA Secretary Nicholas Mujah .? Isn’t Baru Bian The Head or is he now untouchable as he”Planted by BN“?

Something does not add up.

Even now Anwar seems to have second thoughts about him as per this latest article from an internet portal.” It seems PKR Sarawak is facing its toughest time and the party “memang sakit lah

It was also informed to us that the article on “PBB infiltrated by discared PBB” has more than created a swirling wind into PBB. It might be hurting Baru Bian indirectly. The PBB strategists are looking into ways to cut out piece by piece of PKR Sarawak.

 It seems there will be more former PKR members joining a local based party in SNAP. The movements are already very clear. These people who joined SNAP are very much cloesly associated with Baru Bians camp from the PBDS days.

It also points to the facts that the Financiers of PKR Sarawak for Baru’s camp are having second thoughts of him and are removing their tracks and changing the combinations to their strong room.

Anwar musts have known about it now.

What do you think..??