Sarawak CM Designate Agreed…How..??

It seems that the 40 seats which has been mentioned that Pakatan Sarawak will win has made the leaders all getting into some sort of agreement to ensure that they are not left out. DAP Chong, PKR Baru Bian, SNAP Jugol and PKR advisor Tajem will no doubt be eyeing for the seat.

Hang On where does this leave the other Pakatan partner PAS..??

It has got the Pakatan so sure that they will oust CM Taib that PKR information chief said,”YES we are only to happy to facilitate his retirement for him if we win 40 seats.”

To further strenthened the message National Vice Chairman of Woman’s Wing Voon said for Zuraidah MP for Ampang to say 40 seats which the PR can win is not just shouting aimlessly but they are working towards that to ensure that they meet the target set

Wouldn’t PAS feel aggrieved…??

22 thoughts on “Sarawak CM Designate Agreed…How..??

  1. sarawakiana says:

    PAS will surely claim 26 seats and they will not give in so easily to the rests of the alliances.71 seats to be divided equally. Who wins the mosts will lead..

    • Jessie says:

      PAS will make a break through in the coming state election by winning 3 seats. Do not worry about PAS, it is led by God fearing Malaysian Muslims with principle and which party and leaders practised good Islamic administration.

  2. looes74 says:

    PAS with its political wisdom would not claim for 26 seats…..It doesn’t do PAS any good….Audie61 team has been pounding us with “Keep Sarawak for Sarawakians” Remember that Sarawak is Religionless state as stated in the constituition……It’s pretty easy to make PAS realise by being slightly more dominant in Sarawak political arena.
    I would rather let SNAP takes more seats instead

  3. zik says:

    PAS poltical ideology is not totally focusing on position only, there are more that at stake than a position for CM..also PAS is not UMNO, they know where they stand at

  4. ibans kapit says:

    If Pas rules Sarawak,no more tight-fitting dressings for sexy Muslim who are now wearing as they like. Putting on short pants and tight and transparent T-shirts with half button exposed roaming about in shopping malls.

    • NewHope says:

      ibans kapit, are you a BN blog-mercenary ?

      Pas rules Sarawak ? You get all the Kelantanese to migrate to Sarawak. Still not enough !

      If evil BN “import” illegal foreigners into Sarawak and issue them with IC and voting rights, you ibans kapit will end up like Sabahan.

    • Bartholomew says:

      Iban Kapit, if PAS rule the state all the females in your family can go topless if they listen to what you prefer them to be . Your wife or girlfriend can still wear tight skirt or even lingerie for you. Do not worry pok!

  5. wanredone says:

    Day dreamers! Why only 40 seats? I bet if XXXXATAN RAKYAT can win all PBB seats! Yeah….. if they can win, well.. bet is a bet, I’ll let ZURAIDAH KAMARUDDIN XXXX my backside!

    • NewHope says:

      That’s will be less than 700 votes which average 10 votes per constituency.

      The real picture is, PR will win 40 seats without sweat if election is held now. By July 2012, it will be 63 seats. :-)

    • wanredone says:

      Bro NGO…. “Survey” is about facts & figures! How wide is your survey and does it cover from Merapok in Lawas to Sematan in Lundu? How long does it takes you to do the survey? What’s racial percentage breaks down like if based on “religions”?

      IF you just asked one or two non-muslim civil servants in one or depts only, it is NOT a survey that you can come to conclude that 70% of non-muslims civil servants support PR!

      Malaysia is a FREE country, I really appreciate that, and every body has a say and freely elect government of the choice! This is proven of their presence in the state of Penang, Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah!

      It’s not wrong to say that 70% non-muslims civil servants supports PR, but must be supported by facts and figures! Don’t just say say lah……..

  6. hubby muslim says:

    Nobody can deny the facts that BN depends very much on Ibans voters in rural and remote areas to retain its power.With more young and educated voters in the Iban community whose are mostly not of the views of BN nowadays.They are many who are not happy with their jobs opportunity, educcation and pace of developing their areas with basic needs like roads,water and electricity.They are no longer holding the same thinking as their forefathers who used to be with BN.They demand more from the govt.

    • wanredone says:

      Hi, hubby muslim, salam! we must be realistic, there is no one race who is a majority in Sarawak! We are just depending on each other for the supports! If most of the Ibans are BN supporters in rural areas, why can’t we depend on them? That’s the idea of having a political party, and the discipline is that one must give support to his own party!

      It’s true that “some” (not just the Ibans) are not happy with their “jobs opportunity, educations and pace of developing their areas” as you say. They are others too, like the Malays/Melanau, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu etc..etc.. they are not happy too!

      To quote you ..”With more young and educated voters in the Iban community whose are mostly not of the views of BN nowadays”….. that’s good news indeed! But what are these young turks do to over come this problem? Our “forefathers” or even our own fathers are long GONE, so what happen now in DUN Pelagus, why non-Iban can be so influencial in Iban (99%) dominated area? I can’t blame that this the work of our forefathers! He’s just in his twenties!

  7. zainuddin says:

    Doesnt mean PAS cannot find a leader to lead sarawak. PKR is in a real mess. DAP only qualified is Chong but Sarawak is not Penang.Majority in Penang is chinese.
    PAS better than UMNO anyday.

  8. wanredone says:

    I want to record my thanks to the Party’s leadership, in particular, MR & MRS ANWAR BIN IBRAHIM, and his consort AZMIN BIN ALI, for their confidence in me by re-appointing me as the SARAWAK LIAISON CHIEF MINISTER today!
    This is important because I want to be the FIRST orang Ulu’s SARAWAK LIAISON CHIEF MINISTER in Malaysia, if not in this whole world!

  9. xbox 360 bundle says:

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