Sarawak CM Designate Agreed…How..??

It seems that the 40 seats which has been mentioned that Pakatan Sarawak will win has made the leaders all getting into some sort of agreement to ensure that they are not left out. DAP Chong, PKR Baru Bian, SNAP Jugol and PKR advisor Tajem will no doubt be eyeing for the seat.

Hang On where does this leave the other Pakatan partner PAS..??

It has got the Pakatan so sure that they will oust CM Taib that PKR information chief said,”YES we are only to happy to facilitate his retirement for him if we win 40 seats.”

To further strenthened the message National Vice Chairman of Woman’s Wing Voon said for Zuraidah MP for Ampang to say 40 seats which the PR can win is not just shouting aimlessly but they are working towards that to ensure that they meet the target set

Wouldn’t PAS feel aggrieved…??