Taib not “running away” like Chong..??

It seems word on the ground is that both these YBs one ADUN N51 for Balingian Taib and  ADUN N12 Chong are in the news for various reasons. Both of them are very hot items and you can just sit in any corner of a coffeeshop in Sarawak and their names will certainly crop up.

Whats more one is seen in the news practically everyday especially in the Chinese press “championing various grievances for the people” and issuing statements against the ruling government. Taib has been in the news of late with his “marriage” to a young bride of 28 years and many conspiracy theories has emerged that it was ‘hush hush’ and quickly arranged by the sister in order to avoid unnecessary adjustments/fall-outs within the family circles.   

What seems a beautiful marriage is now seen by Taibs opponents as a way of Taib himself getting ready to leave his 30years throne and move himself up to be the Governor and subsequently being awarded a Tunship. The internet portals are circulating it round and word on the ground is that it has “REALLY CAUGHT FIRE”   

A very senior opposition member even said,”You want to bet. I am increasing my bet and even said and quoted to us that his sons father in law is saying Taib is leaving.’  So our reply was simple,”Like Chong he is leaving to give the seat to someone else younger.” That is nothing wrong and maybe he wants N50 Dalat which is just next door or N62 Lambir in Miri to prove his detractors wrong.

As in Chongs case he is moving as he knows that he will be in a tough fight against a sworn enemy in former Asst.Minister Alfred Yap. Even on ground zero the people have come out and complained in their own way that he has not done much for Kota Sentosa.  The do love him in Kota Sentosa but a YB who is not seen to improve the livelihood and economic activities of the constituency and hardly seen would be bests suited for other areas says a voter.

Going to Batu Kawa would just fit in nicely and do mor good than harm for his own credibility. He would love to overcome and go against all odds and get another scalp in  another Assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Department Tan Joo Phoi N13. As our tiger liew columnist puts it nicely( We all know Ah Jen loves to eat ministers for breakfast and so this time around he will boldly go into Batu Kawa where minister Ah Phoi is ripe for the kill.)

So is Taib leaving like so many has speculated?

The oppositions much loved BN ADUN N14 Karim Hamzah was asked on the spot ,”YB can cfm CM Taib still lead Sarawak in the coming State elections.?”

 He answered,” THATS FOR SURE ” 

(It must be noted that various reports from a number of agencies have been gathered and put forward which is not very favourable towards Taib leading the charge in the next elections. The reports are somewhat mixed and each of us can form our own opinions)

See Chee How Information Chief of PKR Sarawak in a telephone interview with audie 61 said,”IF DUN and general elections are held together,Taib will go before dissolution. If held separatedly he may lead State BN for the elections.He will be forced to step down before general election date.He is too much a liability to BN and Najib.

YES we are only to happy to facilitate his retirement for him if we win 40 seats.”

In the Malaysian corridor magazine Volume 05/10 KDN PP.16707/11/2010(025884) this was published in a comprehensive interview with Taib Mahmud by Managing Editor Juhaid Yean Abdullah

The questions to Taib on Politics.

Q. You have been appearing quite a lot in the mass media lately even appearing on the front page of national dailies.There has been speculation about your future.What do you think is that so?

A. These are naughty people who are trying to poke me. They have I’ve been around for 30 years and that I am no longer wanted.If I am no longer wanted I can leave.This is democracy.But when I suggested that I wanted to leave politics my own party people are unhappy.

I think this naughty people are trying to shift the blame on me. I know who they are. They are facing problems and in trying to resolve them,make me a target. If I am really not popular,how is it that my party.PBB.won 100 per cent of all the seats we contested in the last State elections in 2006.Likewise,the parties that supported me .they also had more or less 100 per centrecord in winning the seats allocated to them.

Q.The PM has said that he would be talking to you about you political future.Why the need to do so? Have you spoken to him? 

A. Yes.I have spoken to himand met the PM.I told PM’you are the leader of BN,if you want me to lead Sarawak BN into the next state elections, I will stay.If not,I can always find a replacement who can work together to achieve victory?

Q. How did PM respond to that?

A. Well,PM told me,”then you lead lah,Taib




10 thoughts on “Taib not “running away” like Chong..??

  1. Taib will run and very fasts if BN loses. But no matter where he hides he will be judged when the time comes. Sarawak will be better off without him.

    • At least he can migrate and settle down at his new wife’s country. A new life for him there.

      And a new life for the people of Sarawak here.

      By the way, BN will lose in Sarawak.

  2. If Taib leads and win many will eat humble pie. If Taib loses 2/3rds Najib will have to force Taib and say ‘Kawan time’s up.” Chong win or lose he will still be there for the next 10 years.
    Sarawak will choose very soon and we will vOTE the right leaders!

  3. Taib will lead BN in the coming State Election. No where did they say he will continue to be CM la. I dare PM to say that. I really doubt if he will say that for reasons that he and all Sarawakians know. You hear it here first…. Even if BN retain Sarawak, and GE13 is not held simuntaneously, Taib will no longer be CM. That is for sure.

    All this is distraction base on the Art of Sun Tzu.

    After March 2008, UMNO attack PAS. They know it is not working. Than they attack PKR and realise it is just as bad. So now they are changing strategy … guess what (my source UMNO PWTC strong room).

    Just today, they are using intimidation tactics by arresting Nixholas Mujah and Abun Sui. Why? That is to tell NGI to stop speading the message to rural areas the crimes committed.

    Are they scared. Taib may not run away. But he has shown he is a coward by using the Home Ministry and intimidate NGIs.

    How many do they want to take in? 10,000. Do they have a Prison that big to accomodate all. Remember even 200 Ibans, they quickly close Simunjan Police Station Gates!.

    To sum it up? Sarawakians must ensure Taib do not leave Sarawak like Marcos if BN Sarawak fall to Pakatan Rakyat.

    Dayaks must arise this time and that is imminent (again my source …. )

  4. It’s no longer up to taib. He knows it too and even the cronies are losing out to the sister..and u think they r happily accepting it?

    SUPP is still talking like a bunch of idiots as usual, ask these supps, do you think they are confident? nowadays, people would directly and to their face criticise supp for their non action like the land issues etc talk cock all you want just better pray you monkeys in there dont become scape goats as we all know a common practise in this country, they whack the chinese in bn first when shit hits the fan!

    Maybe a sandiwara like ling leong shit’s arrest but no one need that kind of grieve right…so XXXX u supp for you are truly XXXXed this time!

    remember this, it’s only a matter of time before justice catches up with u..worse to happen to anyone is to face justice in their old ages like 80s for misdeed committed in your younger days…like 50s..

    that b one XXXXing shit time won’t it…

    criminal offences have no time limitation just look up the statues of limitation and besides, the people are the boss and you monkeys in bee end have forgotten it and whats worse, some of you even think you’re the boss and can do what you like..so we shall all see in the future won’t we!

    go run to NZ, AUST, UK etc…G to G is more powerful then whatever you as an individual can do by then and probably you would have used up most of your loot by then!

    Suffering is a certainty in your future!

    And know this, killing the messenger never stopped an invading army did it..more and more messengers shall come and soon the invading army i.e. the people!

    • Why the above comments that justice will come knocking oneday? read the Greek proverb below for that’s the catalyst that would lead inevitably to demands for justice by the people:

      “You cannot reason with a hungry belly, it has no ears.” Greek Proverbs

      S’wak is going hungry!

      • Fedup, Mata Kuching and Zainuddin and others, dont waste your time reading and commenting in Audie61’s blog. It’s full of crabs and not worth our two cents to be here. Go to Hornbill Unleashed, Broken Shield, Dayakbaru and Sarawak Headhunter.

  5. Quite nice to look at The Beauty and The beast picture posted by Audie 61. Rich and Famous Marriage soon to be shaken the whole world happening in The land of Hornbill.



    I takdak paham lu mau cakap apa

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