DAP “feels its Christmas-time already..?”

It seems that CM Taib would be the favourite subject for the opposition leaders especially now with Sammy Vellu out of the limelight and frontline. It must be Christmas already says a political aide to a Minister. “They will have their guns all loaded and ready to fire at Sarawak CM as he is the one with the mosts wealth and helming the State for a good 30 years. MIC president Sammy is already history and now DAP plus the Pakatan partners want to create history by trying to wrestle the state from BN Sarawak and thus seees the end of another glorious era of a veteran political leader.”

An Internet portal has this article and many calls were made to audie61. We were also informed by a senior group editor that CM Taib has made a very good speech at the Sarawak State Civil Service function. At the BN convention in the Federal Capital CM Taib according to many was the mosts realistic and his speech was “real”

Even Pahang MB Adnan Yaakob mentioned to some UMNO Supreme Council Members which was overheard by audie61 and these were his own words to them,”Of all the speakers Sarawak CM touched the vital point,”He is very REAL.That’s the Truth. Itu yang benar. Saya akui.There is no compromise for religious extremism

audie61 sat through the speech which CM Taib seems to have captivated and ruffled many in the BN convention. He spoke through his years of experience helming the State and even had kind words for the Iban people and he proudly said,”even the Iban folks who lived in the longhouses are christians they know how to be tolerant to each others religion. They even prepare a room with prayer mats for him an his fellow muslim colleagues when they visited them to say their prayers. We in Sarawak are very tolerant of each others religion and we will want to maintain it that way.

The Star newspapers highlighted Taib with,”Religion could be used as a basis to sustain our culture and heritage for the future”

It is one way to condemn our leaders when they do wrong but when they are still in their element or with years of experience we need to evaluate further. DAP is after all an opposition party and they have everyright to be vocal and use every available resources to maintain their grip on their seats. It is their right and we acknowledge that and we copy and publish the article in totality.

DAP Sarawak though should know that the MB of Pahang praised CM Taib not knowing a fellow Sarawakian was there and was very surprised to hear that. It was not even a Press conference and also not telling Sarawakians

Are you not proud of your leader ..??

KUCHING:  Sarawak’s Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud should listen to the advice of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and discard the “four ailments”, namely delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance, if Barisan Nasional wants to continue to weild its iron-tight power in the state.

DAP treasurer Violet Yong said the ‘four ailments’ were as rampant in the Taib administration and was turning the people against BN.

“There are enough examples for delusionary acts by the state government. The construction of the 12 dams is an example of delusion and the arrogance of the state government.

“The dams are irresponsible and unnecessary. By constructing the dams, Taib is going against the people’s desire. He does not care about the sufferings as a result of them being displaced.

“He thinks he is the government and that he has the power to do what he likes,” said Yong, who is the state assemblywoman for Pending.

She said that if the state BN government is a people-friendly administration, then it should stop building the dams.

“The government is yet to resolve the issue of displaced people from the Bakun dam development. These affected people should have been settled first.

“The government should have come up with a proper scheme in order to improve their livelihood and their income level.

“But they have not done this. They have allowed the people to suffer. Look at the natives at Sungai Asap, and how they have suffered as a result of the Bakun dam,” she said.

Yong said Taib had forgotten the primary thrust of the 1Malaysia concept which was ‘people first, performance now’.

She said as far as the BN government in Sarawak was concerned it was “people last and pockets first.”

Land grabs

She said another sore point with the people was BN’s arrogance in grabbing native customary rights land belonging to the people.

“Taib must listen to Najib’s advice, otherwise what Najib is saying would be just another slogan in order to hoodwink the people,” she said.

Yong was responding to Najib’s advice to BN component parties to rid themselves of the “four ailments” before the people’s love for the BN turned into hatred, hope into anger, and support towards opposition.

Touching on the withdrawal of fuel and sugar subsidies, she sarcastically said it was “BN’s gift to the people” for giving them victories in the two recent by-elections.

“This is a gift by the BN government. This is the price you have to pay for supporting BN,” she said.

Yong believed the recent price hike in the raw materials was unreasonable and one that will have a great impact on the poor people. Sarawak is the fourth poorest state in Malaysia.

“It is unreasonable, because the government has not come out with a balance policy which will help the lower income group to meet the price hike,” she added.

6 thoughts on “DAP “feels its Christmas-time already..?”

  1. Mata Kuching says:

    The Politics of development is a BIG SCAM. Check for ourselves how many construction or infrastructure companies in Sarawak not linked to Taib Mahmud and family ever awarded any project at all? None. Without Taib and or family having any shares in those companies they will not get to smell the projects.

    Without the numerous Dams,big acreage of plantation there will be no roads leading to any rural population. From the construction of airports, deep sea ports, bridges, highways,government buildings,heritage sites and dams, none were not linked to Taib and family.

    Without Taib and UMNO controlled BN, Sarawakians will still be the friendliest people in the country, respectful of each other cultures and religion BUT we shall no longer suffer in silence and watch the corrupted politicians led by the thief minister and his gang of thives plunder and loot our beloved state.

    • SK Subramaniam says:

      Implement the White paper at your own peril Taib ! Sarawakians are getting increasingly fed up at your mafia mentality. We know your white paper is a ploy to protect yourself from your political foes, NGOs and Media in exposing all your misdeeds.

      Sarawakians know what to believe, how much to believe and what are the truth. No need for you to “protect” the peace and harmony enjoyed by all Sarawakians. Without you and with Pakatan ruling Sarawak, Sarawak will still be one of the most harmonious and peaceful state except that most of the Dayaks landowners will become instant millionaires.

  2. zik says:

    God will not change your life your destiny, if you, yourself dont want to! That is the question every Sarawakian or matter affect every Malaysian should ask themself!

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:
    :roll: This ‘Barang Naik’ gomen did not keep their PROMISE n they INCREASE petrol price again n they will know waht happen in this coming 13th GE !!!! they are more IDIOT to think that all ‘RAKYAT’ idiot ah!!!!! :roll:
    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  4. Jolia says:

    Let us get one thing clear – the country and the government are separate entities. Governments come and go, the country is eternal (unless it is destroyed or fragmented). We owe our allegiance to the country, not to the government. Therefore, saying bad things about a bad government is not being anti-national.

    Most important of all, voting against a bad government is not being anti-national. A bad government does not deserve loyalty. Disloyalty to the government is not disloyalty to the country; in fact, voting out a bad government is being loyal to the country.

    A sensible and wise Malaysian share the above with all Malaysians and warned the politically retarded BN men.

  5. Mat Komeng says:

    Barisan Nasional by itself is the VERY BEST PARTY so far, what most of the Rakyats saying now is that they don’t like CM and his cronies but The Rakyats still Love The Barisan Nasional. Hello Pok ! what happen in Penang now, almost everyday the Rakyats facing probelms, difficulties etc…. Lim Guan Eng with his slogans – Datuk Aku Punya ( DAP ) Untuk Mu No Okay ( UMNO ) Pening Aku Saja ( PAS ) . Lu Fikir Lah SEndiri.

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