Masings “No,No,No Pelagus” to Sng

The smiles which has been appearing on Larry Sngs supporters in Pelagus must have more or less been extinguished by not only the PRS Pelagus members but also the whole PRS machinery. Last weekend Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Pelagus division has come out strong by insisting that Pelagus constituency needs a new elected representative from within the party. Not a day goes by without someone mentioning the drama of Pelagus Seat.

Today,even before he goes on an official trip to Mongolia the PRS President gave a strong statement which has appeared in a local daily. He said,”we are firm on this issue .We will not allow anyone from outside the party to represent PRS in Pelagus,least of all a direct BN candidate as we have more than enough qualified people to represent us there.”

We will field only a PRS-sanctioned candidate for Pelagus.Currently the party has identified at least two or perhaps more potential candidates for the seat.”stressed Masing. Masing went on to say that Sng’s current political predicament was no longer PRS’s problem.

A political source said,”Fair enough but questions why Masing had to say this,”It is only right that Pelagus which is an Iban majority seat be represented by an Iban from PRS.?” Will this not open up a can of worms and it might just land on his lap..?

 He should have just concentrated on making the seat as a PRS quota in the BN consensus agreement but not touching the racial aspects. He needs not be reminded,does he on how and who lobbied for Senior Sng in the good old days.?He continued,”Don’t be too Obsessed that the real issue of the party’s seat is losts through missing the target.”

Junior Sng remains a favourite with CM Taib and only when the lists is announced after the BN coalition has vetted the candidates will we all know whether Sng will still be in Pelagus or be moved to avoid further controvesies before or after the elections.

Will SNG be able to punch the air with a CLENCHED FISTS and shout “YES….?”


17 thoughts on “Masings “No,No,No Pelagus” to Sng

  1. Forget about Pelagus….lets talk about national issue and the silly debates by UMNO and Perkasa about who should and should not be the DPM of Malaysia.

    Article 43

    1. (1) The Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall appoint a Jemaah Menteri (Cabinet of Ministers) to advise him in the exercise of his functions.

    2. (2) The Cabinet shall be appointed as follows, that is to say –

    (a) the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall first appoint as Perdana Menteri (Prime Minister) to preside over the Cabinet a member of the House of Representative who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House; and

    (b) he shall on the advice of the Prime Minister appoint other Menteri (Ministers) from among the members of either House of Parliament;

    Can you see it just says that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall appoint a Jemaah Menteri (Cabinet of Ministers)? His Majesty shall also appoint a Prime Minister.

    Note there is no mention of the race, religion or gender of the Prime Minister. It could be an Indian-Hindu woman as far as the Constitution is concerned. It would be perfectly legal and constitutional.

    Furthermore, there is no mention of Deputy Prime Minister. Malaysia does not need a Deputy Prime Minister. The Constitution does not make it mandatory that Malaysia has a Deputy Prime Minister. The Constitution only says Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers.

    We can have no Deputy Prime Minister or we can have five Deputy Prime Ministers if we want to. And it does not matter whether they are men, women, Muslims, non-Muslims, Malays or non-Malays. The Constitution does not stipulate whether we must have none, one, or more than one, Deputy Prime Ministers and what race, religion and gender they must be.

    Umno screams about respecting the law and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. But those who scream about respecting the law and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia do not even know what it says.

    Bodoh punya orang Umno!

    If Pakatan wins and forms the next government at Putrajaya, there is no stopping who Pakatan feels fit to be DPM. Race will never be an issue and they can have more than one DPM.

    Stupid politicians should not be allowed to administer our country. They must be voted out. They are wasting tax payers’ money and leading the country down the gutter.

    Vote for complete Change. Vote for a new dawn for all Malaysians regardless of status and race. Vote for a brighter future for all natives in Malaysia.

    • Bro Audie61….. salam 1Malaysia to you.

      I agree, Pelagus is an Iban seat! Larry Sng, being a chinese is well accepted by the Ibans in the area, not just because he is the right person for the job, but his “tan sri Zeti” is so powerful and so influencel. You think an Iban candidate be it in PRS or SUPP be accepted in chinese majority are?….. Sounds racial, but it’s fact!

  2. Sng should just retire.Forget it as you have been the person who has caused all the troubles for thedayaks and enrich the melanaus.

  3. Small Sng can stand in Pelagus as independant (but BN Taib supported, as this happened regularly in the past) and let old Sng stand in Balleh (if he still got the money raining from helicopter)…if they win, they can then accepted into BN (like what happens in Engkilili)….in BN politic, nothing is impossible and wrong as you remember the mighty evil power of the old man
    Masing, dont messing messing around and make old man angry or you too will become “expired” like those before you

  4. What’s so great about Sng? What’s so great about Taib? I don’t know the anwers. U people of S’wak know the answers. Forget about them just all but remember to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the coming state and federal election PRN10 and GE13.

  5. Since when masin called the shots to decide who stands in Pelagus?
    White hair is smiling now at your comments, masin.
    Set your priorities right. many more thing can be done than this issue. Your are a well educated man but are you educated enough?????????????????????????????????

  6. Learning the correct history about Malaysia has to begin with who helped hasten Malaya independence and thereafter.

    It is the lies and spins of Umno that Malaysians must be careful of. What we are being told is not what really happened. Sure, Umno did send a delegation to meet the British to oppose the Malayan Union. But who were these so-called ‘Umno people’?

    They were not the rakyat. The rakyat did not care. They were not concerned. In fact, they were not even aware about what was going on.

    Those who went to meet the British were the orang istana or people from the royal court, the palace people. Is it any wonder that they all had Raja or Datuk in front of their names? In fact, Umno was ‘born’ in the palace of the Sultan of Johor. For all intents and purposes it was a ‘royal effort’.

    So dispel all this talk about the Rulers selling out to the British and that Umno, a party of the rakyat, saved the Rulers who had agreed to the Malayan Union due to their ignorance. Many of the royalty then were well educated and were more English than the Englishman. I remember my grandfather speaking just like Winston Churchill. How more English than that can you be?

    The British, then, were good at what they called ‘gunboat diplomacy’. They ‘persuaded’ foreign leaders to agree to the terms of His Majesty’s government with a gun at the head. Did they not use the same tactics on the Chinese Emperor to gain Hong Kong?

    Umno, at that time, were not seeking Merdeka. They only wanted the British to abandon the Malayan Union and opt for a Federation of Malaya, which eventually did happen two years later. It was MCA that first broached the subject of Merdeka.

    The British, of course, would not talk to MCA unless the Malays too were in the equation. The MIC at that time did not bother about Merdeka. MIC was a communist party that was more concerned with independence for India. Malaya was not their home. India was.

    It was not until the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) stepped up the insurgency — which resulted in the British declaring the Malayan Emergency — that the British decided it would be prudent to allow Malaya self-rule. Many would not agree with me, of course, but I would dare say that Chin Peng accelerated Merdeka. If not, Malaya would have gained independence much later than 1957.

    In fact, Malaysia too came about because of the Communists. Lee Kuan Yew was one smart cookie. He made a deal with the CPM who swept half the seats in the Singapore elections. This frightened the British who saw Singapore falling to the Communists.

    Lee Kuan Yew told the British that the only way to stop the march of the Communists was to give Singapore independence so that, together with Sabah and Sarawak, it could form a new country with Malaya that would be called Malaysia. Singapore, on its own, would fall to the Communists. As part of Malaysia the Communists could be stopped.

    So, while Chin Peng accelerated Merdeka, Lee Kuan Yew ‘convinced’ the British to give independence to Singapore so that it could join Malaya to form Malaysia. Of course, Singapore was not really interested in being part of Malaysia. It just wanted independence. And not long after that it left Malaysia to become an independent Republic of Singapore, which was what Lee Kuan Yew really wanted.

    Lee Kuan Yew then got rid of the Communists by detaining them all without trial. He had used them to frighten the British and now no longer had any use for them. So he rounded them up and locked them away for a long time, the sneaky bugger.

    But are Chin Peng and Lee Kuan Yew mentioned in this context? They were significant players in the creation of Malaya and later, Malaysia. What we read is about Umno this and Umno that. We are told that Malaya gained independence and Malaysia was later created because of Umno.

    These are the lies and spins that Malaysians overseas and at home must be wary of. The history you are being taught is not the real history. What I have just related is the real history. But rest assured not a single Umno member would admit this. They are too ashamed to admit it. By admitting this they would be admitting that Umno is not really the hero that they pretend to be.

    So the Communist Party did not terrorise rakyat and the Armed Forces were just unfortunate to be tricked into fighting for the British and on behalf of the British agaisnt the Communist who just wanted to liberate Malaya from the British after garnering fierce resistance against the Japanese soldiers.

  7. Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:
    :shock: Hohoho NO NO NO NO NO NO this ‘Barang Naik’ gomen really very predictable with their mis-management n PRICE INCREASE again %$#@6678#@!#$%^&*()):tiu
    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  8. Biggest dividend payout by SALCRA..says Alfred Jabu the deputy thief minister. Dayaks are not impressed and in fact was feeling belittled and insulted by this incorrigible and useless Dayak leader.

    The Broken Shield: On paper, the dividend appears to be big. In fact, according to SALCRA, it is the biggest dividend payout – RM74.3 million to some 20,000 landowners.

    Let us look into it mathematically: RM74, 300,000 divide by 20,000 landowners equals to RM3, 715 per participant per year. RM3, 715 divide by 12 months equals to RM309.50 per participant per month. Again we divide RM309.50 by 30 days, the result will be RM10.31 per landowner per day.

    As Jabu said, 50% will be paid between January and February, the amount each land owner receives will be around RM5.16 per landowner per day. Assume, the average family is four, and then each person is entitled to RM1.29 per day. It is just enough to buy a cup of coffee.

    It appears that the SALCRA landowners belong to the hardcore poor in the state earning an income of RM309.50 per month, if we take the RM750 as the poverty line.

    I would have thought that some Dayak women selling “paku-tubu” would earn a profit of RM50.00 a day. In a month, the smart ones could earn between RM1,000 and RM1,200 a month.

    So to me, the SALCRA’s dividend is pleasant to the ears and for the ears of rural voters. You know the State election is coming. But it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signify nothing.


    The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) envisions a nation that has fully realised the aspirations of our founding fathers that Malaysia be a nation founded upon the principles of liberty and justice, her people bound together by a unity of purpose and imbibed with self-belief, to make Malaysia a land of prosperity and peace, ever seeking the welfare and happiness of its people and the maintenance of a just peace among all nations.

    The Federal Constitution of 1957 guarantees all citizens of, first, Malaya and, later, Malaysia, the rights and liberties accorded to all free men of all democratic nations and provides for the establishment of institutions of state to secure and safeguard those liberties.

    The existence and application of draconian laws in the context of a systemic failure on the part of many of those institutions to honour their duty to uphold, protect and preserve the Federal Constitution has resulted in those guaranteed rights and liberties becoming, for many, illusory.

    We believe that many Malaysians desire changes and reforms as comprehensively laid out in The People’s Voice and The People’s Declaration. The MCLM aims to take a leading role in realising these aspirations and encouraging the wider participation of civil society in shaping the future of our nation.

    To read The People’s Voice and The People’s Declaration, please follow The People’s Parliament link below:

  10. The Sarawak Government and its cabinet ministers and law makers must deny and refute all allegations made by Sarawak Report against Taib Mahmud before they should ever think or consider the controversial White Paper. Sarawakians will deem such move as an attempt by BN government to cover all the misdeeds and abuse of power and position by Taib Mahmud. We are watching BN very closely.

    Sarawak still undecided on White Paper

    Mon, 06 Dec 2010 17:29
    E-mail Print

    KUCHING: The Sarawak goverment has yet to decide on when to introduce the proposed White Paper with guidelines to tackle “unhealthy political trends”.

    Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud said today that relevant data were still being gathered to formulate the White Paper, which the state assembly in a recent resolution allowed the Sarawak government to publish.

    “It (White Paper) is a preventive rather than a punitive measure,”he told reporters after attending the Sarawak level civil service gathering here.

    Taib said the White Paper was not meant to stifle democrary but to protect the political way of life of the Sarawak people “who love peace and harmony”.”

    According to earlier reports, the state governnment is to decide on whether to formulate legislation based on the White Paper, which the opposition had criticised.

    • Fighting corruptions is definitely not anti-government or inciting hatred between the races. Do not insult our intelligence. Sarawakians and Malaysians can be united and upholding peace and harmony by virtue of being Malaysians without having to cast a single vote for BN.

      • Women Power to lead against massive corruption of UMNO led BN which has tacitly approved of Taib Mahmud’s looting and plundering.

        Sarawak women to stand up and make the difference. My mother, sisters and wife will vote against massive corruption of BN led by Taib.

  11. The Orang Asli, and natives of Sarawak and Sabah cannot even afford to migrate to the cities or towns with nothing more than a few hundred ringgit in their piggy banks. Most of the priority developments planned for the rural interior were and are planned to enrich the thief minister and his family or cronies.

    A recent case in point is the Bengoh Dam located at the Bidayuh heartland in Padawan. A company of the Naim Holdings Bhd which is owned by Taib’s cousin Hamid Sepawi was awarded the project costing tax payers RM310 million and displacing 1,500 Bidayuh villagers. Naim was also been awarded the construction of the access road leading to the new settlement scheme planned by the state government at a cost of RM70 million. On top of that, Naim is also been awarded the project to design and construct the infrastructure of the settlement scheme amounting to RM168.8 million. Another final package to construct the houses for the settlers, totally about 200 units, amounting to about RM100 million. Hamid Sepawi has been a proxy for Taib Mahmud since the day he left the Forestry Department as a junior officer. Today he is ranked 38th richest man in Malaysia by Fobes.

    What are the Bidayuh community and their educated folks doing about this scam (often refered to as Taib’s politic of development) affecting their own kind and robbing their people of their ancestral lands. The developer aligned to Taib’s family of another project affecting the Bidayuh some years ago was the Penrissen Height which make several hundreds of million ringgit. And now the Bengoh Dam helps Naim Holdings Bhd gained almost RM650 million. More such scams will be repeated and at least 12 more dams are in the pipeline.Dayaks NGOs and Associations must join forces with Pakatan to stop these multi billion ringgit scams of Taib Mahmud which robbed landowners and the rakyat directly and indirectly. For as long as BN wins every state and parliamentary elections, nothing will ever stop this paramount thief minister from plundering and looting our state.

    We must say Enough Is Enough. Revolt if we must and we must be bold to hold a massive demonstrations against this tyranny and make sure Taib Mahmud returns all ill gotten wealth belonging to Sarawakians to the people and our beloved state.

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