Sarawak “Invisible Men”

Have we got something that will make heads turn? Have we unearthed a “declaration” which suits and sits nicely into the laps of the “Invisible Men”.

The undercurrents which has surrounded the present BN leadership is nothing short of being “a coup sounds to harsh, says an emeritus professor  but a plot to ensure the handover is smoothen” 

This time is for REAL says an opposition youth leader and there are also noises being made to ensure a certain particular party is further strengthened in order to see the plotting ticks like clockwork.

No one can dispute the fact that our two earlier articles 1. “Are we surprised?” and 2. ” Silent and Deadly revolt ” are beginning to lure the Invisible Men into the nets. They are so busy scheming with their almost perfect plans that they have forgotten their “real enemies”

The Pakatan strategic team are waiting to cash in when they are derailed and with the “chaos ” that they might have an even chance to create an upset of some sorts.  

A former PRS supreme council member said in a telephone conversation to audie61 at 10.36 am that he will go all out against the Baleh incumbent candidate. Tell him I will go all out against him as the minefields are already exploding in front of his face. Sudah meletup (already exploded) “BOOM,BOOM,BOOM

Ask yourself this question says a senior lecturer in poliitcal science,”Do you honestly think CM Taib as BN Chairman will not step in? He has one eye on the election and the other eye on the Invisible men movements. Shouldn’t he has both eyes fixed on the enemy?”

Unfortunatedly, the Invisible men are giving him a fresh headache. The schemers thought that they have just enough ‘ mandate ” to see a successful succession but the plot within is cracking up bit by bit.

 A close aide to the CM said,” The PBB boys are slowing down as they know the minefields are already stepped on.” Even the puppet master is withdrawing into his shell.

What happens to the Invisible men? Mosts of them will suffer the consequences for being “associated‘ with or “guilty by virtue of being related” and they will not be spared. It’s a dog eat dog world and even if they try to defend themselves or provide evidences that they are carrying their so called political masters work, it will be a little too late.   

They have already crossed the line as far as the CM’s inner circle are concerned. Even if they go down on their knees or with their heads in between their legs walking backwards they are virtually as good as scrapheap.   

Trying to admit their mistakes is one thing but creating a big blunder with making confidential “information virtual” is the absolute crime. CM Taib will use whatever in his powers when he still commands to crush the Invisible men to smithereens.

Mosts of them have even professed that “BN Ulih Nulong Kitai“{ BN will only help us} but only on a pretence that it suits them.   The invisible men are infact a headache for the adminstration when things are not working in their favour. { they are not like the hidden hands or puppet masters where they have the resources to live to fight another day}

The invisible men are already and have been handsomely rewarded and await another bounty if their scheme works. The political strategists within each component parties of whichever divide BN or Pakatan dread to deal with these sort of politicking.

They are not even the Trojan horses or Third force which many feels are beginning to emerge in our political system. It has already infiltrated in the system but the ruling powers know how to stem them out.

They will silently derail them and even let them step on the booby traps. To even classify them as “traitors” within their inner political circles will be even worse than a slap in their own faces . The Invisible men is for real and they are certainly useful and a powerful threat in Chaotic times.

Giving them recognition and double their rewards will calm them for a short while but in the long term a THIRD EYE Needs to be placed at the back of the head. The invisible men will not only bark but it will bite and most dynasties,kingdoms and regimes paid a heavy price for overlooking their usefulness.

The present State BN will have their machinery ready for any eventualities. Somehow CM Taib will not let his tenure {close to 30th years-26th March 2011} be losts like other leaders before him. He has worked it out to near perfection and the Invisible Men will be the ones bearing the BRUNT when the AXE FALLS.

The Invisible men knows nothing less than a perfect scheme can outwit and outmanouver the CM. Age is not on CMs side plus too many bad publicities on the family and himself will work against him.  

CM being a survivor and nearly 30years at the helm remains solid especially in times of adversities. Many have tried and have been beaten and disappeared politically. Could you see the Invisible Men successful in their plot in ousting the top man?