“Are we surprised..??”

Friends can be enemies,enemies can be friends says our SPDP privilege source to audie61. He was giving us examples on how in politics Moggie (PBDS) went against Taib and also Salleh Jafaruddin (Permas)went against his own cousin Taib.

There is a bigger picture to all this he says and a veteran political analyst nodded in agreement,” Honestly could they be an engineered coup from within PBB just after the elections.? It can happen and Taib is very aware of all this.


Why should one be as CM has stayed in the chair for far too long says a political analysts. Day by day the pressure builds and every little movement is closely watched like the war drums and gongs being sounded. Its those little unhappiness which is giving the CM ‘headaches” as they are not within his control.   

Nothing is far from the truth as mosts people are looking at groupings of YBs in the formation of ousting the present CM” It has already started and within the coalition partners the groupings stands out like a ‘sore thumb”

This was all started apparently pointing the fingers at ” some ” who have an agenda in PBB. Though during the height of the SPDP Separatists 5 it had the hallmarks of the CM Taib having affixed his signatures to make it more enticing and to see how,” Mawan comes out of it” { Mawan has come out of it with flying colours and CM Taib is very pleased with his whole showing in handling the situation. }

Without doubt, a few disgruntled and opportunistic politicians are masterminding to get into the ‘ inner circles’ and also to capitalise and profit if it materialises. Noises and whisperings to those who are interested seems to be the order of the day and recently it has even made it to some internet portals.

The article:-http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/fmt-english/politics/sabah-and-sarawak/13255-mawans-offer-to-swap-stirs-anxiety-in-sarawak-bn

The Taib /Tiong Bests Friends Forever(BFF) seems to have made the movement more wary that the topman (Taib) is in the know. The plotters of this scheme are now looking over their shoulders and phone calls made have answers like,”No way,it is very close to election time and we have nothing to do with it.All using boss names only.” 

When all it is dusted down many will be very surprised. If its speculations and rumour mongering the CM would not have asked his close aides to weed out the ” detractors and opportunists” from within.

It is a foregone conclusion and without question that the CM was and still very much so angered with the “kitchen issue” in London and his trusted officers are gathering all information to corner the main players. The people involved meanwhile are using other sources to “cover and create chaos” so that the CM would have to much to contain and thus just let it fizzle out.

The internet portals even mentioned that the rift between Mawan and Nansian is beyond repair. However our source in a telephone conversation at 11.55am begs to differ as the both the SPDP leaders were having a very cordial relationship and were chatting away like “before”when they were together in KL yesterday. The perception is all being played up and the bigger picture is that the political scheming by ‘some“has not stopped.

SPDP knows bests what it can do and the grassroots will not let the ‘Instigators” from trying to create “chaos” so that their “MASTERPLAN” will take shape. CM is not too worried about the opposition Pakatan camp but more from the forces within. He has full confidence to win the State elections for the BN but needs to be extra careful immediatedly just after the ” MAIN EVENT ”  

What comes next is more a pressing matter for him and he certainly is losing some sleep over it. He has the inspiration to call for the State Elections and this is just an overture to ensure the schemers will fall for it.



17 thoughts on ““Are we surprised..??”

  1. Premier Voter says:

    When the top gun has over-stayed too long and really too long, the rest of the waiting guns get bored, unpatient and gradually angry. This happens in all human politic and human nature

    You stay too long. First you dig the mountain, then the flat land , next and last into the under-ground (grave), if one is too greedy of monetary gain through wicked ways

  2. Buduk says:

    Not only Taib is hantu but all the BN wakil are hantus. It’s not fair on Taib. So the rakyat as a whole in S’wak get all the hantus chased out of S’wak state government by the bomohs. Only bomohs can chased the hantus. The bomohs that hve the kuasa and not the bomohs that Taib used to depend on his greedy and creed appetites. We’re the rakyat, the bomohs that will chase Taib, the hantu and thge rest of the hantus. They’re 71 hantus in S’wak. Change them with humanbeing from Pakatan Rakyat this coming state election. Once these humanbeings become ur elected wakil and thyen become an hantu chased them out with the power of the rakyat.

  3. tuan says:

    Dear readers,

    Our main duty is to inform all rumah panjai folks not to vote Bala Nyumboh(BN) bcos all urban voters now already switched to PR. TQ

  4. KK Lau says:

    Police has again denied permit to DAP to hold a dinner in Batu Kawa. This is a classic example which will affirm that PDRM is under the payroll of Sarawak CM.

    The voters of Batu Kawa must punish BN and Taib Mahmud for being oppressive and for denying the rakyat the freedom to associate themselves with DAP or Pakatan. But BN cannot deny the people from voting for Pakatan and kicking out BN.

    We must put a complete stop to such nonsense of police oppressing the Opposition Pakatan when directed to do so by the government of the day who are merely servants of the people.

    We must punish BN good and proper in the coming state election. Screw them real good this time!

    • Jolia says:

      The Christians will vote out a corrupted and oppressive BN and Taib Mahmud and his gang of thives and rapists. We hope the Buddhist and Muslim brothers and sisters will do the same and vote for change and for a clean, responsible, caring and progressive government.

  5. Asri Rahman says:

    Sabah poverty rate missing from 10th Plan
    Sun, 28 Nove 2010 09:57
    E-mail Print

    By Joe Fernandez

    KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s poverty rate is not shown in the 10th Malaysia Plan (2011-2015) unlike the previous plan which acknowledged that the state was among the most economically backward in the country. The Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010) even had an index to show how the poverty rate was calculated.

    Visiting Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Professor Junaenah Sulehan made these startling disclosure here recently. She was commenting on a World Bank report earlier this month which had confirmed that Sabah was the poorest state in the country.

    “The Ninth Plan registered Sabah’s poverty at 23% which is high compared with other states,” said Junaenah. “It’s not just Sabah. There are other poor states as well including Sarawak where I come from.”

    She said poverty can be measured by two tools: one based on income and the other on aspects like nutrition, health, security and other indicators. The first tool, income, is difficult to apply in the rural areas since many people don’t have a monthly income, she added. “So, whatever the rural people produce for their food is counted as income.”

    Junaenah attributed poverty in Sabah and Sarawak to geographical and distance factors or what economists call a structural problem, among others.

    She said that there were many isolated communities which are cut of from the rest of the world and travel is only possible by foot or boat.

    Also, there are other problems like inadequate political institutions, lack of co-operation and coordination among government agencies and the problem of duplication. “In the end, nothing trickles down to the grassroots,” she said. “Every department waits for the other to act.”

    Abyss of poverty

    The professor points out that since those categorised as poor are mostly rural women, something has to be done for them. The answer lies in participation and empowerment, according to her, to get them out of the abyss of poverty.

    The professor’s remarks have struck a chord with leaders across both sides of the political divide in the state.

    Kundasang state assemblyman Joachim Gunsalam conceded that his constituency has a high poverty rate. Among the contributing factors, he cited the lack of basic infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water as well as electricity supply and the distance from government service centres.

    “Barisan Nasional (BN) lost in this area in the 11th general election and won by only four votes the last time,” said Gunasalam who expressed misgivings about his chances in the constituency at the next general election. “The opposition is telling the people that the BN only gave projects to its cronies.”

    Pantai Manis state assemblyman Abdul Rahim Ismail remains pessimistic that Sabah can go forward unless the state government takes serious measures to revamp the economy and step up efforts to bring down the poverty level.

    “The state’s allocation of RM162.12 million to change the fate of the hardcore poor and the poor in the rural areas is very small,” he said.

    He lamented that Petronas had contributed to the poverty rate in Sabah by declaring 240sq km covering Kimanis Bay, Bongawan and Papar as an exclusive zone for the oil and gas terminal project in Kimanis. This has affected hundreds of coastal fishermen who are already listed in the poor category.

    “I would like to know whether Petronas plans to give any cash assistance to the fishermen whose livelihood has been affected by the Kimanis terminal project,” said Abdul Rahim.

    Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) state assemblywoman for Luyang, Melanie Chia, wonders what has happened to all the federal and state government allocations all these years for poverty eradication programmes.

    “It’s claimed that millions have been spent over the years but the people who are supposed to benefit from these programmes remain poor,” she said. “Giving out money during elections and by-elections cannot cover up the true situation on the ground.”

    The state government has listed 11,956 hardcore poor households in the state and a further 20,046 poor households up to Nov 9 this year, according to figures released by the state rural development ministry.

    Sarawak is among the three poorest state in Malaysia and both Sabah and Sarawak which are endowed with enormous natural resources, have been ruled by UMNO dominated BN for the last 47 years. Kelantan can be excused because it has been victimised by UMNO led Federal government for the last 18 years. Ketantan government has recently sued the Federal government for withholding petroleum royalty to the sate government.

    Do we still want a state government that consisitently failed the rakyat for the last 47 years and instead of enriching and empowering Sarawakians and Sabahans, the UMNO dominated BN government led by Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman respectively had plundered and looted our assets.

    Make no mistake, UMNO dominated BN must be defeated and replaced at both state and federal levels and East Malaysian voters must take the lead in defeating the corrupted and oppressive UMNO dominated BN government.

  6. Penghulu says:

    I beg to differ. Mawan had yet to come out of it, least with flying colours. The damaged had been done.Mawan are now surrounded by yes sir man and the party is still as unhealthy as ever.Name me one person in the spdp leadership who can garner the respect of the public and members.With the changing of the current political landscape, unless Mawan is bold enough, overcome his fear of the Bintulu MP, inject new blood into his party, I am afraid after the next State elections, SPDP will no longer be relevant. So far, PRS James Masing and the group seem to smell that change, and it look like PRS is overshadowing, SPDP.

  7. puterikeligitlrongburak says:

    Dear YB Billy, now you yourself declared. Your sorrow way out is going after you fortune in Politic and PRS is not a party for your survival.. think..think .. wisely. when the times will come by your way, now you will ask yourself what wrong you have done for yourself, what great services you ever rendered to the people since 1990-2012? People are no longer blind and people now are start knocking at your footstep at your door, well Masing will not wanting to give you a chances this times around as candidate for Ulu Rejang?

    Billy forget about PRS? This are this dirty hole games play, your stewardship being loyal to a man like Masing for the past decade… will be rottan like the rottan fish died at Bakun Dam with no values for monies,

    Your sorrow are just like the misery floating Logjaws rottan trees float from Upper Baleh down to the rejang river, will your NASIB is secure under this kind of man like Masing, …

    ya my friend Billy Abit Joo, before it to late, please asking for help from Mr Najib the BN President he is the one and only who can give you tumb up and person to make final say to deny the Masing potential choices, man whom he think fit to work for him in PRS.

    YB Billy, perhap you are too powerful person to be handle by Masing in PRS? the only way to safe your water faces, please get you out fast before it too late from PRS? He may think that now, you getting power and wealthy person wanting to take control of the catchment areas concession timber, fishing, bakun Trust fund issues, tourism development and others within bakun Dam Kot? once you are out of political power this times…. Billy, you are on your out and have hard way up..

    Billy, you alot of problem and issues still unresolved within people of Baluy with Sarawak Government unresolved, especially people who are being badly treated suffered by the Bakun Dam projects since 1994-today, so far what you have done for the people of Baluy since when you became MP Ulu Rejang, 1990-2012? Billy lupa saja lah Politik… be a free man, then you will be a very happy man..

    Masing will not able to resolved your problem with him in PRS crisis kot? The undercurrent between you and masing are very strong on going attacking against each other.if he still insist his own man,..my answer for this crisis, let get out from PRS quick..quick jaga maruah kamu YB Billy? You like it or not, you have to make a wise decision sooner or later friend…

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