“Pakatan/BN People Power..Elections after March..!!”

It could just be that these two dates would be very significant for GE13th and Sarawak State Elections.

  • 1.March 8th 2011- MPs especially those first timers must serve at least three years before they are entitled for pensions.
  • 2.March 26th 2011-CM Taib will have served his 30th year as CM of Sarawak.

Rubbish and just Mere Speculations to Some right..The truth though { If SNAP polls is called there is however a provision for the MPs to be given pensions}

It seems the feel good factor is beginning to show for the BN and also the internal problems of the Pakatan coalition gives the strategists in BN more confidence rather than the hopefulness of the People coming back towards the BN coalition.

Former PM Mahathir has even said that the Najib administration might just wrestle back one or two states but will still find getting back the 2/3rds majority in Parliament a daunting tasks. He could be proven just right as two wins in a byelections doesn’t mean that the People are back with the BN. There are still one too many wrongs which needs to be put right.

BN and Pakatan states knows where they have gone wrong and even if the elections are called now it will still not be so clearcut on who will form the majority government. BN does have the East Malaysian States of Sabah/Sarawak to ensure that they will remain in power.

Unless there is a major shift in the Peoples Mindset or have given up on the BN government.Pakatan will still need to play second fiddle to BN.

Peoples Power cannot be taken forgranted.Their patience might run out with seeing familiar faces at the helm overstaying themselves. The over overcomplacency by the government thinking that all is well at the groundzero.

 The People have sent the warning signs during 308 and BN and Pakatan propaganda machinery needs to send the right message. Overzealous misconception on any of the coalition part will be more detrimental than they can imagine.

To quote a government retiree ,”The People will not be FOOLS ALL THE TIME.In the end the FOOL might just surprise you. Too many uncalled political statements from both houses will give the mandate to the FOOL.”