PKR”The Truth is out there..!!”

The Propaganda is very clear.Its a mathematical game and with huge numbers one will be able to stand tall and have a bigger say in the political field. PKR says it has 400,000 members in their lists.How come not even 10% came out to vote asks a real estate owner? Are the leaders in PKR going to just keep quiet on this issue? There must be a revamp of the membership system?

On the plus side however he commended PKR for their farsightedness of having the national polls but all the loose ends and discrepancies needs to be ironed out. I dont need to tell them how to do it. They have the brains and the resources to do it.

The real estate owner added  ,”Could they have got their membership from the electoral roles? It looks quite obvious with the very low turnout ? Don’t tell me the listed members have suddenly left PKR in the thousands?

 10% of 400,000 members something amiss.Actual figures doesn’t lie does it….??