Rumours/speculations will just take centrestage when a party after going through a minor crisis seems all calm. It seems some spin doctors are trying to find the achilles heel of SPDP and rock it towards submission. We knew about this a couple of weeks ago but does not want to be an accomplice nor to shake the foundations for the benefit of some selfish few.

Frantic phone calls were abuzz and today its on everyone’s lips. The Borneo Posts story headlined “Rumours of Balang quitting SPDP’s sec-gen post quashed.The article can be read HERE:

SG On behalf of SPDP Pending Division we would like to stand behind you and dedicate this song to you. We are sure the whole SPDP party from the President,Supreme council down to the grassroots of each division are steadfastly and fully saying,” You’ll never walk alone ”     


One thought on “SPDP” WALK THROUGH A STORM…”

  1. ” Search me, sir. I have not read any letter of resignation. So issue closed. I do not know. I hear nothing. I see nothing. But I smelled something…..yes igai, I agree,I also do smell something…the smell of a rotten rat name Paul Igai. Its obvious you are masterminding, to kicked out your immediate Bos Balang. You have endlessly campaigned that balang is a useless fellows, like you always did to others. Wow to mawan for trusting you.

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