In politics Nothing is Impossible. A WIN IS WIN.

BN Sarawak will go all out to protect the candidates that will bring them success. Our SPDP Privelege source said to audie61,”You see N45(O00ps N54 sorry..reader informed tks) might just be swapped with  N66. Both are Assistant Ministers and it might just work for both parties concerned since SUPP has declared in a PC today that they have not considered Larry Sng to contest in the 19 seats allocated to SUPP”

Even in the Borneo Posts for the last few days this issue has been played up where the SPDP President William Mawan said,”We have the areas but we don’t mind swapping or exchanging areas so long a Barisan wins. That is the most important thing,”

Meanwhile PRS President James Masing has said,”

‘Pelagus not open for talks’

The floodgates opened when the Chief Minister last weekend at a function in Miri in his speech put it out openly,“(Even) if they are not party members, as long as they support the government, as long as they got something to contribute, bring them in (and) get them to be candidates,”

There will be a solution and it might just be this N54 and N66 Swapping symbols and seats.

Can we rule this out ?

Our Privilege source insists that when CM Taib calls it during the BN meeting for the winnable candidates no one would even dare to challenge him unless they are prepared to face the consequences.

 Then again at that particular time BN might just LISTEN or….


5 thoughts on ““SURE SWAPPED SEATS..??”

  1. Julai says:

    Audie, u mean N54 swap with N66? PRS with SPDP? How will two towkeys play out in SPDP? U r a division chairman in SPDP. Ur take please…no mountain can hv 2 tigers, so the saying goes. How abt Sun Tzu?

  2. kpt99 says:

    10 million or more is enough to throw James Masing in Balleh in this coming election,Dato Sng says.He further reiterated Dont be so confident and happy of where and who you are now.Who is going to end political career is yet to be known.Mark my words.

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