“Sabah Votes,Sarawak Develops..”

Bugi Wijaya sent to audie61 an email and said “This is one of the many PKR Propaganda pamphlets and election material to ensure that the People of Sabah will vote for their Candidate” His friend said Sabah has this what has Sarawak got? 

Sure Sarawak has got plenty and this picture tells us more than we need to know. It’s a fact and travelling in Kota Sentosa areas are now a breeze.

Do We Need To Ask Who Has Done His Fair Share Of Work?

Voters in N45 and P185 will be going to the POLLS tomorrow and your VOTES are Crucial…. 

3 thoughts on ““Sabah Votes,Sarawak Develops..”

  1. Bartholomew says:

    I read a comment from KK Lau and arrived at a quite similar conclusion that Audie has been paid by BN to spin ridiculous andinsinuating comments on Pakatan or PR4 especially the DAP and or YB Chong Chieng Jen.

    Hey guys, there are so many great blogs for you to participate in meaningful political discussion and be informed. I have decided not to waste my time here in Audie61 and suggest we go to Hornbill Unleashed, Broken Shield and Sarawak headhunter.

  2. Chelsea says:

    Its a democratic world dont you think Bartholomew? If you dont like this webblog you are free to go anyway. Seems you are leaning towards very PKR. We do have our own choices and we can eat what we can afford.

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