N12 Kota Sentosa: “Yap versus Voon…?”

It is now official. SUPP president Dr George Chan has all but confirmed that Alfred Yap Chin Loi will be the party’s candidate for the Kota Sentosa seat in next state election. Speaking at the SUPP Kota Sentosa Branch anniversary dinner last week, Dr Chan was full of praise for Yap, saying that he had worked tirelessly after losing the contest to DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen.

The interesting question is:  Who will Yap face in Sentosa?

It will be a classic clash of the titans if Kota Sentosa sees a Yap-Chong re-match.

But this tiger is willing to bet that the incumbent Chong will move to fight SUPP in another constituency. After speaking to senior party leaders on both sides, I am convinced that Chong is searching for a safer seat.

Much has changed since 2006. It was then the “political tsunami” that had vanquished SUPP heavyweights and swept in many DAP unknowns.

Four years later, the conventional wisdom still predicts a greater SUPP loss at the looming state polls. But forget conventional wisdom.  In the next Sentosa match, the SUPP candidate and DAP incumbent both agree on one thing: they do not like to face each other.

Chong will prefer not to fight Yap.

It is a much stronger Alfred Yap whom he had beaten by 531 votes in 2006. Whereas Yap started the campaign for the next election the next day after he lost, Chong cannot claim to have done much for the constituency. Many of Yap’s supporters are residents of the new constituency and who knows how many have registered to vote in Sentosa.

Yap will prefer not to fight Chong.

Once bitten, twice shy, they say and I think Yap is hoping that Chong will run away to a safer seat.

How now? Both candidates are afraid of each other. Interesting, isn’t it?

Given this scenario, with some intelligent guesswork plus a little bit of feline mischief, we can anticipate the following:

  1. Yap and Chong may be or may have already negotiated with each other quietly through a third party. The end result is Chong not standing in Sentosa. (A little bird is saying that a member of the PRS is involved?)
  2. Chong may exert his influence to kill two birds with one stone. Are you thinking what I am thinking?   Yes, yes. Chong will find it more than delicious to push Voon Lee Shan to Kota Sentosa. Voon will, as the Chinese like to say, (and I hate to paraphrase because it sounds like bad English): “Die standing”
  3. As Chong surveys the possible battlefields beyond Sentosa, he will no doubt turn his eyes to Padungan and Batu Lintang. And again if you listen to the proverbial conventional wisdom, these are sure-lose seats for the SUPP.


If Chong chooses to stand in Batu Lintang, it will be sweet victory if he can beat likely candidate Sih Hua Tong. The only problem will be Voon’s supporters. They may not take too kindly to Chong if he kicks Voon to face certain death in Sentosa.

Padungan will be also on Chong’s radar if unfolding events favor him. If Chong wins the lawsuit against Padungan incumbent PKR’s Ng Kim Ho and if Ng is made a bankrupt, the DAP will lay claim to Padungan. We all know that the Chinese majority Padungan seat has always been claimed by the DAP.                                    

Not yet convinced that Chong will run away from Sentosa? 

OK. Do the following:

Read the above point 1 again and ask yourself these questions:

Why is Chong keeping silent about defending Sentosa? 

Why have Chong and Yap not attack each other? Chong has been on attack mode but has not let loose on Yap even after Dr Chan has confirmed Yap will be SUPP’s preferred candidate.

Does Chong already know he will not be defending Kota Sentosa?

Stay tuned. More will be revealed. For now, digest the above.   Grrr

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23 thoughts on “N12 Kota Sentosa: “Yap versus Voon…?”

  1. zainuddin says:

    OMG. Tiger what is this? First Chong moving to Batu Kawah. Now Voon is to be moved to Sentosa. U making Chong like a frog jumping from one area to another.But its an interesting article.

    • looes74 says:

      No only very interesting article. Very tak masuk akal. Of course, as much as I would wanna give that tiger the benefit of doubt,

      guys, think! Kinda defeating for Chong to jump from Sentosa to contest in Padungan…..Stepping several toes at the same time….

      Watching minority report…..The show….Heard of one fella commenting about having bountiful of evidences….

      Wah, I didn’t know audie61 team has been extremely good at disinformation. Ah so, SAPP still leading….hahahaha

      Always remember to use brain to read comments. Especially from neutral sources like Audie61

  2. phyllis says:

    SUPP hasbeen already lah Tiger !! Chong is the Champion for the people where he stands.Thats why he always win for now..

  3. sarawakiana says:

    Are you sure Chong has not attacked Yap? Did you read the papers or u making it all up. Please be careful what you say here.
    Seems that SUPP is facing their darkest time in their political history. Could SUPP just go off into the night just like Gerakan? We are waiting for the elections and just have had enough of speculations and rumours of election dates.
    CM your call..

  4. pussycat says:


    I am confused. Are you saying that Chong is a BN man? That he is a double agent of the BN pretending to be in opposition. Or wait, is he is a triple agent of the DAP? pretending to be with BN but in DAP You are confusing me and a lot of people.Why does Chong like Voon? They are same party lah. How much are they paying you? who is paying you lah , I am very blur blur.


    • Jolia says:

      No need to be confused Pussycat..as a BN cyber trooper you are taught what to say and how to make yourself look confused. Rakyat will not buy your stupid comments. The rakyat have been made to tighten their belts with the withdrawal of subsidies which lead to increase in prices for most consumables and the rakyat have been psycho into believing that scholarship for all students who excelled are not possible yet the PM is spending RM65 million in renovatiing his official residence. No amount of BN propaganda and counter propaganda can change the intelligence of the rakyat who are getting better informed and educated.

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :!: Ho :?:
    URGENT ATTENTION !!!! Archaeology finding about Hang Tuah,Jebat,lekiu,lekir n Puteri Hang Li Poh ‘Hang’ ….
    http://able2know.org/topic/87656-1 n now they call Chinese are loyal citizens n those racist teachers or btn racist goons better THINK TWICE if you want 2 call Chinese pendatang AGAIN!!!!!
    Ho :?: Ho :!: Ho :oops:

  6. Ronnie says:

    Audie Chua..you can remove my comments here but you cant remove my comments and tell Sarawakians the truth about you and your hidden agenda in other blogs. I reserve my timing in tell more about you in other blogs.

    • looes74 says:

      I still buy the idea that audie61 team is neutral. So does Sihanouk….Hahaha….Look at what happen to Cambodia in 70s. And Norodom Sihanouk…..Ring a bell

  7. Bee Sie Khung says:

    This is the tiger of all rumors:
    No surprise if Chong would stand at Bengoh seat to fight YB Jerip of SUPP. And SUPP Kota Padawan, Siburan, Beratok, Tapah renegades plus all the Kota Padawan big towkeys happy to support DAP Ha HA HAA!

    • looes74 says:

      Nah! Masterly disinformation. Well, one need to mix one inch of facts with lotsa of disinformation….hahaha

      You might as well say that LGE chicken out from Air Putih to contest in an even safer seat because PCM is coming…..Hahaha

      Like PCK says, use your blain, use your blain lah

  8. Bee Sie Khung says:

    This is the tiger of all rumors:
    No surprise if Chong would stand at Bengoh DUN seat to fight YB Jerip of SUPP. And SUPP Kota Padawan, Siburan, Beratok, Tapah renegades plus all the Kota Padawan big towkeys happy to support DAP Ha HA HAA!

  9. Mata Kuching says:

    The thief minister of UMNO controlled Sarawak is one of the richest man in the world. The current PM is fast catching up as one at least through his wife, the ugly but powerful fatty mama who sits in for the PM on official functions whenever the PM was indisposed. The DPM and the entire cabinet of Najib have no ministerial power and even the DPM has been reduced to a chief usher when the Australian PM and USA Secretary of State visited Malaysia few days ago. Rosmah was in command and gave speeches on behalf of his politically unfit husband and PM of UMNO and for UMNOputras and tycoons.

    History has shown that countries run by the powerful wife of its PM or President eventually collapsed and went bankrupt like in the Phillipines under Imelda Marcos and Evita Peron in Argentina. Here in Sarawak and Sabah, 70 % of the people who lived just 20 km away from the city to the interior are living in poverty and deprived of decent and basic amenities and having their lands encroached into and taken away by the same people who walk in the corridor of power..the government they have voted for the past 47 years.

    With the passing of PBB initiated white paper to protect and preserve the ill gotten wealth of the thief minister of UMNO controlled Sarawak, any person, NGO or political party who are telling the truth and educating Sarawakians of their rights, defending the rights of the marginalised and oppressed will be deemed to be creating havocs and endangering racial instability and security in Sarawak. All Sarawakians must not allow our government to become the like of Myanmar or North Korea to strike fear, intimidate and subject us into total subservience.

    From now on we shall strike back and strike harder and deeper into the interior constituencies held by UMNO controlled BN. We must uproot Taib Mahmud’s and UMNO controlled BN’s authoritarian regime.

  10. Winderbar says:

    It seems that tiger has stirred everyone up and loose74 and Bee Sie Khung are slugging it out. Alfred Yap must be smiling or is he? it is going to be exciting.tell me more guys

  11. Queen Bee says:

    I have been away from Kuching for a few months trying to earn some money outside and this posting by Tiger does not make too much sense. Who is feeding him information. Wonder what is next.? Chong already for CM i saw next for Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia..Aiyo sad…”But this tiger is willing to bet that the incumbent Chong will move to fight SUPP in another constituency. After speaking to senior party leaders on both sides, I am convinced that Chong is searching for a safer seat.

    Is that why he is trying to move to safer seat tiger..?

  12. Chelsea says:

    Now it seems that Chelsea home ground is old trafford and Manchester United is stamford bridge. Get some hard core facts lah tiger. audie61 is neutral says loose 74 and he is being sarcastic.Please read and dont let it sink into your brains. Like they say ambil BN duit,baju dan lain lain vote for Pakatan.
    Chelsea’s homeground is Stamford Bridge!!!!

  13. KK Lau says:

    All the “photo” propaganda by SUPP and or Alfred Yap lately showing that he was on the ground will amount to nothing. At best BN or SUPP propaganda will remain as just political gimmick and Audie61 should know better since he was once in PRS?BN. Well, it is nothing wrong for Audie61 to survive in his own way by writing what they paid him to write here and it is his blog anyway.

    But obviously, his spinning were way of its standard benchmarks.

    • Ronnie says:

      Yeah..Audies61 has yet to master the basic art of spinning pro BN propaganda. Zainuddin, Phyllis, Chelsea, dayang and Pussycat are all his own creations and figment of imagination.

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