By-Elections “Bookie Odds…?”

Both these byelections have turned the bookies world into a frenzy.P185 had BN giving a headstart of 2000 votes earlier winning only 90 cents and now it hass dropped drastically to BN giving 500 (95 cents either way). What has happened? Many issues have been brought up and it seems the tables are turning towards a marginal win for BN or SAPP.

Over in Kelantan the euphoria of winning the Malaysia Cup for the first time in the States history has not affected the odds with PAS giving a headstart ot BN of 500 votes losing 85 cents. The football team has done the state proud and now the people of Kelantan will focus their minds on who will be the representative of N45. PAS holds 38 out of the 45 State seats while BN holds 6 with PKR 1 seat. The latest odds for Kelantan is PAS 500 votes headstart winning 80 cents.

Its anyone’s guess at the moment and the bookies odds are determined also by groundfeedbacks from various sources. Polling day is 4th of November and there is still time to ensure a shift for votes.  



6 thoughts on “By-Elections “Bookie Odds…?”

  1. looes74 says:

    Audie61 team,
    Where have you been? Already mentioned that it’s a close call for Batu Sapi. Hahaha, 2000 votes for BN. Or you have forgotten that Edmund defeated an independent by 3000 votes. Independent, bro….Plus, I bet Edmund got 90% of 1500 postal votes

  2. zainuddin says:

    loose 74 audie61 just telling us thats how they open the odds my fren. Now already different drop of 1500 votes thats means its going to be a close call..even my friends in sandakan says BN is running scared. The taiko of SAPP is really catching up.

    • audie61 says:

      This is what the bookies on the ground in Sabah have offered. PKR odds you will have to bet amongst yourselves.Could be just the same BN give 500 you will have to ask your local bookies…

  3. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    Sibu by-election kicj=ked off with underground giving 1000 votes in favour of BN, plus goodies raining in Sibu, plus some frog jumpimg into BN net, plus postal votes, plus sure guaranteed the candidate’s family business workers and employess, plus ,many many other promisessssssssss……BN lost

    This 2 BEs may be different, however, country and states are in the change of their trust toward BN. BN desperately make use of the widow of the late YB… wont work, Mr. Muhydeen DPM. It is the positive change in Malaysia government mechanism and sweeping of corrupted rubbish the general people require and expecting of BN

    Sometimes bookies have good ground information as well as link fromm the Police SB (exchange of information of course)…but some times this fails too. FYI, Sibu betting swifted from favor of BN to DAP on the day of polling….many made pocket full of betting wins that day……ha..ha… Biggest looser being BN Najib, BN Muhydeen, BN Taib but biggest winnere George Chan

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