PKR Candidate “Masuk Air Sekali Lagi..??”

What has happened to PKR candidate for P185 Ansari? He must have stepped on someones shoes and they have put a curse on him. Maybe the third time he should and must just jump into the sea to wash away all the ” EVIL WATER  SPIRITS ”  hik hik hik

Halloween just around the corner ..31st October just remind him

(The report below courtesy of  an internet portal)

Ansari falls into the sea… again

By Clara Chooi
October 29, 2010
Ansari (holding on to platform in the water) with his campaign workers after the tumble. – Picture by Jack Ooi


BATU SAPI, Oct 29 — It was second time unlucky for PKR candidate Ansari Abdullah when he tumbled into seawater after a wooden walkway leading to a Kampung Gas home here gave way.

Ansari, who was on his campaign walkabout in the fishing village, fell several meters into murky seawater just as he was about to step into a villager’s home.

He had been trailing behind Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who unlike him made it without wetting himself.

Ansari, in his attempt to break his fall, managed to cling on to the wooden platform’s edge before tumbling into the water.

Several other campaign assistants right behind him, followed him into the water. He was later rescued by villagers who used a ladder to help him climb to safety. Ansari, clearly shaken, left the village shortly after the incident for a medical check-up.

“I am fine but it is just for precaution,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

He added that this was proof of the decrepit conditions of Batu Sapi villages.

“Their walk to their home daily is like a walk through a field of land mines,” he said.

Two days ago, Ansari took his first tumble when he was visiting Api-Api island off the coast of Sandakan.

During that incident, Ansari fell after a wooden platform attached to the jetty gave way and collapsed into the sea.


18 thoughts on “PKR Candidate “Masuk Air Sekali Lagi..??”

  1. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    No need to wait until the 3rd time falling into water, just withdraw from the race and support Yong Teck Lee (SAPP) to ensure a beautiful win over BN bulls and shits

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    Double blessing for Ansari. Divine power has its own way of mobilising people power for the right candidate and party. Over in Sarawak divine power is already mobiliing the affected Dayaks living in Kapit, Song and the upper reaches with first the logjam and secondly the dangerously low water level in the Rajang.The natives of Sabah and Sarawak are no longer “intoxicated” and subservient to the authority as much as UMNO controlled BN wanted them to be.

    Pakatan will be galvanised and strengthened not by the leaders themselves in Pakatan but the will of the rakyat. Work harder Ansari and tirelessly and you shall be the one.

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    The only way to pay due respect to the late Edmund Chong is to reject BN and graciously let this widow focus on her family and rebuild her life as a widow who is still coming to term with the sudden demise of her loved one and partner. Voters of Batu Sapi especially the learned and well informed can see for themselves that Linda Tsen has been manipulated by BN and for BN own political expedience.

    Shift the fight to only SAPP and PKR and digest what each has to offer and what it means to be in Pakatan and outside in this curtain raiser to GE13.

    God bless Linda and family and all neglected and forgotten Malaysians in Batu Sapi.

    • Gerald Utim says:

      SAPP can be a double headed snake led by Yong Teck Lee. It won’t be a surprise to all Sabahans that if SAPP can garner 30 to 35 seats in the next state election It will likely renegotiate power sharing with UMNO. SAPP on its own cannot force UMNO to respect the 20 points agreement and grant autonomy rule to Sabah government. Besides it has never proven itself to be an alternative government to UMNO led BN.

  4. looes74 says:

    Based on the information received, one thing for sure. the voters turnout would be low in Batu Sapi. The most is 60%. Of course, you can say that Linda has a headstart of 1500 votes. Or is it.

    I still say that it would be a close call. But one thing for sure, Yong would still go back to BN. Yong is playing a “sai lang” game.

    In a poker game, it’s not what you have is important but how you bluff your opponent matters. I would not be surprised even if audie61 team kenna bluffed bulat2. Furthermore, Malaysians still have herd mentality. All you need is to get hold of certain voters, all would follow.

    I expect it would be pretty close. Remember Sarikei GE result…..BN won by 51 votes

    I am still with PR on this. 5 more days to go. Thing would change

    • Reggie says:

      We should not be disappointed with news of some scumbags resigning from PKR and joining UMNO or BN. Malay politics have been filled with such clowns .

      • looes74 says:

        This is the usual script by BN. Everytime there is election, BN would use the development strategy. Ask BN, why for so long BN can’t provide a simple wooden planks to these poor folks.
        I am not sure the heck Audie61 implying. In fact, I would not mind if Ansari fell into the sea for third or fourth time

  5. Lawrence says:

    Hundreds left PKR just before the Sibu by election polling day to join BN. Now the same old trick been used in Batu Sapi, yet the same old scheme to demoralise PKR/Pakatan and to swing fence sitters to support BN failed to materialise. People have known all along that such plot and scheme to get Opposition supporters and members to cross over to BN before an election is yet another political gimmick of BN.

  6. Suzi says:

    There is hope for PKR/Pakatan to pull through. The marginalised, politically uninformed and timid folks were warming up to PKR ceramah and house to house visits. Many appreciated that BN at federal need to be changed and not just in Sabah. Only a worthy coalition can replace the current regime. A local “champion” will have limited appeal and will be short lived.

    • looes74 says:

      Like I say, it’s a close call. I don’t the heck Bugi is seeing….Hehehe, me don’t have to be personally in Batu Sapi to make analysis that this Batu Sapi by election is going to be a close.
      In fact, the stronger Yong is, the better. Come on, Edmund win the local independent candidate by 3000 votes. Independent candidate in 2008 GE. If Yong claim to be strong, lagi better.
      It’s a close call. 2 factors affecting Batu Sapi. low voter turnout & postal vote.

      I bet the turnout the most at 60%

  7. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:
    :lol: PR really full of dumNO trojan horses that always waiting for the right time to strike n RAKYAT knows everything n will always support PR all the way :lol: RAIN or SHINE :lol:
    Ho :lol:Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  8. Maryanne says:

    There is no guarantee that a local member of a party, regardless of his position, will be selected to stand in a contest during an election or by election. Only a shallow and childish politician will feel slighted when he was not selected although he might be a local.

    The deputy divisional head of PKR Batu Sapi is just one of such loser in life and politics and a man without principle. Good riddance to him and his comrades.

    • looes74 says:

      Hey guys,
      Never believe everything in the papers. That includes Audie61 though I believe they are neutral. Use your brain & think these folks who left PKR….Actual political holders or former
      Second, if SAPP so prominent, judging by BN modus operandi, why 200 PKR & 50 SAPP? If SAPP balls are bigger, it should be 500 SAPP.
      Of course, SAPP gambit on declassiflying the documents work. Anyway, I never doubt SAPP as local party has a better grassroots in the area than Pakatan Rakyat but hey, strong organisation structure is not the only key to success…..Otherwise, if PAS do a foursome in Batu Sapi, PAS will win.
      While some buying into the “sai lang” SAPP, I reiterated that it’s a close call. If I am a bookie, I would stay out of Batu Sapi

  9. Tuai Rumah 2010 says:

    Some people have shown their disappointment and anger against the poor and corrupted administration of the BN government…talking from days to months and from months to years….Some how just before polling days (especially during by-elections), some were lured to change their minds and chose to jump boat into BN braces. Interesting and funny but not fresh in Malaysia and BN politic. Those who jumped know much better than us as to why and why and why……ha ha…just read and observe the goodies they enjoyed after their “new” choice of faith ( some get contracts, some get a little bit rich, some got disappointed because nothing received but were ashamed to mention and ask to return to their old boats)….mere greedy human nature of stupidity. FYI, in my longhouse areas, some changes support every election or make several cahnges during one election…and on the polling day, they made the wrong choice on the ballot papers because they already got confused by themselves….believe or not?

  10. Lucas says:

    Yong Teck Lee has a personal axe to grind against Musa Aman and he will be cautious not to outrightly attack UMNO whom he may find to be friendly bedfellow in GE13, that is if SAPP could win 30 to 40 state seats.

    Sabahans should not be fooled by his “Sabahans for Sabah” battle cry. It takes more than just one party effort to dethrone UMNO dominated BN. The Pakatan coalition is the most suitable and worthy of voting in to form the next federal government . We can see that it is also the aspiration of Pakatan’s leadership and partners to see that Sabah and Sarawak are given autonomous power to bring development to the states. It is also Pakatan’s aspiration that the people of both Sabah and Sarawak have the right to make Musa Aman and Taib Mahmud be accountable to them. .

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